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(edit) @120127   6 years jmr make missing foundation non-fatal on platforms other than OS X, and …
(edit) @119987   6 years cal base: Remove objc/objc-api.h from GNU Obj-C runtime configure check, …
(edit) @118473   7 years jmr revert r101415, base does not yet work with tcl 8.6 (#37583)
(edit) @101415   8 years larryv base: Check for user-installed tcl8.6 (#37583).
(edit) @79593   9 years jmr update copyright notices
(edit) @62340   11 years jmr change SC_PATH_TCLCONFIG and SC_PUBLIC_TCL_HEADERS to look in /usr …
(edit) @56470   11 years ryandesign eg => e.g.
(edit) @55417   11 years jmr remove objc.m4 since it conflicts with autoconf 2.64, regenerate configure
(edit) @50736   11 years toby eliminate the last autoconf warning
(edit) @50735   11 years toby more cleanup
(edit) @41015   12 years afb make tclobjc package conditional
(edit) @40057   12 years toby -framework Foundation is meaningless when compiling, don't include in …
(edit) @35030   13 years ryandesign fix typos: "the the" => "the"
(edit) @33760   13 years afb fix typo
(edit) @33756   13 years afb gnustep-config uses make, so it worked so-so when invoked from make
(edit) @33734   13 years afb use gnustep-config, where available
(edit) @32543   13 years jmpp Add svn:eol-style to all autoconf m4 macros files, remove the Id …
(add) @32542   13 years jmpp Move all autoconf macros files into a dedicated m4 directory, adapting …
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