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(edit) @4215   16 years ssen Use SHLIB_LDFLAGS when linking Pextlib
(edit) @3676   17 years fkr Bug: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: add …
(edit) @3628   17 years landonf Use the discovered tclsh to run pkg_mkindex.tcl
(edit) @3314   17 years landonf Move src/pextlib1.0/ to src/
(edit) @3311   17 years landonf Do variable substitution on scripts at build time
(edit) @3284   17 years landonf Remove autoconf check for md5 binary Add autoconf check for a working …
(edit) @2999   17 years ssen When using install -d, pass in the mode -m 775 to simulate the perms …
(edit) @2941   17 years ssen Merge from ssen-platform-1
(edit) @2837   17 years ssen Make Pextlib.dylib depend on config.h
(edit) @2818   17 years landonf Pull in TCL_DEFS from, and use for building TEA extensions.
(edit) @2810   17 years ssen We don't need anymore
(edit) @2807   17 years ssen 1) Use @DEFS@ to get -DHAVE_CONFIG_H 2) new vars for MD5, DSTUSR, …
(edit) @2806   17 years ssen remove config.h in distclean
(edit) @2770   17 years ssen Support a "make distclean" target. "clean" just removes built binaries …
(edit) @2620   17 years landonf Switch to autoconf. This change is far reaching through the build …
(edit) @2060   17 years kevin install into /private/etc instead of /etc. /etc is a symlink on OS X, …
(edit) @2037   17 years jpm changed default install group from 'wheel' -> 'admin' unified all …
(edit) @1511   17 years landonf Add resources directory
(add) @1500   17 years landonf Merge in landonf-1_0
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