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(edit) @1503   18 years landonf Make the whitespace foo actually work with vim
(edit) @1180   18 years kevin Support _'s in depspecs.
(edit) @1136   18 years kevin Added path: class of depspec which is satisfied by a regex at an …
(edit) @996   18 years kevin Recognize portnames with a '-'.
(edit) @929   18 years jkh Use command construct for file fetching. Reindent some stuff to be …
(edit) @888   18 years landonf Support '-' characters in depspecs Submitted By: Garrett Rooney …
(edit) @823   18 years kevin Create both library and binary portfile depspecs.
(edit) @821   18 years kevin Enhanced options hooks Allow multiple hooks for each option. Call …
(edit) @802   18 years kevin Targets should throw exceptions to indicate failure. (Custom targets …
(edit) @777   18 years landonf Check $prefix/lib
(edit) @737   18 years kevin lost a '}' in the shuffle.
(edit) @736   18 years kevin Clean after installing dependencies. Handle an error in the install …
(edit) @691   18 years landonf Error out when port dependency is not found
(edit) @685   18 years landonf Land first implemention of truly magic indexing. It's magic
(edit) @608   18 years landonf Seperate init registration from target registration
(edit) @577   18 years landonf Add support for dportinfo
(edit) @576   18 years landonf Fix multiple depends
(edit) @520   18 years landonf Update search path to include /usr/X11R6/lib
(edit) @456   18 years landonf Added /opt/local/lib to default library search paths
(edit) @454   18 years landonf Fix multiple dependencies
(edit) @444   18 years kevin Call the new dportopen API.
(edit) @407   18 years landonf Rename portbuild to 'port' Rename darwinports1.0 dportbuild procedure …
(edit) @357   18 years landonf Add Apple copyright and license to each file
(edit) @348   18 years landonf Add dportclose API procedure
(edit) @347   18 years jkh Properly quote sysportpath
(edit) @346   18 years landonf Seperate dportbuild API into dportopen and dportbuild
(edit) @295   18 years landonf Implement all init routines
(edit) @280   18 years landonf sysportpath should refer to the software/ directory, not the …
(edit) @270   18 years landonf Dependencies should be installed by default
(add) @245   18 years landonf Add neccesary portdepends file
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