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(edit) @146453   5 years snc vendor: update tcl thread to 2.7.3
(edit) @142110   5 years snc base: update vendor tcl versions, part one
(edit) @141420   5 years cal base: Fix trace mode on El Capitan OS X El Capitan introduces System …
(edit) @140639   5 years cal base: tracelib: Add process tracking & killing Some build systems …
(edit) @138947   5 years raimue configure: Update OS X versions
(edit) @126868   6 years jmr update current OS and Xcode versions
(edit) @125362   6 years cal base: Avoid using $GZIP and $BZIP2, since those might be interpreted …
(edit) @123007   6 years afb base: remove (MacPorts 1.6) packaging for other operating systems
(edit) @123002   6 years cal base: merge new-help-system, thanks to raimue for all the hard work
(edit) @120187   6 years jmr autoconf runusr value into trace mode test, add darwin constraint to …
(edit) @120186   6 years jmr use proper testConstraint to avoid running trace mode test on …
(edit) @120060   6 years cal base: Search for BSD mtree as fmtree (which is what it's called on …
(edit) @119421   6 years eborisch Change optional tool settings from environment variables to …
(edit) @118607   7 years cal base: don't run tracemode tests on systems that don't support trace mode
(edit) @118562   7 years cal base: remove all references to macports_tcl_dir, install Tcl packages …
(edit) @118559   7 years cal base: remove macports_fastload.tcl, use correct Tcl, install …
(edit) @118297   7 years cal base: bundle TclX extension to support signal handling
(edit) @118265   7 years toby configure: cflib1.0 isn't built, don't generate the Makefile fixes …
(edit) @118017   7 years jmr set TCLSH in postflight from autoconf
(edit) @117956   7 years cal check for getdirentries64 for darwintrace on <= 10.6
(edit) @117727   7 years cal configure: remove -L$prefix/* and -I$prefix/* from env variables …
(edit) @117621   7 years cal macports: use a local copy of Tcl 8.5, mostly fix out-of-source build …
(edit) @117520   7 years jmr revert most of r117518, ability to set a custom PATH is important for …
(edit) @117518   7 years cal Reset $PATH to the default before configuring ... and …
(edit) @116107   7 years cal configure: check for fls(), #42186
(edit) @113871   7 years cal Check for tracemode in a more generic fashion in an …
(edit) @113821   7 years cal Check for spawn.h and posix_spawn, #41519
(edit) @113478   7 years raimue Check if the current platform is compatible If the platform is not …
(edit) @113477   7 years raimue configure: Xcode 5 is supported
(edit) @113025   7 years cal check for libkern/OSAtomic.h and some OSAtmicCAS functions
(edit) @112590   7 years jmr update OS and Xcode versions
(edit) @111640   7 years toby base: Update OS version detection.
(edit) @111382   7 years toby configure: Prefer clang.
(edit) @111325   7 years marius Merged test framework developed in GSoC 13.
(edit) @108720   7 years snc update URL in unsupported xcode warning
(edit) @108153   7 years cal pextlib1.0: avoid warning about empty strlcat.c on systems with …
(edit) @108070   7 years jmr wrap kqueue use in appropriate ifdefs
(edit) @108069   7 years jmr check for strlcat and provide an implementation when not present in the OS
(edit) @107782   7 years cal tracelib: remove support for statically configured SDK redirection
(edit) @106799   7 years jmr update current OS and Xcode versions
(edit) @103394   8 years jmr remove old unused substitution from
(edit) @101662   8 years raimue Detect find binary at configure
(edit) @101356   8 years jmr update current OS versions in configure script
(edit) @98156   8 years jmr add rudimentary sandboxing support for commands run via system proc
(edit) @93255   8 years jmr always print "checking Xcode location" message in configure, since the …
(edit) @91520   9 years jmr fail in configure if mtree is not present, rather than later in the …
(edit) @90480   9 years jmr fix xcode checks in configure
(edit) @90479   9 years jmr update current OS X version
(edit) @90072   9 years jberry Cleanup and sort AC_PATH_PROG checking in configure
(edit) @90070   9 years jberry Get xcodebuild, mdfind, and mdls paths from autoconfig
(edit) @88981   9 years cal configure: alias sqlite3_prepare_v2 to sqlite3_prepare if SQLite < …
(edit) @88540   9 years jberry Add autoconfig detection of xcodebuild and xcrun, so that we can call …
(edit) @88377   9 years cal rev-upgrade: Fix build issue when no SWIG is found during configure
(edit) @88376   9 years cal Merge from /branches/gsoc11-rev-upgrade
(edit) @81642   9 years jmr split -pedantic into a separate variable so it can be turned off …
(edit) @81171   9 years afb add lzma_path and xz_path to configure
(edit) @81119   9 years jmr update supported OS and Xcode versions
(edit) @80137   9 years jmr also complain about prefix=/usr
(edit) @79516   9 years jmr add a configure arg to allow using an unsupported prefix (see #18602)
(edit) @79241   9 years jmr separate dirs used only by base into another mtree file, so ports that …
(edit) @79025   9 years jmr create RUNUSR at install time and default to 'macports'
(edit) @78911   9 years jmr update OS/Xcode version lists
(edit) @77749   10 years afb autoconf: check for tar -q
(edit) @71843   10 years jmr update current OS version
(edit) @71035   10 years jmr remove useless uses of cat
(edit) @68996   10 years jmr Added integrity checking for fetched archives via signed digests. New …
(edit) @66331   11 years jmr cope with the absence of strlcpy and sysctlbyname (#22716)
(edit) @65096   11 years perry Added fetch.type bzr support (Addresses #23436).
(edit) @65077   11 years raimue configure: Remove NICE as it isn't used anymore
(edit) @65055   11 years jmr install macports1.0 next to the other Tcl packages and just put a link …
(edit) @64358   11 years jmr remove bundled copy of sqlite3, make sqlite3 location configurable
(edit) @63398   11 years jmr merge registry1.0 code into registry2.0
(edit) @60766   11 years jmr update OS version check
(edit) @60764   11 years jmr fix incompatibility with autoconf 2.65, regenerate configure
(edit) @60262   11 years jmr we no longer use ditto
(edit) @58137   11 years toby base: prefer CommonCrypto, use libmd otherwise. no libcrypto
(edit) @58129   11 years toby base: check for CommonCrypto/CommonDigest.h header
(edit) @58015   11 years afb check for gnupatch too (if different from patch)
(edit) @57858   11 years afb remove fedora package (from autogen)
(edit) @55594   11 years jmr Xcode 1.x is unsupported along with Panther
(edit) @55591   11 years jmr update supported versions of OS X and Xcode in configure, and error on …
(edit) @53728   11 years blb configure - error out when trying to use /usr/local as prefix; ticket …
(edit) @53260   11 years jmr Remove dp2mp upgrade code, and add an error instructing the user to …
(edit) @52667   11 years jmr finish off autoconfing of 'make' paths (#12153)
(edit) @51958   11 years jmr another round of switching external commands over to use findBinary
(edit) @51849   11 years jmr less exec calls, more use of autoconfed paths (including the Xcode dir)
(edit) @51381   11 years raimue base: needs to be executable, so add it to its own …
(edit) @51377   11 years raimue base: Replace pkg_mkindex.tcl with a shell script which greps for …
(edit) @51285   11 years toby remove now-unnecessary HAVE_CURL_EASY_STRERROR check
(edit) @51245   11 years toby update Mac OS X version check
(edit) @51244   11 years toby REPLACEMENT_PROGS is never used
(edit) @51243   11 years toby unhook tclobjc1.0
(edit) @51135   11 years jmr make findBinary available in port1.0 and use autoconf paths for a …
(edit) @50747   11 years toby attempt to handle non-standard $DEVELOPER_DIR locations simplify Xcode …
(edit) @50733   11 years toby run autoupdate
(edit) @50732   11 years toby AC_HEADER_STAT isn't used either
(edit) @50731   11 years toby remove libgen.h check, update OS X version check
(edit) @50730   11 years toby remove AC_FUNC_FORK
(edit) @50729   11 years toby remove more unused configure checks
(edit) @50728   11 years toby remove unused CLOSEDIR_VOID configure check
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