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(edit) @112645   7 years cal tracelib: cleanup, no functional change
(edit) @112509   7 years toby pextlib1.0: format fixes
(edit) @111377   7 years toby pextlib1.0: fix warnings
(edit) @111325   7 years marius Merged test framework developed in GSoC 13.
(edit) @111254   7 years toby pextlib1.0: -Wused-but-marked-unused
(edit) @110985   7 years toby pextlib1.0: fix overlap check aborts
(edit) @110982   7 years toby pextlib1.0: fix distclean
(edit) @110487   7 years ryandesign curl.c: fix HTTP User-Agent string to conform to RFC 2616 (#40319)
(edit) @109453   7 years cal tracelib: drop usage of EVFILT_USER, fix error conditions leaving …
(edit) @108260   7 years cal tracelib: fix build on Linux systems
(edit) @108259   7 years cal pextlib1.0/Makefile: fix indentation, only link against registry.dylib …
(edit) @108257   7 years cal tracelib: make tracelib a nop on non-apple platforms
(edit) @108227   7 years cal pextlib1.0/registry2.0: add dependency $SHLIB -> dependent library
(edit) @108176   7 years cal pextlib1.0: svn:ignore Makefile
(edit) @108155   7 years cal pextlib1.0/ restore history
(edit) @108153   7 years cal pextlib1.0: avoid warning about empty strlcat.c on systems with …
(edit) @108134   7 years jmr add missing includes to strlcat.c
(edit) @108133   7 years larryv pextlib1.0: Attempt to fix compilation on Linux (#39652). No idea why …
(edit) @108070   7 years jmr wrap kqueue use in appropriate ifdefs
(edit) @108069   7 years jmr check for strlcat and provide an implementation when not present in the OS
(edit) @108068   7 years jmr don't use non-portable sun_len, pass third arg to bind as per posix
(edit) @108034   7 years cal tracelib: switch to uint32_t size headers in the communication …
(edit) @108031   7 years cal tracelib: add some documentation, start switching to uint32_t as size field
(edit) @108029   7 years cal tracelib: support systems < 10.6 by using djb's self-pipe trick …
(edit) @107865   7 years cal tracelib: conform to C90
(edit) @107864   7 years cal darwintrace/tracelib: lots of bug fixes - tracelib: switched to …
(edit) @107784   7 years cal tracelib: rename can_I_recv_more to data_available
(edit) @107783   7 years cal tracelib: rewrite setsandbox using a state machine Avoids access to …
(edit) @107782   7 years cal tracelib: remove support for statically configured SDK redirection
(edit) @107778   7 years cal tracelib: repair modeline
(edit) @107777   7 years cal tracelib: add modeline
(edit) @107776   7 years cal tracelib: whitespace only astyle --style=java -s4 -SKLwpHUjc -k3 --mode=c
(edit) @107522   7 years cal tracelib: add filemap end marker: double \0
(edit) @106640   7 years jmr add (but don't advertise) a config option to disable sandboxing, just …
(edit) @106639   7 years jmr update copyright notices
(edit) @105765   7 years cal tracelib.c: Fix setrlimit with uninitialized fields
(edit) @105748   7 years cal pextlib1.0/tracelib.c: Fix rlimit parameters, closes #38999
(edit) @101982   8 years jeremyhu Silence warning when building in C90 mode
(edit) @101981   8 years jeremyhu Explain set{e,}{g,u}id failures
(edit) @100071   8 years cal tracelib: comment debug code
(edit) @99865   8 years jmr use a hash of the portvariants in the archive filename if it would …
(edit) @99755   8 years jmr check if DNS is broken and print a warning before fetching
(edit) @98193   8 years jmr use sandboxing to prevent writes outside workpath and distpath
(edit) @98156   8 years jmr add rudimentary sandboxing support for commands run via system proc
(edit) @98128   8 years blair tracelib.c: fix compiler warning about C++ comments in C code. …
(edit) @97250   8 years cal tracelib: check whether tcl eval was successful, print error if it wasn't
(edit) @96130   8 years afb change from base32hex encoding, to base32
(edit) @91557   8 years jmr update ChangeLog, copyright notices
(edit) @90602   9 years cal Fix warning "ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code"
(edit) @90355   9 years raimue Try to improve error messages by making more clear which port failed. …
(edit) @89818   9 years and.damore base: reverting r89811
(edit) @89811   9 years and.damore base: command "rpm-vercomp" replaced with "vercmp" in code, cf. r89810
(edit) @89463   9 years jmr better error handling in SystemCmd
(edit) @88441   9 years cal Add copyright or update line where missing in rev-upgrade
(edit) @88376   9 years cal Merge from /branches/gsoc11-rev-upgrade
(edit) @88045   9 years jmr check for full range of affected libcurl versions for FTP_PROXY workaround
(edit) @84351   9 years jmr work around broken libcurl env var handling in 10.6
(edit) @83147   9 years jmr print path of root_fts when fts_read fails in do_traverse
(edit) @82291   9 years afb rename rpm-vercomp to vercmp (not really rpm compatible)
(edit) @80245   9 years jmr disable FTP test since it won't work on the buildbot server
(edit) @79782   9 years afb minor: change test path, not make variable
(edit) @79773   9 years afb make sure to remove linux segfault workaround var
(edit) @79772   9 years afb fix tails with trailing slash, on other platforms
(edit) @79771   9 years afb make sure that test can find library (on freebsd)
(edit) @79593   9 years jmr update copyright notices
(edit) @77865   9 years afb fix libmd support (for FreeBSD), add libcrypto support (for Linux) #26813
(edit) @74010   10 years jmr move fgetln declaration that was forgotten when system was split into …
(edit) @74009   10 years jmr also use setmode.h in xinstall.c
(edit) @74007   10 years jmr use isxdigit instead of ishexnumber
(edit) @74001   10 years jmr base32cmd.*: props
(edit) @73999   10 years jmr add setmode header to include when the OS doesn't provide it
(edit) @72784   10 years jmr explicitly point to the log file when the system command fails
(edit) @72727   10 years afb add new base32 encoding
(edit) @71380   10 years raimue pextlib1.0: Add new 'system -W path' which changes into the given …
(edit) @71240   10 years jmr set gid as well as uid for child in SystemCmd
(edit) @71235   10 years raimue Revert r71103 and use CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT instead of …
(edit) @71103   10 years jmr we don't want to set CURLOPT_TIMEOUT when fetching files, since as per …
(edit) @71038   10 years raimue pextlib1.0/curl.c: Apply timeouts and minimum transfer rates apply for …
(edit) @70987   10 years raimue pextlib: Fix r70985 by adding missing parameter
(edit) @70985   10 years raimue pextlib: Use Tcl_AppendResult instead of snprintf
(edit) @70982   10 years raimue distcheck: Use fetch.ignore_sslcert
(edit) @70120   10 years jmr this crash actually only ever happened on linux, so best not to mess …
(edit) @69989   10 years jmr fix a couple of tracelib errors
(edit) @68680   10 years jmr off-by-one in UmaskCmd
(edit) @68675   10 years jmr fix clang warnings
(edit) @67048   10 years jmr set default developer_dir in port1.0
(edit) @66805   10 years raimue tracelib: Move socket initialization from 'tracelib run' into …
(edit) @66785   10 years raimue pextlib1.0: Add cookie jar to curl, fixes #24584
(edit) @66579   10 years jmr work around Tcl env behaviour that can cause a crash
(edit) @66454   10 years jmr get libmd SHA1 function name right
(edit) @66453   10 years jmr bring back the internal sha256, at least some versions of libmd don't …
(edit) @66451   10 years jmr always use our internal rmd160 implementation, there's a header …
(edit) @66447   10 years jmr fix build with libmd
(edit) @66331   10 years jmr cope with the absence of strlcpy and sysctlbyname (#22716)
(edit) @66017   10 years jmr memory leak
(edit) @66016   10 years jmr props
(edit) @65785   11 years raimue pextlib1.0: fs-traverse -tails, closes #21873
(edit) @65712   11 years raimue pextlib1.0/tests/fs-traverse.tcl: Remove unused test tree
(edit) @65711   11 years raimue pextlib1.0/tests: Whitespace only
(edit) @65076   11 years raimue port1.0: Use setpriority(2) in proc system instead of /usr/bin/nice, …
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