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(edit) @42662   12 years raimue Merged revisions …
(edit) @41541   12 years ryandesign port.1: --nitpick also checks patchfile names
(edit) @41512   12 years blb port.1 - document --nitpick option added in r41511
(edit) @41379   12 years jmr Document the new Norwegian mirror in the relevant config files.
(edit) @41249   12 years pguyot Add support for +universal variants with the xcode portgroup
(edit) @41123   12 years jmr Change documentation of uninstall --recursive to --follow-dependents, …
(edit) @40803   12 years jmr Move default frameworks_dir under prefix, and use it in portgroups
(edit) @38961   12 years afb fix typo
(edit) @38960   12 years afb add use_lzma for .tar.lzma support
(edit) @38252   12 years raimue doc/port.1: Document 'port edit --editor'
(edit) @38102   12 years raimue doc: Ignore generated gzipped man pages
(edit) @38101   12 years raimue doc/Makefile: gzip man pages on make all
(edit) @36914   12 years afb restore previous destroot.cmd, undo build.cmd workaround
(edit) @36909   12 years afb update documentation, from r36890
(edit) @36801   12 years raimue doc/ Be more clear about the startupitem_type option.
(edit) @36736   12 years markd Fix hardcoded paths in binpath comments.
(edit) @36127   13 years markd Add comments for binpath.
(edit) @35812   13 years raimue doc/Makefile: Compress man pages before installation, see #14668.
(edit) @35257   13 years wsiegrist added distfiles to port manpage
(edit) @35030   13 years ryandesign fix typos: "the the" => "the"
(edit) @34977   13 years eridius Add new --recursive option to port uninstall to uninstall dependents …
(edit) @34875   13 years eridius Add support for fetch.type git (Fixes #14232)
(edit) @34360   13 years afb update manual page to reflect changes in universal defaults
(edit) @34314   13 years afb autoconf all universal options
(edit) @34311   13 years afb change spelling to match Environment var rather than MacPorts var
(edit) @34134   13 years raimue doc/port.1: Change "ethereal" reference to "wireshark", closes #14324.
(edit) @33975   13 years markd Enhance comments.
(edit) @33776   13 years markd Update comments for variable buildmakejobs.
(edit) @33729   13 years afb use x11prefix in binpath, avoid hardcoding old /usr/X11R6
(edit) @33728   13 years afb update conf manpage for dir settings
(edit) @33727   13 years afb update conf manpage for universal settings
(edit) @33722   13 years afb record configured dir values, for applications and frameworks
(edit) @33721   13 years afb placeholders for universal configuration
(edit) @33108   13 years afb autoconf x11prefix, instead of hardcoding it
(edit) @31289   13 years jmpp Indicate that these files are not meant to hold user configurable …
(edit) @31195   13 years jmpp Whitespace cleanup: align the extra_env value with values for other keys.
(edit) @31079   13 years markd Forgot to list the "none" option when I added the explanation for what …
(edit) @31066   13 years markd Document the startupitems "none" option that should have been made …
(edit) @30824   13 years afb add new configurepipe configuration
(edit) @30823   13 years afb commit patch from sfiera, approved by: jberry, requested by: encre (#12743)
(edit) @30391   13 years afb mdmg, meta-package disk image target (#12791)
(edit) @30307   13 years afb support lzma compression for archives
(edit) @29438   13 years afb configure.ccache and configure.distcc, optional configuration
(edit) @28677   13 years mww add configure.objc/objcflags for Objective-C configure cflags
(edit) @28671   13 years afb delint example
(edit) @28634   13 years afb build.nice and, adapted from #12280
(edit) @28579   13 years jmpp Correct project name capitalization.
(edit) @28550   13 years mww add configure.macosx_deployment_target option
(edit) @28529   13 years mww add & document configure.javac/classpath for Java flags
(edit) @28514   13 years mww also add 'FCFLAGS' for more Fortran++
(edit) @28513   13 years mww also add 'configure.f90flags' for Fortran 90 flags
(edit) @28512   13 years mww document configure.fflags, set its default to '-O2' (like …
(edit) @28465   13 years mww mark 'python' group code as deprecated - it is not used by any port …
(edit) @28464   13 years mww document python30 group code
(edit) @28313   13 years mww add reference to porthier(7) to mtree violation option
(edit) @28302   13 years mww Add more compiler suites for the 'configure.compiler' option
(edit) @28170   13 years afb port lint (Ticket #12211)
(edit) @28029   13 years sfiera Incremental update on registry2 Also added …
(edit) @27892   13 years jmpp Add www to the hierarchy as it is listed as a valid mtree entry in …
(edit) @27889   13 years jmpp Include the new src dir in porthier(7).
(edit) @27887   13 years jmpp Include ${prefix}/src in the default hierarchy as requested by afb for …
(edit) @27405   13 years jmpp Mac OS X naming convention.
(edit) @27201   13 years mww add destroot.violate_mtree documentation
(edit) @27025   13 years mww add warning that configure.compiler wont add any dependencies
(edit) @27021   13 years mww document new configure options for selecting compilers (for configuration)
(edit) @26976   13 years sfiera Moved port.1 to base/doc, replaced some stray references to old ports.conf
(edit) @26942   13 years boeyms Document filespath variable in portfile(7).
(edit) @26940   13 years boeyms Correct examples and add description to info on svn.tag.
(edit) @26829   13 years ryandesign manpage typo: fetch.ignore_sslcrt => fetch.ignore_sslcert. Thanks to …
(edit) @26765   13 years afb typo: MacOS X -> Mac OS X
(edit) @26753   13 years yves Upgrade portgroup.7 to match latest gnustep portgroup
(edit) @26391   13 years jmpp There's no mportget, so provide a different example.
(edit) @26229   13 years eridius More dports->mports svn:ignore stuff
(edit) @26177   13 years jmpp Finally merging the dp2mp-move branch into trunk, woot! This …
(edit) @26034   13 years eridius Add global methods lpop, lpush, lshift, lunshift, and ldelete. Expand …
(edit) @25586   13 years eridius Use dscl instead of niutil (Fixes #11012) Add support for realname key …
(edit) @25428   13 years boeyms Fix two minor typos in ports.conf(5) (one formatting, one content-related)
(edit) @25411   13 years jmpp Merge r25410 from dp2mp-move branch: Header and Id tag for …
(edit) @25400   13 years jmpp Improve comment: rsync server...?
(edit) @25398   13 years jmpp Merge conf file header from dp2mp-move branch. Also reinplace a DP …
(edit) @25357   13 years jmpp Because of the way the path to the ports dir is constructed in …
(edit) @25355   13 years jmpp We append a trailing slash to the rsync source in case it's not there, …
(edit) @25281   13 years jberry * Add description of variant description specification * Remove …
(edit) @25251   13 years eridius Add -E flag to reinplace
(edit) @25236   13 years eridius Add support for [nosync] flag in sources.conf. Validate each line in …
(edit) @25110   13 years boeyms * Convert description and long_description from lists to strings …
(edit) @25026   13 years eridius Rewrite description of delete command
(edit) @24965   13 years boeyms base/doc/portfile.7: * Fix typo (add missing "@" in cvs.root example).
(edit) @24671   13 years eridius s/file -delete/file delete/g
(edit) @24564   14 years jmpp Manually merging cleanups to the base/doc/INTERNALS file.
(edit) @24508   14 years ryandesign Fix typo: 'neccesary' -> 'necessary'
(edit) @24506   14 years jmpp Manually merging r24505: Wording++ in the ports.conf.5 man page for …
(edit) @24441   14 years eridius Switch a few groff macros to the "correct" ones - output looks exactly …
(edit) @24439   14 years eridius Fill in the .Os macro with "Darwin", because, hey, why not?
(edit) @24438   14 years eridius Fix the documentation for copy/move. Update the company name in the …
(edit) @24429   14 years eridius Tweak fs-traverse documentation
(edit) @24419   14 years eridius Add note about fs-traverse's behaviour regarding cross-device file …
(edit) @24418   14 years eridius Clarify how fs-traverse handles symbolic links. Currently fs-traverse …
(edit) @24410   14 years eridius fs-traverse now takes a list of targets rather than a variable number …
(edit) @24398   14 years jmpp Bring back autoconf detection of the mtree(8) binary in the same …
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