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(edit) @81642   9 years jmr split -pedantic into a separate variable so it can be turned off …
(edit) @81171   9 years afb add lzma_path and xz_path to configure
(edit) @81119   9 years jmr update supported OS and Xcode versions
(edit) @80726   9 years jmr bump trunk version
(edit) @80222   9 years jmr apparently bash needs an extra eval to expand both a variable and a tilde
(edit) @80220   9 years jmr do tilde expansion on tcl package dir
(edit) @80137   9 years jmr also complain about prefix=/usr
(edit) @79516   9 years jmr add a configure arg to allow using an unsupported prefix (see #18602)
(edit) @79461   9 years jmr set run user to current user when using --with-no-root-privileges, …
(edit) @79241   9 years jmr separate dirs used only by base into another mtree file, so ports that …
(edit) @79025   9 years jmr create RUNUSR at install time and default to 'macports'
(edit) @78911   9 years jmr update OS/Xcode version lists
(edit) @77864   10 years afb autoconf: look for CommonCrypto, libmd/FreeBSD and libcrypto/OpenSSL …
(edit) @77749   10 years afb autoconf: check for tar -q
(edit) @71843   10 years jmr update current OS version
(edit) @71789   10 years jmr regen configure with autoconf 2.68
(edit) @70301   10 years jmr change default run user to nobody
(edit) @70299   10 years jmr regen configure with autoconf 2.67
(edit) @69393   10 years jmr regen configure with autoconf 2.66
(edit) @68996   10 years jmr Added integrity checking for fetched archives via signed digests. New …
(edit) @67298   10 years jmr regen configure
(edit) @66331   11 years jmr cope with the absence of strlcpy and sysctlbyname (#22716)
(edit) @66033   11 years jmr avoid build failure when sqlite3ext.h is not available; fix setting of …
(edit) @65096   11 years perry Added fetch.type bzr support (Addresses #23436).
(edit) @65077   11 years raimue configure: Remove NICE as it isn't used anymore
(edit) @65055   11 years jmr install macports1.0 next to the other Tcl packages and just put a link …
(edit) @64363   11 years jmr non-darwin default locations for tcl-sqlite3 (#12231)
(edit) @64358   11 years jmr remove bundled copy of sqlite3, make sqlite3 location configurable
(edit) @63398   11 years jmr merge registry1.0 code into registry2.0
(edit) @62340   11 years jmr change SC_PATH_TCLCONFIG and SC_PUBLIC_TCL_HEADERS to look in /usr …
(edit) @60766   11 years jmr update OS version check
(edit) @60764   11 years jmr fix incompatibility with autoconf 2.65, regenerate configure
(edit) @60262   11 years jmr we no longer use ditto
(edit) @58141   11 years toby base: add comment
(edit) @58139   11 years toby base: work around bizarre curl-config --libs output
(edit) @58137   11 years toby base: prefer CommonCrypto, use libmd otherwise. no libcrypto
(edit) @58129   11 years toby base: check for CommonCrypto/CommonDigest.h header
(edit) @58015   11 years afb check for gnupatch too (if different from patch)
(edit) @57858   11 years afb remove fedora package (from autogen)
(edit) @55594   11 years jmr Xcode 1.x is unsupported along with Panther
(edit) @55591   11 years jmr update supported versions of OS X and Xcode in configure, and error on …
(edit) @55418   11 years jmr bump trunk version to 1.8.99
(edit) @55417   11 years jmr remove objc.m4 since it conflicts with autoconf 2.64, regenerate configure
(edit) @53728   11 years blb configure - error out when trying to use /usr/local as prefix; ticket …
(edit) @53374   11 years blb base - make sure PATH does not include MacPorts' prefix during make to …
(edit) @53260   11 years jmr Remove dp2mp upgrade code, and add an error instructing the user to …
(edit) @52667   11 years jmr finish off autoconfing of 'make' paths (#12153)
(edit) @52395   11 years toby change universal_archs default on 10.6+, regen
(edit) @52324   11 years toby Merge universal-sanity branch. Changes are relatively straightforward, …
(edit) @51958   11 years jmr another round of switching external commands over to use findBinary
(edit) @51849   11 years jmr less exec calls, more use of autoconfed paths (including the Xcode dir)
(edit) @51381   11 years raimue base: needs to be executable, so add it to its own …
(edit) @51377   11 years raimue base: Replace pkg_mkindex.tcl with a shell script which greps for …
(edit) @51285   11 years toby remove now-unnecessary HAVE_CURL_EASY_STRERROR check
(edit) @51245   11 years toby update Mac OS X version check
(edit) @51244   11 years toby REPLACEMENT_PROGS is never used
(edit) @51243   11 years toby unhook tclobjc1.0
(edit) @51135   11 years jmr make findBinary available in port1.0 and use autoconf paths for a …
(edit) @50747   11 years toby attempt to handle non-standard $DEVELOPER_DIR locations simplify Xcode …
(edit) @50736   11 years toby eliminate the last autoconf warning
(edit) @50732   11 years toby AC_HEADER_STAT isn't used either
(edit) @50731   11 years toby remove libgen.h check, update OS X version check
(edit) @50730   11 years toby remove AC_FUNC_FORK
(edit) @50729   11 years toby remove more unused configure checks
(edit) @50728   11 years toby remove unused CLOSEDIR_VOID configure check
(edit) @50573   11 years jeremyhu base: No longer search for X11 SDK and remove reference to x11prefix
(edit) @49072   12 years toby typo
(edit) @48083   12 years raimue base/aclocal.m4, base/configure: Do expansion on ~ when looking for …
(edit) @47706   12 years toby use sw_vers -productVersion (breaks jaguar compatibility) fix …
(edit) @47703   12 years toby simplify logic for detecting target/sdkroot, also work on versions …
(edit) @46954   12 years jmr Merge gsoc08-privileges branch into trunk.
(edit) @45616   12 years blb configure - regen after r44261 (which removed old pathconf stuff)
(edit) @43628   12 years afb regenerate configure after r43624
(edit) @43375   12 years jmpp Finally move trunk away from floating point version numbers and …
(edit) @42842   12 years jeremyhu base: updated configure check for outdated OS. Updated configure to …
(edit) @42677   12 years blb trunk is now 1.8
(edit) @41651   12 years afb use clearenv(3) where available
(edit) @41389   12 years afb regenerate configure
(edit) @41016   12 years afb regenerate configure
(edit) @40803   12 years jmr Move default frameworks_dir under prefix, and use it in portgroups
(edit) @40060   12 years toby handle _ in arch name (x86_64)
(edit) @40057   12 years toby -framework Foundation is meaningless when compiling, don't include in …
(edit) @38765   12 years toby fix distclean
(edit) @38114   12 years raimue base: Rename to setupenv.bash to reflect that it is for …
(edit) @38109   12 years raimue base: Add a new script which can be used to setup the …
(edit) @37552   12 years ryandesign Properly detect Mac OS X versions earlier than Panther, where sw_vers …
(edit) @37501   12 years afb make missing sed extended regexp into a run-time error instead of …
(edit) @34875   13 years eridius Add support for fetch.type git (Fixes #14232)
(edit) @34314   13 years afb autoconf all universal options
(edit) @34257   13 years afb autoconf package name / version
(edit) @33926   13 years jberry Disable code that installs paths for MacPorts into /etc/manpathds.d …
(edit) @33760   13 years afb fix typo
(edit) @33758   13 years afb regenerate configure
(edit) @33735   13 years afb regenerate configure
(edit) @33717   13 years afb provide X11 defaults for darwin, to work around X11 include symlink
(edit) @33606   13 years afb default tclpackage to ~/Library/Tcl when not installing as root
(edit) @33499   13 years afb add placeholder configuration for applications/frameworks installation …
(edit) @33108   13 years afb autoconf x11prefix, instead of hardcoding it
(edit) @32541   13 years eridius Tweak autoconf scripts to avoid duplication of the shell stuff to read …
(edit) @32366   13 years jmpp Regen the configure script after my r32365 commit.
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