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(edit) @2426   18 years landonf Allow DarwinPorts to build out of the box on newer Darwin releases …
(edit) @2379   18 years jkh Move all the scripts into a common location in preparation for making …
(edit) @2265   18 years kevin set errorCode within system in the style of exec
(edit) @2240   18 years landonf Return the last 30 lines of command output when a failure occurs
(edit) @2226   18 years eric Manage a counter manually instead of relying on modulus math; prevent …
(edit) @2200   18 years jkh Whoops, wrong version of NetBSD stuff for these files. Fix.
(edit) @2199   18 years jkh Fixes for NetBSD
(edit) @1993   18 years eric Stash the last few lines from SystemCmd output. It's not terribly …
(edit) @1862   18 years landonf Makefile s/DESTROOT/DESTDIR/g to conform with nearly every other piece …
(edit) @1583   18 years landonf Support installing darwinports infrastructure into a destroot
(edit) @1500   18 years landonf Merge in landonf-1_0
(edit) @1228   18 years kevin Specify -no-cpp-precomp since cpp-precomp is missing on Darwin 6.0.2.
(edit) @1085   18 years eric Add functionality to create users and groups.
(edit) @1049   18 years jkh 1. Whitespace cleanup. 2. Make pextlib properly clean up its dylib on …
(edit) @1045   18 years jkh Add an mktemp primitive for simply getting a convenient temporary file …
(edit) @992   18 years kevin optimized exec cat to fcopy in reinplace ftruncate(2) original file …
(edit) @972   18 years kevin support GNU/Linux (libtcl8.3 is in /usr/lib on RedHat and Debian).
(edit) @971   18 years kevin Allow optional DSTUSR and DSTGRP variables for choosing an install …
(edit) @945   18 years jkh Sigh. Gotta stick with tcl8.3 for now.
(edit) @943   18 years jkh Properly use tcl8.4 on FreeBSD
(edit) @940   18 years jkh Since link script runs every time, shut it up
(edit) @939   18 years landonf FreeBSD and Darwin fixes
(edit) @924   18 years jkh One more small portability tweak.
(edit) @923   18 years jkh Various portability changes. Now this compiles under FreeBSD.
(edit) @922   18 years jkh Remove some gratuitous externs
(edit) @816   18 years jkh Add a rather important missing free()
(edit) @812   18 years landonf Check return status properly
(edit) @800   18 years jkh Revert previous commit - turns out it's not admin vs wheel after all
(edit) @799   18 years jkh group wheel -> group admin
(edit) @790   18 years jkh Properly respect PREFIX when installing.
(edit) @758   18 years landonf Rolled back too much
(edit) @754   18 years landonf Roll back the signal code like jkh recomended
(edit) @729   18 years jkh Take debugging printf out of signal handler.
(edit) @728   18 years jkh Properly kill processes by process group.
(edit) @723   18 years landonf Don't leak template
(edit) @722   18 years kevin Declared sig_t oldsig.
(edit) @718   18 years jkh Preserve previous value of signal handler, if any, and restore it when …
(edit) @717   18 years jkh Have system deal with reporting SIGINT properly back rather than …
(edit) @702   18 years landonf Pass in a user's environment While this has potential nasty impact, …
(edit) @530   18 years landonf Fix call to return Fall through to _exit(1) after execve
(edit) @529   18 years landonf Set stdin in execed commands to /dev/null
(edit) @495   18 years landonf setsid and drop controlling tty
(edit) @428   18 years landonf Report waiting on flock
(edit) @408   18 years jkh Move from /usr/local into /opt/local
(edit) @378   18 years jkh We no longer need to require portui from here.
(edit) @364   18 years landonf Add name of tempfile to mkstemp's return value
(edit) @362   18 years landonf Support mkstemp
(edit) @357   18 years landonf Add Apple copyright and license to each file
(edit) @345   18 years landonf Remember to use the objects we built to create the dylib (oops)
(edit) @340   18 years landonf Last GNU / BSD makefile fixes
(edit) @338   18 years landonf set target to Pextlib.dylib
(edit) @337   18 years landonf GNU / BSD make agnostic makefile
(edit) @326   18 years landonf Simplify SystemCmd considerable amounts by forcing it to take a single …
(edit) @325   18 years landonf Dynamically allocate exp_regs
(edit) @321   18 years landonf Don't try to install non-existent pkgIndex.tcl file
(edit) @317   18 years landonf make pkgIndex.tcl in proper location
(edit) @286   18 years landonf Remove excess clean target
(edit) @269   18 years landonf Move call to subst one level higher, into Pextlib.c, where the tom …
(edit) @267   18 years landonf Fix system() to allow ports to build again This works by escaping '{', …
(edit) @266   18 years jkh Don't bother appending the element result - it merely overwrites the …
(edit) @265   18 years jkh Really fix SystemCmd this time.
(edit) @263   18 years jkh Stomp trailing newline and NUL
(edit) @260   18 years jkh Attempt to use [list] to quote contents.
(edit) @253   18 years landonf Fix compiler warnings, use regoff_t type
(edit) @252   18 years landonf Remove unused variable 'i'
(edit) @251   18 years landonf Clean up all compiler warnings
(edit) @250   18 years jkh Make this work with Henry Spencer's new regex API
(edit) @249   18 years jkh Make strsed work properly.
(edit) @216   18 years landonf Clean up pkgIndex.tcl as well
(add) @214   18 years landonf Merge in "bigmove" reorg branch. System now requires bsdmake && …
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