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(edit) @91963   9 years jmr keep good_licenses sorted for convenience
(edit) @91836   9 years jmr update ReleaseProcess
(edit) @91834   9 years jmr update License.html copyright years
(edit) @91829   9 years jmr update base Distribution file
(edit) @91557   9 years jmr update ChangeLog, copyright notices
(edit) @91432   9 years jmr add an OS version check to base InstallationCheck JS, so we can …
(edit) @91331   9 years jmr distribution packages should work now
(edit) @91009   9 years jmr Archive fetch improvements: * Added a config file to allow using …
(edit) @90208   9 years cal freshmeat is now freecode, see #32026 These changes do not affect any …
(edit) @90002   9 years jmr update home dir for $RUNUSR in postflight script, use localstatedir …
(edit) @89459   9 years jmr cache ping times for 24 hours and add settings for indicating that …
(edit) @89004   9 years jmr add license_noconflict option to allow maintainer to manually check …
(edit) @88684   9 years dports port_binary_distributable: add vim to good licenses list
(edit) @88376   9 years cal Merge from /branches/gsoc11-rev-upgrade
(edit) @87253   9 years dports port_binary_distributable: CNRI license (another old Python license) …
(edit) @87250   9 years dports port_binary_distributable: beopen license is OK and GPL-conflicting
(edit) @86197   9 years jmr always mention port name in verbose output of port_binary_distributable.tcl
(edit) @86104   9 years jmr removing freebsd license from distributable list, call it bsd instead
(edit) @86002   9 years jmr CeCILL-B and CeCILL-C are distributable
(edit) @85623   9 years jmr BSD-old license (with advertising clause) is distributable but …
(edit) @85458   9 years dports port_binary_distributable: BitstreamVera license is distributable
(edit) @85223   9 years snc base: FPLL license is good
(edit) @85222   9 years snc base: OpenLDAP license is good
(edit) @85188   9 years jmr wxwidgets license does not conflict with any GPL version
(edit) @85154   9 years and.damore base: removed "wxwl" license added by error
(edit) @85153   9 years and.damore base: adding "wxWindows Library Licence" license
(edit) @84920   9 years jmr remove "libpng" from license list, it's the same as zlib
(edit) @84526   9 years jmr add metis to mirror exclusions
(edit) @84412   9 years jmr Eclipse Public License is distributable and GPL-conflicting
(edit) @84402   9 years jmr W3C license is distributable
(edit) @84345   9 years ryandesign postflight: quote all paths including $HOME, in case it contains …
(edit) @84344   9 years ryandesign postflight: adjust success message wording, including fixing a typo …
(edit) @84274   9 years snc add ISC license:
(edit) @83577   9 years ryandesign ReleaseProcess: sha256 hashes too
(edit) @83384   9 years dports port_binary_distributable: * ncsa and wtfpl are good * ruby is …
(edit) @83378   9 years dports port_binary_distributable: LPPL is also OK but GPL-conflicting
(edit) @83126   9 years dports port_binary_distributable: add OpenSSLException, which conflicts with …
(edit) @83100   9 years dports port_binary_distributable: AFL is OK but GPL-incompatible
(edit) @83053   9 years ryandesign Whitespace changes only
(edit) @83052   9 years ryandesign Update plist doctype
(edit) @82982   9 years dports port_binary_distributable: gd license is OK but GPL-conflicting
(edit) @82223   9 years wsiegrist Ignore deleted ports
(edit) @82111   9 years jmr rearrange tcl package symlink creation to hopefully cover all possibilities
(edit) @81709   9 years raimue ReleaseProcess: Add a note about using new features
(edit) @81708   9 years raimue ReleaseProcess: Apple's downloads page doesn't exist anymore
(edit) @81558   9 years jeremyhu Lion: Hide new users from Users & Groups preference pane. #30168
(edit) @81467   9 years jmr set a RealName for runuser to work around Tiger System Preferences …
(edit) @81454   9 years jmr make group creation tiger compatible, and try to fix invalid …
(edit) @81451   9 years wsiegrist Use the right copy of trunk to build index. Do not use nobody:nobody.
(edit) @81415   9 years jmr also avoid uid collision in postflight script, and use DSCL variable …
(edit) @80730   9 years jmr update examples in ReleaseProcess to use more recent versions
(edit) @80656   9 years jmr apache 1.x license does conflict with all GPL versions
(edit) @80655   9 years jmr apache license does not conflict with GPLv3
(edit) @80609   9 years jmr add some generic license keywords that can be used when a port is not …
(edit) @80474   9 years jmr libtool license is distributable
(edit) @80453   9 years jmr Tcl/Tk license is distributable
(edit) @80414   9 years jmr add autoconf license
(edit) @80411   9 years jmr update license conflicts
(edit) @80410   9 years jmr add Restrictive/Distributable to distributable license list
(edit) @80391   9 years jmr remove unnecessary backslashes
(edit) @80386   9 years jmr GPLv3 conflicts with older GPL versions without "any later version"
(edit) @80335   9 years jmr fix checking for existence of group on 10.5 (#30096)
(edit) @80226   9 years jmr bump postflight version
(edit) @80224   9 years jmr actually call the create_run_user function in postflight
(edit) @79787   9 years jmr use /var/empty for runuser home
(edit) @79750   9 years jmr use double bracket tests in postflight since it asks for bash anyway, …
(edit) @79594   9 years jmr fix capitalisation in readme
(edit) @79593   9 years jmr update copyright notices
(edit) @79592   9 years wsiegrist Change directories when tarring
(edit) @79591   9 years wsiegrist ln needs -h to replace a symlink to a directory
(edit) @79586   9 years jmr run upgrade scripts before selfupdating in postflight
(edit) @79584   9 years jmr add pubkeys.conf to files created by postflight
(edit) @79583   9 years jmr add sha256 to .chk.txt generated for releases
(edit) @79467   9 years jmr mprsyncup: index for future operating system
(edit) @79466   9 years jmr mprsyncup: os.arch can be powerpc but not ppc
(edit) @79167   9 years jmr avoid using composite version specs for registry operations (#28084)
(edit) @79148   9 years jmr interpret sublists in the license field as offering a choice of license
(edit) @79093   9 years jmr add support for sync and selfupdate via rsync of tarballs with …
(edit) @79086   9 years jmr strip trailing whitespace from mprsyncup
(edit) @79027   9 years jmr moar https
(edit) @79025   9 years jmr create RUNUSR at install time and default to 'macports'
(edit) @78924   9 years jmr add 'installs_libs' option that allows us to skip several checks when …
(edit) @78062   10 years jmr implement subports
(edit) @77867   10 years afb make the scripts used less bashist
(edit) @77680   10 years jmr run images_to_archives.tcl in postflight script
(edit) @77679   10 years jmr remove dep_map_clean.tcl
(edit) @76039   10 years jmr IJG license is distributable
(edit) @75781   10 years jmr props
(edit) @75780   10 years jmr add script to check whether binaries of a port may be distributed
(edit) @75281   10 years wsiegrist Update lint job to work on SnowLeopard
(edit) @72167   10 years wsiegrist Do not lint deleted portfiles.
(edit) @71035   10 years jmr remove useless uses of cat
(edit) @71020   10 years wsiegrist Fix regex to match svnlook output
(edit) @68749   10 years jmr switch remaining instances of running install target to activate
(edit) @68641   10 years wsiegrist Remove obsolete plist.
(edit) @68640   10 years wsiegrist Update README for new unified index/rsync script.
(edit) @68639   10 years wsiegrist Unify portindex and rsync update jobs and support MacPorts v1.9.
(edit) @68593   10 years jmr don't allow pkg install without Xcode installed (#25156, #21685)
(edit) @68281   10 years jmr log a message when copying config files in postflight
(edit) @68280   10 years jmr ReleaseProcess consistency
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