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(edit) @117957   7 years cal configure: regenerate
(edit) @116108   7 years cal configure: update generated files
(edit) @113872   7 years cal configure: regenerate
(edit) @113822   7 years cal regenerate configure after r113821
(edit) @113025   7 years cal check for libkern/OSAtomic.h and some OSAtmicCAS functions
(edit) @108070   7 years jmr wrap kqueue use in appropriate ifdefs
(edit) @108069   7 years jmr check for strlcat and provide an implementation when not present in the OS
(edit) @107782   7 years cal tracelib: remove support for statically configured SDK redirection
(edit) @88981   9 years cal configure: alias sqlite3_prepare_v2 to sqlite3_prepare if SQLite < …
(edit) @77864   9 years afb autoconf: look for CommonCrypto, libmd/FreeBSD and libcrypto/OpenSSL …
(edit) @66331   10 years jmr cope with the absence of strlcpy and sysctlbyname (#22716)
(edit) @66033   10 years jmr avoid build failure when sqlite3ext.h is not available; fix setting of …
(edit) @58137   11 years toby base: prefer CommonCrypto, use libmd otherwise. no libcrypto
(edit) @58129   11 years toby base: check for CommonCrypto/CommonDigest.h header
(edit) @55417   11 years jmr remove objc.m4 since it conflicts with autoconf 2.64, regenerate configure
(edit) @51285   11 years toby remove now-unnecessary HAVE_CURL_EASY_STRERROR check
(edit) @50732   11 years toby AC_HEADER_STAT isn't used either
(edit) @50731   11 years toby remove libgen.h check, update OS X version check
(edit) @50730   11 years toby remove AC_FUNC_FORK
(edit) @50729   11 years toby remove more unused configure checks
(edit) @50728   11 years toby remove unused CLOSEDIR_VOID configure check
(edit) @50573   11 years jeremyhu base: No longer search for X11 SDK and remove reference to x11prefix
(edit) @41651   12 years afb use clearenv(3) where available
(edit) @28743   13 years afb add check for <utime.h>
(edit) @28111   13 years epimenov trace lib: new configure option (--with-trace-sdk)
(edit) @27296   13 years sfiera Fixed readline, added STLIB_LD
(edit) @27295   13 years sfiera Breaking out LIBS into separate variables In this way, we can avoid …
(edit) @26719   13 years jmpp I ran the ./regen script and found out this file had been left out …
(edit) @26135   13 years landonf Autoconf support for objc, foundation, and optionally-enabled -Werror
(edit) @23770   13 years landonf - Add MIN_USABLE_UID and MIN_USABLE_GID to the configure script. These …
(edit) @19376   14 years yeled add svn:keywords Id
(edit) @18777   14 years pguyot Add sys/paths to Get darwintrace.c to compile on foreign …
(edit) @18776   14 years pguyot Check for strlcpy function, which is a BSD extension.
(edit) @18775   14 years pguyot Fixed a bug in Headers for AC_CHECK_HEADERS should be …
(edit) @18769   14 years pguyot Fix darwintrace.c on 10.3 (tentative, no 10.3 box here) by determining …
(edit) @17346   14 years jberry Look for pwd.h in autoconf.
(edit) @15731   15 years jberry Merge changes for port from jberry-preview-13
(edit) @13701   15 years jberry autoreconf due to aclocal.m4 changes.
(edit) @13583   15 years jberry Merge configuration changes from launchdproto branch
(edit) @13457   15 years pguyot Support for libcurl versions that do not have curl_easy_strerror.
(edit) @13243   15 years pguyot New Pextlib commands: fork unixsocketpair mkchannelfromfd These will …
(edit) @11997   15 years jberry Clean up test for copyfile for Jordan.
(edit) @9150   16 years pguyot Fixes bug #2347 (symlinks in dirname are deleted during deactivation, …
(edit) @7644   16 years ssen Add an autoconf check for attribute ((unused))
(edit) @7620   16 years wbb4 Bug: Submitted by: wbb4@ Reviewed by: wbb4@ Approved by: Obtained …
(edit) @6374   16 years ssen Regen
(edit) @5396   17 years ssen Regenerate
(edit) @4590   17 years jkh Fixes for xinstall to work cross-platform. Submitted by: Bryan …
(edit) @4510   17 years ssen On Darwin, if the user did not specify --prefix, install config files …
(add) @3314   17 years landonf Move src/pextlib1.0/ to src/
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