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(edit) @1549   18 years jkh Clean up checksum handling a little by making cosmetic changes to …
(edit) @1503   18 years landonf Make the whitespace foo actually work with vim
(edit) @1360   18 years landonf Respect workpath and worksrcpath everywhere, as it is not promised to …
(edit) @1200   18 years torrey Resync with changes accidentally made on lamancha.
(edit) @1015   18 years kevin Remove 'register' proc. Now targets have a handle to the target object …
(edit) @802   18 years kevin Targets should throw exceptions to indicate failure. (Custom targets …
(edit) @668   18 years jkh Change a warning to an error
(edit) @640   18 years landonf Define lack of checksums as a failure instead of marking checksum …
(edit) @639   18 years jkh Allow "md5 <checksum>" to be used as a shorthand for "$distfiles md5 …
(edit) @636   18 years jkh If there are no checksums recorded for a port, print a helpful …
(edit) @608   18 years landonf Seperate init registration from target registration
(edit) @586   18 years landonf Avoid catching regexp expressions in file name
(edit) @386   18 years landonf Close pipe to prevent file descriptor leak
(edit) @381   18 years landonf Properly escape filenames in calls to system
(edit) @357   18 years landonf Add Apple copyright and license to each file
(edit) @295   18 years landonf Implement all init routines
(edit) @241   18 years landonf Remove chain support. Kevin was right =)
(edit) @226   18 years jkh Properly use ui_error.
(edit) @221   18 years jkh Add more appropriate types and grades of verbosity.
(add) @214   18 years landonf Merge in "bigmove" reorg branch. System now requires bsdmake && …
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