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(edit) @72167   10 years wsiegrist Do not lint deleted portfiles.
(edit) @71035   10 years jmr remove useless uses of cat
(edit) @71020   10 years wsiegrist Fix regex to match svnlook output
(edit) @68749   10 years jmr switch remaining instances of running install target to activate
(edit) @68641   10 years wsiegrist Remove obsolete plist.
(edit) @68640   10 years wsiegrist Update README for new unified index/rsync script.
(edit) @68639   10 years wsiegrist Unify portindex and rsync update jobs and support MacPorts v1.9.
(edit) @68593   10 years jmr don't allow pkg install without Xcode installed (#25156, #21685)
(edit) @68281   10 years jmr log a message when copying config files in postflight
(edit) @68280   10 years jmr ReleaseProcess consistency
(edit) @67305   10 years jmr update dmg license year
(edit) @67304   10 years jmr update postflight version
(edit) @67301   10 years jmr update ReleaseProcess
(edit) @67293   10 years jmr delete old macports1.0 directory in 'make install' if present, check …
(edit) @66776   11 years jmr remove hardcoded /opt/local from dmg resources
(edit) @66457   11 years jmr use port -q to avoid a couple of greps
(edit) @66268   11 years jmr remove implicit variants, 'platform' now acts like a fancy 'if' statement
(edit) @65219   11 years raimue dmg/postflight: Make config files writable by user
(edit) @65056   11 years jmr delete any old macports1.0 dir in postflight script
(edit) @65055   11 years jmr install macports1.0 next to the other Tcl packages and just put a link …
(edit) @64886   11 years jmr update pkg-plist
(edit) @64645   11 years jmr delete any existing registry1.0 directory during install
(edit) @64641   11 years jmr fix multiple portuninstall namespace confusion
(edit) @63398   11 years jmr merge registry1.0 code into registry2.0
(edit) @62693   11 years jmr also remove references to receipt_sqlite
(edit) @62460   11 years jmr better error message from InstallationCheck if uname or sed is missing …
(edit) @60372   11 years blb Merge GSoC 2009 logging to trunk
(edit) @59836   11 years jmr new mportlistall proc, various slight efficiency improvements
(edit) @59534   11 years blb Remove macports.spec from svn:ignore since the file is now named that …
(edit) @57979   11 years ryandesign InstallationCheck.strings: slight rewording
(edit) @57889   11 years afb update freebsd package (to 1.8.0)
(edit) @57872   11 years raimue Add our twitter account to ReleaseProcess
(edit) @57858   11 years afb remove fedora package (from autogen)
(edit) @57559   11 years blb ReleaseProcess - document the x.y.99 versioning for new trunk versions
(edit) @56623   11 years jmpp typos--;
(edit) @56620   11 years jmpp Additions to the PortIndex2MySQL.tcl script to add licensing …
(edit) @56448   11 years jmr InstallationCheck.strings fail
(edit) @56167   11 years ryandesign ReleaseProcess: Remove reference to daemondo only getting built on …
(edit) @56166   11 years ryandesign ReleaseProcess: whitespace changes only (tabs to spaces)
(edit) @55274   11 years jmr update ReleaseProcess
(edit) @55268   11 years jmr postflight script: avoid replacing existing config files, update …
(edit) @53280   11 years jmr props
(edit) @53260   11 years jmr Remove dp2mp upgrade code, and add an error instructing the user to …
(edit) @52863   11 years wsiegrist Default to using TRUNCATE instead of DROP/CREATE and provide a …
(edit) @52858   11 years jmr move mpbot from base to contrib
(edit) @51780   11 years jmr Add depends_fetch and depends_extract options (#15161)
(edit) @51777   11 years jmr mpbot: include revision in version command output
(edit) @51120   11 years jmr make new mpbot commands work
(edit) @51077   11 years and.damore "paste" superpower for mpbot.
(edit) @50403   11 years jmr mpbot: make !faq and !guide work with no parameters
(edit) @50402   11 years anddam team command for mpbot
(edit) @50333   12 years anddam mpbot trac module fix.
(edit) @50331   12 years anddam Wops, guide URL fixed.
(edit) @50330   12 years anddam More little steps for mpbot.
(edit) @50137   12 years jmr add trac plugin for mpbot, thanks anddam
(edit) @49066   12 years jmr port.rb props
(edit) @49059   12 years toby Remove the deprecated dport* procs. Not sure if the portmgr stuff even …
(edit) @49025   12 years jmr mpbot: bodies of 'forget' and 'forgetEmail' methods were transposed …
(edit) @48989   12 years wsiegrist Use trunk instead of release for generating the indexes so we can make …
(edit) @48893   12 years jmr mpbot: reject psuedo-ports and glob characters
(edit) @48796   12 years raimue Add MacOSforge news section to ReleaseProcess
(edit) @48277   12 years blb portmgr/dmg/License.html - update copyright years
(edit) @47110   12 years jmr Added new 'mportlookup' proc that uses an array to look up the offset …
(edit) @46975   12 years raimue portmgr/packaging/packageall.tcl: Fix typo introduced in r46958
(edit) @46960   12 years ryandesign dpkgall.tcl: We're called MacPorts now.
(edit) @46958   12 years ryandesign packageall.tcl, rpmall.tcl: The default prefix is /opt/local, not …
(edit) @46339   12 years wsiegrist Cleanup working copies as needed before attempting to update
(edit) @44181   12 years wsiegrist Remove default emails from port index scripts
(edit) @44179   12 years wsiegrist Remove real emails from guide regen script so people do not …
(edit) @43954   12 years blb portmgr/dmg - add InstallationCheck script to force each MacPorts …
(edit) @43946   12 years blb postflight - better handle tcsh (.tcshrc and .cshrc) and bash …
(edit) @43942   12 years wsiegrist Add exclusion list to rev mirroring script
(edit) @43620   12 years jmpp We're into computers and programming, and most probably rely on some …
(edit) @43572   12 years jmpp Briefly document r43571 in the base/portmgr/ReleaseProcess file for …
(edit) @43375   12 years jmpp Finally move trunk away from floating point version numbers and …
(edit) @43229   12 years blb portmgr/dmg/postflight - fix a doubly-stupid mistake where $0 is the …
(edit) @43217   12 years blb portmgr/dmg/postflight - properly point to the scripts in the …
(edit) @42962   12 years blb postflight - upgrade sources.conf before dep_map cleaning, just like …
(edit) @42662   12 years raimue Merged revisions …
(edit) @41907   12 years ryandesign preflight: fix typo in dp2mp-move code introduced in r26518.
(edit) @40387   12 years jmpp It doesn't really matter as we don't have any Portfiles with non-ascii …
(edit) @40142   12 years jmr Run a script in 'make install' and .dmg postflight which removes any …
(edit) @39990   12 years ryandesign fix typo in comment
(edit) @38883   12 years wsiegrist Make the guide chunkier at <>
(edit) @38497   12 years wsiegrist Adding scripts used on the servers for mirroring during post-commit …
(edit) @38496   12 years wsiegrist Updating jobs scripts from servers: Use a more appropriate tmp dir
(edit) @38495   12 years wsiegrist Add checks to cleanup exports leftover from failed mprsyncup runs
(edit) @38040   12 years raimue portmgr/dmg/postflight: Remove old non-compressed man pages on install
(edit) @38037   12 years raimue portmgr/dmg/postflight: Copy the postflight script from the …
(edit) @37711   12 years dluke Use the $SVN variable for the commit too.
(edit) @37023   12 years afb sqlite3-threads port was removed, sqlite3 port threads are enabled by …
(edit) @36712   12 years ryandesign PortIndex2MySQL.tcl: revert change inadvertently committed in r36711
(edit) @36711   12 years ryandesign ChangeLog: add info about 'use_dmg yes' option from r36708; #13509
(edit) @36285   13 years eridius Make the auto-lint script catch errors too, not just warnings
(edit) @35476   13 years wsiegrist Emails now go to both committer and maintainers
(edit) @35474   13 years wsiegrist Made checkouts non-recursive since lint doesnt rely on actual files/ …
(edit) @35211   13 years wsiegrist Use proper mail headers. Also cleaned up some variable case and layout …
(edit) @35196   13 years afb use explicit external tclthread/sqlite3/gnuobjc/gnustep for configure
(edit) @35195   13 years afb fix typo in workaround (interactive installs are evil)
(edit) @34406   13 years wsiegrist Testing repository commits, please ignore.
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