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(edit) @1500   18 years landonf Merge in landonf-1_0
(edit) @1453   18 years jkh Create a ${prefix}/var/log for applications which write log files.
(edit) @1227   18 years jkh Fix bogus indenting which caused ${prefix}/var to get stuck under …
(edit) @1225   18 years landonf Fix the call to mtree at build time
(edit) @1224   18 years landonf Fix makefiles. We should bring back man gzipping or figure out why it …
(edit) @1222   18 years landonf Add empty all: target while we wait to see what's wrong with gzipping …
(edit) @1211   18 years jkh Document worksrcpath since it got left out somehow (and is darn useful)
(edit) @1209   18 years jkh Ack! Don't gzip man pages by default. I don't know what custom man …
(edit) @1207   18 years jkh Add subcomponents of ${prefix}/var too
(edit) @1205   18 years jkh Use mtree to populate the directory hierarchy, also making sure that …
(edit) @1038   18 years landonf Disable :( default remote indexing for now
(edit) @1034   18 years eric Add a style guide for ports.
(edit) @971   18 years kevin Allow optional DSTUSR and DSTGRP variables for choosing an install …
(edit) @964   18 years jkh portname -> name, portversion -> version, portrevision -> revision
(edit) @953   18 years kevin Changed extract_sufx to extract.sufx
(edit) @948   18 years kevin Change make.* options to build.* since they pertain to the build …
(edit) @800   18 years jkh Revert previous commit - turns out it's not admin vs wheel after all
(edit) @799   18 years jkh group wheel -> group admin
(edit) @790   18 years jkh Properly respect PREFIX when installing.
(edit) @773   18 years landonf Add sources_conf configuration file option
(edit) @757   18 years landonf Update to reflect package require -> PortSystem abstraction
(edit) @740   18 years landonf Use PortSystem
(edit) @738   18 years landonf Bring documentation closer to reality
(edit) @685   18 years landonf Land first implemention of truly magic indexing. It's magic
(edit) @672   18 years landonf Move to a generic var/db/dport directory for holding receipts, …
(edit) @670   18 years landonf Move ports.conf from /etc to /etc/ports/ to prepare for impending doom …
(edit) @631   18 years jkh Document that registry.path is now a settable variable. Make gtk …
(edit) @621   18 years landonf Clean up small bits of options cruft Bring portfile.7 somewhat up-to-date
(edit) @610   18 years landonf Remove no_worksubdir - it requires special handling and the same …
(edit) @594   18 years landonf Clean up duplicate options Fix man page typos
(edit) @588   18 years landonf First round of documentation changes requested by early testers
(edit) @510   18 years landonf Create the proper man7 (not man1) directory
(edit) @505   18 years landonf Missing .It Ic for item make.type
(edit) @502   18 years landonf Draft of portfile man page
(edit) @459   18 years landonf Default to quiet
(edit) @445   18 years landonf Let users set their port path
(edit) @442   18 years landonf Fix name of configuration file
(edit) @435   18 years landonf Support /etc/defaults/ports.conf
(edit) @413   18 years landonf Add first draft of INTERNALS documentation
(edit) @408   18 years jkh Move from /usr/local into /opt/local
(edit) @351   18 years landonf Remove BSD make specific variables
(edit) @284   18 years landonf Only install /etc/ports.conf if the file does not exist
(edit) @283   18 years landonf Reformat example
(edit) @282   18 years landonf Install default /etc/ports.conf Document default settings
(edit) @277   18 years jkh Try to document a few more things with this Portfile, but let it …
(add) @275   18 years landonf Commit first draft of example port
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