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(edit) @33481   10 years afb fix copy/paste bug
(edit) @33480   10 years afb leopard hackaround, to avoid the 'ld: library not found for …
(edit) @33478   10 years afb make universal target/sysroot/archs into variables
(edit) @33477   10 years afb add some code comments
(edit) @33112   10 years afb oops, confused the gcc flags (typo)
(edit) @33110   10 years afb make sure to use universal libs on powerpc (from the SDK)
(edit) @33109   10 years afb include -isysroot in CPPFLAGS too, for the benefit of autoconf
(edit) @33107   10 years afb go back to 10.4u SDK (and M_D_T=10.4) by default
(edit) @33087   10 years afb disable the 64-bit universal archs by default
(edit) @33054   10 years afb remove unused/confusing variable
(edit) @32430   10 years afb make configure.pipe hackable from Portfiles too (#13636)
(edit) @32194   10 years mww make the universal flags take the archs from a single source (thanks …
(edit) @31891   10 years mww add option 'gcc-4.2' for configure.compiler
(edit) @31152   10 years nox portconfigure: Whitespace changes, added modeline.
(edit) @30824   10 years afb add new configurepipe configuration
(edit) @30761   10 years mww add configure.[awk,bison,pkg_config,pkg_config_path] options
(edit) @30396   10 years eridius Remove configure.macosx_deployment_target, create global option …
(edit) @30216   10 years mww add configure.-variables for LIBS, PYTHON (those are used frequently), …
(edit) @30032   10 years eridius Allow universal configure-based builds to work on Leopard
(edit) @29604   10 years afb add configure.pipe, for N_Ox
(edit) @29438   10 years afb configure.ccache and configure.distcc, optional configuration
(edit) @28677   10 years mww add configure.objc/objcflags for Objective-C configure cflags
(edit) @28550   10 years mww add configure.macosx_deployment_target option
(edit) @28529   10 years mww add & document configure.javac/classpath for Java flags
(edit) @28514   10 years mww also add 'FCFLAGS' for more Fortran++
(edit) @28513   10 years mww also add 'configure.f90flags' for Fortran 90 flags
(edit) @28512   10 years mww document configure.fflags, set its default to '-O2' (like …
(edit) @28511   10 years mww add 'configure.fflags' for fortran flags
(edit) @28478   10 years mww oops - accidently removed 'macports-gcc-3.3/4'
(edit) @28477   10 years mww chose a reasonable default compiler suite via platform/major
(edit) @28474   10 years mww rewrite compiler selection process: now allows to override any …
(edit) @28317   10 years jmpp Clean up our beautiful name\!
(edit) @28302   10 years mww Add more compiler suites for the 'configure.compiler' option
(edit) @27053   10 years mww add configure.FORTRAN variable to globals of configure_main (too)
(edit) @27024   10 years ryandesign fix typo in debug message
(edit) @27022   10 years mww add missing adding of the fortran compiler flags, correct typo
(edit) @27018   10 years mww add new commands for selecting compilers: *, …
(edit) @26177   10 years jmpp Finally merging the dp2mp-move branch into trunk, woot! This …
(edit) @23291   11 years pguyot Moved -I to CPPFLAGS.
(edit) @23249   11 years pguyot Fix LDFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and CFLAGS.
(edit) @23246   11 years pguyot Add -I${prefix}/include -L${prefix}/lib to the default configure …
(edit) @23238   11 years pguyot New logic for the environment that makes it much cleaner. Note, …
(edit) @23125   11 years pguyot Flatten the environment before parsing it to add configure flages the …
(edit) @23098   11 years pguyot New options for configure flags (C|CPP|CXX|LD)FLAGS and logic to …
(edit) @22313   11 years pguyot Default +universal variant for configure-based ports. (experimental)
(edit) @22003   11 years eridius src/port1.0/* files need not be executable
(edit) @19376   11 years yeled add svn:keywords Id
(edit) @13738   12 years pguyot Add a lot of missing $Id$
(edit) @4598   14 years jkh Centralize the setting of UI_PREFIX so it can also be overridden in …
(edit) @4453   14 years jkh Apply consistent formatting - looking at lines suddenly tabbed out …
(edit) @3271   14 years fkr Bug: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Approved by: Obtained from: removed a …
(edit) @3220   14 years landonf Fix all conditionals that are missing braces Submitted by: Jason …
(edit) @2118   15 years kevin Merging 3 days of diffs last good backup: - Use new dependency list …
(edit) @1638   15 years landonf Standardized return values for targets Added msgcat calls to allow for …
(edit) @1503   15 years landonf Make the whitespace foo actually work with vim
(edit) @1360   15 years landonf Respect workpath and worksrcpath everywhere, as it is not promised to …
(edit) @1200   15 years torrey Resync with changes accidentally made on lamancha.
(edit) @1078   15 years jkh Implement use_xmkmf
(edit) @1015   15 years kevin Remove 'register' proc. Now targets have a handle to the target object …
(edit) @821   15 years kevin Enhanced options hooks Allow multiple hooks for each option. Call …
(edit) @802   15 years kevin Targets should throw exceptions to indicate failure. (Custom targets …
(edit) @714   15 years landonf configure command seat belts.
(edit) @621   15 years landonf Clean up small bits of options cruft Bring portfile.7 somewhat up-to-date
(edit) @608   15 years landonf Seperate init registration from target registration
(edit) @538   15 years landonf Add reasonable directory defaults
(edit) @521   15 years landonf Add commands/command procedures. Implement standardization of command …
(edit) @424   15 years landonf Support calling autoconf
(edit) @381   15 years landonf Properly escape filenames in calls to system
(edit) @357   15 years landonf Add Apple copyright and license to each file
(edit) @295   15 years landonf Implement all init routines
(edit) @244   15 years landonf dependency system revamp
(edit) @241   15 years landonf Remove chain support. Kevin was right =)
(edit) @221   15 years jkh Add more appropriate types and grades of verbosity.
(edit) @218   15 years landonf New dependencies
(add) @214   15 years landonf Merge in "bigmove" reorg branch. System now requires bsdmake && …
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