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(edit) @25200   13 years jberry Premature code rearrangement was the cause of Jerry Falwell's death
(edit) @25199   13 years jberry make autosubmit a bit quieter in the event it does nothing
(edit) @25082   13 years jberry Access to macports_user_dir is now through …
(edit) @24968   13 years dluke Use the mprsyncup strategy of pulling base/ from the RELEASE_URL
(edit) @24945   13 years dluke Update script to match what I'm currently running (IndexRegen happens …
(edit) @24921   13 years dluke /usr/sbin needs to be in PATH for autoconf to find the mtree that …
(edit) @24854   13 years jberry Add a verbose argument to autosubmit to cut down on unimportant output
(edit) @24834   13 years jberry Updates to autosubmit script
(edit) @24702   13 years jberry bit of cleanup to autosubmit
(edit) @24691   13 years jberry minor tweaks to autosubmit
(edit) @24688   13 years jberry Partial implementation of code to autosubmit changed ports to mpwa
(edit) @24409   13 years jmpp Deleting old and deprecated (OpenDarwin days) dprsync up script to …
(edit) @23590   13 years jmpp Merging r23589 into trunk/base: Correct link to the Xcode tools on …
(edit) @23576   13 years jmpp Merging r23575 back into trunk/base: Licensing updates.
(edit) @23570   13 years jmpp Merging r23569 from the dports tree.
(edit) @23348   13 years jmpp Merging r23256 & r23347 back into trunk.
(edit) @23187   13 years jmpp Setting execute bit on the mprysncup script
(edit) @22736   13 years jmpp Merging r22735: dp --> mp updates to the dmg's postflight script.
(edit) @22724   13 years jmpp Small whitespace cleanup on the ReadMe.rtf file
(edit) @22723   13 years jmpp Emphasizing dluke's comment on r22689, we should still give script …
(edit) @22722   13 years jmpp Merging r22688 & r22689 from the release_1_4 branch: updates to the …
(edit) @22655   13 years markd Made some corrections and cleanup on ReadMe.rtf.
(edit) @22643   13 years jmpp First round of corrections to the new ReadMe.rtf file
(edit) @22628   13 years jmpp Major rewrite of the ReadMe file for the dmg binary installer. I'm …
(edit) @21884   14 years jberry Add new commands to mpbot's port plugin: * port remember <nick> …
(edit) @21763   14 years eridius Add svn:ignores for a bunch of build products
(edit) @21683   14 years jberry Add support for port search to mpbot. Disabled for now because it very …
(edit) @21640   14 years dluke Use the correct new url
(edit) @21638   14 years dluke Change directory names (from dp to mp) for index regen build
(edit) @21637   14 years dluke Change to url per jmpp
(edit) @19728   14 years jmpp Being up to my neck doesn't mean I can't make at least a simple …
(edit) @19705   14 years jberry Cleanups to bot
(edit) @19702   14 years jberry Add port bot plugin used by mpbot on #macports channel
(edit) @19376   14 years yeled add svn:keywords Id
(edit) @19336   14 years dluke Update to use subversion.
(edit) @19335   14 years yeled make svn quiet, so it doesn't spam me.
(edit) @19325   14 years yeled fix up a bit of bashism here?
(edit) @19323   14 years jberry Fixes to avoid unnecessary changing of file dates
(edit) @19322   14 years yeled make work on sampson
(edit) @19320   14 years jberry Add new file to checkout rsync modules from svn at macosforge.
(edit) @15686   15 years pguyot Remove steganographicWgarbage 1 that was lost there.
(edit) @15631   15 years jmpp Bug: 6258 Submitted by: dluke@ Reviewed by: jmpp@ The …
(edit) @15488   15 years jmpp Submitted by: joe@ Approved by: jmpp@ One word correction for better …
(edit) @15487   15 years jmpp Submitted by: joe@ jmpp@ ReadMe.rtf file that just went into the 1.2 …
(edit) @15441   15 years jmpp Submitted by: jmpp@ Updated ReadMe.rtf file of the darwinports dport.
(add) @15338   15 years jmpp Submitted by: jmpp@ Reviewed by: jberry@ The pormgr/ dir is now …
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