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(edit) @18785   14 years jberry Update changelog with additional changes proposed for 1.3.1
(edit) @18783   14 years pguyot Document the latest improvements to the trace code.
(edit) @18779   14 years pguyot Commented the previous change in the ChangeLog.
(edit) @18772   14 years pguyot Updated the ChangeLog with the latest change to base/ New test case to …
(edit) @18766   14 years pguyot Update documentation for the previous fix in livecheck.
(edit) @18755   14 years yeled add my base/ bug fix :)
(edit) @18753   14 years pguyot Set the date of the release.
(edit) @18749   14 years pguyot Put the bug fixes first.
(edit) @18748   14 years mww comment addition of 'delete'
(edit) @18737   14 years pguyot perl5 group livecheck.
(edit) @18731   14 years jberry Add interactive mode changes to ChangeLog
(edit) @18722   14 years pguyot Updated changelog with a documentation of all the differences between …
(edit) @17397   14 years jberry Release darwinports v1.2.1 for selfupdate
(edit) @15506   15 years jberry Merge to HEAD changes between tags release_1_2-bp and release_1_2_0 on …
(edit) @15089   15 years jberry add version: selector
(edit) @14889   15 years jberry Adjust some documentation to reflect change to version syntax.
(edit) @14849   15 years mww compress 'cat?'-manpages, too
(edit) @14770   15 years jberry - Create new todo list in doc directory as TODO.txt. - Move todo …
(edit) @14740   15 years jmpp Submitted by: jmpp@ Update pending 1.2 items list.
(edit) @14726   15 years jberry Take bug 4700 off the todo list for 1.2, as Paul has fixed it. Thanks Paul!
(edit) @14560   15 years jberry Add a couple of bug descriptions to todo list
(edit) @14555   15 years jberry Update potential bugs on todo list
(edit) @14542   15 years jberry Make the launchd name for startupitems unique under the …
(edit) @14541   15 years jberry Remove more vestiges of portall
(edit) @14537   15 years jberry Recognize paul's new work on Canonicalization
(edit) @14521   15 years jberry Update 1.2 todo in ChangeLog
(edit) @14520   15 years jberry Update the todo list for 1.2
(edit) @14516   15 years jberry Note that 1.2 is not yet released, saving a spot for that release date.
(edit) @14514   15 years jberry A few more edits to ChangeLog
(edit) @14510   15 years pguyot Document the test framework. Precise the --with-* fix committed …
(edit) @14509   15 years pguyot s/psuedo/pseudo/g
(edit) @14508   15 years jberry - Rename "portfile" action to "file"; rename "path" action to "dir". …
(edit) @14506   15 years jberry Add new actions to port(1): - path (emits the path to the port's …
(edit) @14502   15 years jberry ChangeLog
(edit) @14490   15 years jberry Knock an item off the todo list.
(edit) @14489   15 years jberry Clarify.
(edit) @14488   15 years jberry Fix a typo. Thanks kb.
(edit) @14486   15 years jberry Update changelog
(add) @14483   15 years jberry Add new ChangeLog to document major changes for each release
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