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(edit) @2426   18 years landonf Allow DarwinPorts to build out of the box on newer Darwin releases …
(edit) @2379   18 years jkh Move all the scripts into a common location in preparation for making …
(edit) @2358   18 years kevin eval variants while fulfilling dependencies.
(edit) @2267   18 years kevin Backing out CPAN changes.
(edit) @2266   18 years kevin Added CPAN support.
(edit) @2229   18 years kevin add a few more registry aliases
(edit) @2228   18 years kevin removed debug goober
(edit) @2227   18 years kevin Moved registry to private darwinports API
(edit) @2199   18 years jkh Fixes for NetBSD
(edit) @2163   18 years kevin Honor depspec regular expressions.
(edit) @2136   18 years kevin Trap the case where a dependency isn't found.
(edit) @2089   18 years kevin Propogate build failures back to the dependency evaluator.
(edit) @2088   18 years kevin Debug print acknowledging when receipts are found. Removed cruft from …
(edit) @2086   18 years kevin Don't build the target port twice.
(edit) @2084   18 years kevin Re-use the Port API dependency engine for handling portfile …
(edit) @2083   18 years kevin Minor bugfixes.
(edit) @2082   18 years kevin whoops this snuck in prematurely.
(edit) @2081   18 years kevin Added darwinports_dlist package for dependency list evaluation in both …
(edit) @1862   18 years landonf Makefile s/DESTROOT/DESTDIR/g to conform with nearly every other piece …
(edit) @1590   18 years landonf Ensure that the prefix gets to the port API. This file needs a clean-up …
(edit) @1583   18 years landonf Support installing darwinports infrastructure into a destroot
(edit) @1522   18 years landonf Commit jpm's patch to use curl's support for HTTP redirection
(edit) @1515   18 years landonf Base portresourcepath off of install prefix, instead of per-port prefix
(edit) @1500   18 years landonf Merge in landonf-1_0
(edit) @1452   18 years kevin Add channel parameter to ui_puts to select between stderr and stdout.
(edit) @1378   18 years landonf dportmatch is depricated
(edit) @1363   18 years landonf Add working portexec Change darwinports API: dportopen now takes two …
(edit) @1361   18 years landonf Fix broken whitespace
(edit) @1357   18 years landonf Handle empty lines in /etc/ports/sources.conf
(edit) @1226   18 years kevin Deprecate dportmatch in favor of dportsearch.
(edit) @1169   18 years kevin Store variants in state file. Print error if state exists with …
(edit) @1158   18 years jkh Use $prefix rather than hard-coding /opt/local here.
(edit) @1140   18 years jkh It's making darwinports that much harder to hand to early adopters to …
(edit) @1066   18 years jkh Add a -f[orce] flag for making certain things happen unconditionally …
(edit) @1049   18 years jkh 1. Whitespace cleanup. 2. Make pextlib properly clean up its dylib on …
(edit) @972   18 years kevin support GNU/Linux (libtcl8.3 is in /usr/lib on RedHat and Debian).
(edit) @971   18 years kevin Allow optional DSTUSR and DSTGRP variables for choosing an install …
(edit) @944   18 years jkh Actually, that was too ambitious - there are still shell scripts which …
(edit) @942   18 years jkh Properly use tcl 8.4 on FreeBSD
(edit) @939   18 years landonf FreeBSD and Darwin fixes
(edit) @938   18 years jkh Catch more instances of direct curl usage.
(edit) @937   18 years jkh Another silly little portability shell script
(edit) @936   18 years jkh Use an indirection for where to install tcl files
(edit) @927   18 years jkh Whoops, THAT is the last commit. I forgot to check this in.
(edit) @926   18 years jkh Use tcl8.3 explicitly. This completes the port to FreeBSD.
(edit) @919   18 years landonf Return a useful error code when fetching to an non-writable directory
(edit) @847   18 years landonf Make sure match exists
(edit) @838   18 years landonf Don't jump indexes if we found matches in the first index This will be …
(edit) @810   18 years landonf Check local index in-place
(edit) @806   18 years jkh Some minor formatting tweaks, just to make these files agree with …
(edit) @800   18 years jkh Revert previous commit - turns out it's not admin vs wheel after all
(edit) @799   18 years jkh group wheel -> group admin
(edit) @796   18 years kevin Change dependency evaluation engine to use depspec objects.
(edit) @773   18 years landonf Add sources_conf configuration file option
(edit) @770   18 years landonf Evaluating wrong variable
(edit) @769   18 years landonf More useful seat belt
(edit) @752   18 years landonf Seat belts
(edit) @725   18 years landonf Add missing seat belt
(edit) @713   18 years landonf Add abstraction of package require port 1.0
(edit) @709   18 years landonf Extra seat belts
(edit) @698   18 years landonf Fix lame decipher regex and add a seat belt
(edit) @686   18 years landonf Add seat belt for individuals that forget to run sync
(edit) @685   18 years landonf Land first implemention of truly magic indexing. It's magic
(edit) @672   18 years landonf Move to a generic var/db/dport directory for holding receipts, …
(edit) @670   18 years landonf Move ports.conf from /etc to /etc/ports/ to prepare for impending doom …
(edit) @656   18 years landonf Land initial work to support remote fetching and multiple Port sources
(edit) @654   18 years landonf Protect darwinports variables with namespaces, and remove extra global …
(edit) @646   18 years landonf Use flock on .darwinports.state file instead of Portfile; gets the …
(edit) @596   18 years landonf Add support for port search
(edit) @595   18 years landonf Add dportmatch and cause dportsearch to return a list of all matches
(edit) @593   18 years landonf Initial implementation of backwards compatable index functionality
(edit) @578   18 years landonf Make "options" and "variations" arguments optional
(edit) @577   18 years landonf Add support for dportinfo
(edit) @564   18 years landonf Clean up and consolidate code
(edit) @524   18 years kevin Select all variants which provide a subset of the requested variations.
(edit) @462   18 years landonf remove PORTPATH env var support and check for ~/.portsrc
(edit) @460   18 years landonf Fix incorrect path to default ports.conf
(edit) @458   18 years landonf Allow for non-existent /etc/ports.conf
(edit) @438   18 years landonf Partially fix dependencies
(edit) @435   18 years landonf Support /etc/defaults/ports.conf
(edit) @428   18 years landonf Report waiting on flock
(edit) @420   18 years kevin Add support for variations on the command line.
(edit) @408   18 years jkh Move from /usr/local into /opt/local
(edit) @407   18 years landonf Rename portbuild to 'port' Rename darwinports1.0 dportbuild procedure …
(edit) @379   18 years kevin Beginnings of variant support. Portfile: variant a b c requires x y z …
(edit) @376   18 years jkh Remap the _ui_is_enabled flag into the system_options array.
(edit) @375   18 years jkh Don't do totally bogus things in isset - learn to use info exists …
(edit) @374   18 years jkh Move ui_unit to right place
(edit) @372   18 years jkh Totally re-factor the ui code so that it can live one level up. Also …
(edit) @357   18 years landonf Add Apple copyright and license to each file
(edit) @348   18 years landonf Add dportclose API procedure
(edit) @346   18 years landonf Seperate dportbuild API into dportopen and dportbuild
(edit) @336   18 years landonf GNU / BSD make agnostic makefile
(edit) @281   18 years landonf Ensure sysportpath is valid
(edit) @264   18 years landonf Handle non-existent directory case properly
(edit) @241   18 years landonf Remove chain support. Kevin was right =)
(edit) @229   18 years landonf Fix namespace collission. This is not a permanent fix
(add) @214   18 years landonf Merge in "bigmove" reorg branch. System now requires bsdmake && …
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