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(edit) @91511   9 years jmr allow setting default compiler in macports.conf (#30008)
(edit) @91509   9 years jmr clarify unsupported conf variables
(edit) @91009   9 years jmr Archive fetch improvements: * Added a config file to allow using …
(edit) @90208   9 years cal freshmeat is now freecode, see #32026 These changes do not affect any …
(edit) @90058   9 years jmr add packagemaker_path to macports.conf, use in pkg target, default to …
(edit) @90034   9 years dports port(1) manpage: try to make the difference between …
(edit) @90010   9 years jmr no need for custom ownership or permissions on our home dir
(edit) @89993   9 years jmr it's probably more compatible to have ${prefix}/var/macports/home …
(edit) @89988   9 years jberry Change Home directory for MacPorts user to be …
(edit) @89678   9 years jmr fix misspelling from r89656
(edit) @89662   9 years pixilla base/ - Fix typo.
(edit) @89656   9 years pixilla base/: - Add startupitem_install var to control the creation of …
(edit) @89179   9 years cal port(1): Reference macports.conf(5) in the documentation for rev-upgrade
(edit) @89004   9 years jmr add license_noconflict option to allow maintainer to manually check …
(edit) @88794   9 years jmr use a separate macports.conf option to control whether rev-upgrade …
(edit) @88730   9 years jmr document revupgrade_mode and buildfromsource settings
(edit) @88376   9 years cal Merge from /branches/gsoc11-rev-upgrade
(edit) @88265   9 years raimue portfile(7): Document system -W argument
(edit) @87571   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: use "or" instead of "resp."; hyphenate "32-bit"
(edit) @87570   9 years cal base: Document supported_archs in man 7 portfile (closes #25189)
(edit) @86708   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: fix typo
(edit) @86705   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: rewrite epoch section to remove the implication that using …
(edit) @86704   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: modernize the platform block examples
(edit) @86703   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: use path:-style xz dependency in example so either xz or …
(edit) @86702   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: use port:-style dependency in variant example
(edit) @86701   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: configure.compiler: remove compilers MacPorts no longer …
(edit) @86700   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: svn.tag was renamed to svn.revision some time ago
(edit) @86699   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: update example svn urls
(edit) @86698   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: follow our patchfile naming guidelines in the example
(edit) @86697   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: fix typo
(edit) @86696   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: fix default applications_dir value
(edit) @86695   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: change the target.env example to something we would …
(edit) @86694   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: sha256 is a valid checksum type too
(edit) @86693   9 years ryandesign portfile.7: the default for use_parallel_build has been yes for awhile …
(edit) @82291   9 years afb rename rpm-vercomp to vercmp (not really rpm compatible)
(edit) @81657   9 years jmr add ${prefix}/var/macports/registry to porthier.7
(edit) @79599   9 years jmr make sync and selfupdate via signed tarballs the default
(edit) @79593   9 years jmr update copyright notices
(edit) @79425   9 years jmr document select action in port man page (#29528)
(edit) @79421   9 years jmr add 'actinact' pseudo-portname that expands to ports with both active …
(edit) @79242   9 years jmr props
(edit) @79241   9 years jmr separate dirs used only by base into another mtree file, so ports that …
(edit) @79027   9 years jmr moar https
(edit) @78924   9 years jmr add 'installs_libs' option that allows us to skip several checks when …
(edit) @78662   9 years jmr document add_users in portfile(7)
(edit) @77681   10 years jmr disable use of flat registry
(edit) @77511   10 years jmr manual merge/rewrite of images-and-archives branch, integrated with …
(edit) @76676   10 years jmr port.1: document --follow-dependencies flag for uninstall
(edit) @76453   10 years raimue doc/port.1: Remove -d flag from selfupdate example
(edit) @73696   10 years raimue doc: Default value for keeplogs is "no"
(edit) @73668   10 years jmr porthier.7 typo, 'build' -> 'built'
(edit) @71844   10 years jmr revert r59583, since host_cpu ends up containing "powerpc" on ppc …
(edit) @71837   10 years jmr add a note about what -R does not do
(edit) @71606   10 years raimue Add ccache_dir and ccache_size to macports.conf and man page.
(edit) @71035   10 years jmr remove useless uses of cat
(edit) @69316   10 years jmr update portdbformat entry in macports.conf.5
(edit) @68996   10 years jmr Added integrity checking for fetched archives via signed digests. New …
(edit) @67268   11 years jmr portfile.7: fix os.endian example, add os.subplatform and os.major, …
(edit) @67216   11 years jmr port.1: change occurrence of 'dependents' that should be 'rdependents'
(edit) @66930   11 years jmr dynamic default for developer_dir
(edit) @66775   11 years jmr add var/macports/packages to prefix.mtree, only warn and disable …
(edit) @66773   11 years jmr portfile.7 formatting problem
(edit) @66771   11 years jmr determine xcode version accurately, check when running appropriate …
(edit) @66682   11 years jmr note that using extra_env is unsupported
(edit) @66681   11 years jmr make sqlite the default portdbformat
(edit) @66670   11 years jmr port.1: update description of search action; see #23749
(edit) @66669   11 years jmr port.1: reword description of pseudo-port selectors
(edit) @66329   11 years jmr portfile.7: livecheck.check -> livecheck.type; see #24168
(edit) @66200   11 years jmr document new actions and pseudo-ports
(edit) @65970   11 years jmr portfile.7: update configure.compiler section
(edit) @64292   11 years jmr reg2 updates, including fix for deadlock during install
(edit) @63398   11 years jmr merge registry1.0 code into registry2.0
(edit) @63004   11 years jmr remove unnecessary instructions from variants.conf comments (#23396)
(edit) @62610   11 years blb port and portfile man pages: document the notes variable and command
(edit) @62032   11 years jmr port.1: improve installed action description
(edit) @61718   11 years jmr change keeplogs default to no, as this only causes logs to be deleted …
(edit) @61475   11 years jmr sundry spelling/grammar/correctness fixes for macports.conf.5
(edit) @61313   11 years jmr only use autoconf'd macportsuser as fallback for when it is not set in …
(edit) @60450   11 years blb - add logs dir
(edit) @60372   11 years blb Merge GSoC 2009 logging to trunk
(edit) @59913   11 years jmr port.1: -n also affects install
(edit) @59585   11 years jmr ensure that we set a reasonable umask at startup, and list the …
(edit) @59583   11 years jmr config.guess isn't completely useless after all :-)
(edit) @59582   11 years jmr change configurepipe default to yes
(edit) @59581   11 years jmr comment out macports.conf options where possible to allow users to …
(edit) @59580   11 years jmr note constraint on prefix in macports.conf
(edit) @59394   11 years jmr slight cleanup and a typo
(edit) @58355   11 years toby #21646 (Grammar error in man portstyle(7))
(edit) @57827   11 years afb use_xz: allow distfiles in xz format
(edit) @57255   11 years jmr macports.conf.5: add build_arch, remove Jaguar-specific info, fix spelling
(edit) @57131   11 years blb portfile.7 - fix macosx_deployment_target name, ticket #19508
(edit) @57048   11 years blb port.1 - remove duplicated description of platform command (original …
(edit) @56666   11 years blb portfile.7 - document conflicts and replaced_by settings
(edit) @56474   11 years ryandesign port.1: sort the list of available port options, like it has been in …
(edit) @56473   11 years ryandesign port.1, port.tcl: Remove "x" from summary of available port options; …
(edit) @56472   11 years ryandesign port.1: Remove "i" from summary of possible port options; this …
(edit) @56470   11 years ryandesign eg => e.g.
(edit) @56147   11 years jmr add var/macports/build to prefix.mtree so it will always be present …
(edit) @55279   11 years jmr limit default based on available memory
(edit) @55158   11 years jmr remove the last references to x11prefix in base
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