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(edit) @86018   7 years snc base: extraneous brace
(edit) @86017   7 years snc base: * avoid some temporary variables in license lint * add more …
(edit) @86016   7 years snc base: handle braces when testing last character of each license
(edit) @85950   7 years snc base: followup to r85934, no longer need to skip next license
(edit) @85934   7 years snc base: tweak end of license numeric check to allow +
(edit) @85933   7 years snc base: rework license lint * tokenize licenses * more gracefully find …
(edit) @85929   7 years snc base: if set, check license formatting
(edit) @85256   7 years jmr unknown license is not an error
(edit) @84555   7 years snc base: lint error when license is not set, #30194
(edit) @78249   7 years jmr portlint: only warn about apparent hardcoded use of version in …
(edit) @78062   7 years jmr implement subports
(edit) @75820   7 years jmr fix syntax in portlint
(edit) @73802   7 years and.damore adding lint command support for skipping version number check in …
(edit) @70163   8 years jmr switch ui_msg to ui_notice in portlint since the former changed to …
(edit) @66268   8 years jmr remove implicit variants, 'platform' now acts like a fancy 'if' statement
(edit) @64915   8 years jmr factor repeated calculation of archs into a helper function
(edit) @55116   9 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl: Warn on multiple occurrences of the same depspec
(edit) @54747   9 years jmr fix lint's port name regex
(edit) @54715   9 years jmr make lint detect unsafe characters in port names (#20495)
(edit) @52542   9 years jmr lint: catch 'platform ppc'
(edit) @51780   9 years jmr Add depends_fetch and depends_extract options (#15161)
(edit) @51572   9 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl: Forgot to increment warnings counter in r51569
(edit) @51569   9 years raimue port1.0: Warn about deprecated variables only in portlint by …
(edit) @51521   9 years jmr Remove legacy option synonyms portname, portepoch, portversion, …
(edit) @50375   9 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl: Ignore *.setup commands defined by port groups.
(edit) @50374   9 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl: Make 'port lint' work properly with multiple …
(edit) @50230   9 years ryandesign port1.0/portlint.tcl: Exclude php5peclextension.setup
(edit) @50226   9 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl: Exclude php5extension.setup
(edit) @50193   9 years jmr switch from mportsearch to mportlookup in package1.0 and port1.0
(edit) @50142   9 years jmr lint: ignore lines that look like comments
(edit) @50141   9 years jmr lint: don't check categories against a hardcoded list (comparing with …
(edit) @50139   9 years jmr lint: allow all platforms currently used in platform variants, sort list
(edit) @49688   9 years ryandesign ChangeLog, portlint.tcl: add new top-level category php; see #19091
(edit) @49406   9 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl: Do some simple checking for hardcoded version …
(edit) @49403   9 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl: Get rid of lint_variants, all variants should …
(edit) @49087   9 years raimue port1.0: Create namespaces for the packages in port1.0, stop polluting …
(edit) @47346   9 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl: Check if conflicting variants actually exist
(edit) @46780   9 years ryandesign ChangeLog, portlint.tcl: port lint no longer complains about missing …
(edit) @46778   9 years ryandesign portlint.tcl: expand tabs to spaces, and make spaces consistent at 4 …
(edit) @42662   9 years raimue Merged revisions …
(edit) @41511   9 years blb lint command - add --nitpick option; ticket #14799
(edit) @41175   9 years ryandesign Set svn:keywords to Id on tcl files
(edit) @41174   9 years ryandesign Set svn:eol-style to native on tcl files.
(edit) @41170   9 years ryandesign portlint.tcl: No longer nitpick whitespace or patchfile names unless …
(edit) @40450   10 years macsforever2000 Added finance and gis as primary categories.
(edit) @40445   10 years febeling portlint.tcl: add erlang primary category
(edit) @39257   10 years afb add new primary category: office (#16311)
(edit) @39025   10 years ryandesign portlint.tcl, portutil.tcl: undo changes inadvertently committed in r39023
(edit) @39023   10 years ryandesign ChangeLog: consolidate entries for Leopard environment variable issue
(edit) @37981   10 years ryandesign portlint.tcl: warn when using "configure {}" instead of "use_configure …
(edit) @34561   10 years afb lint: issue error when using nomaintainer together with other or …
(edit) @34518   10 years afb add default description for global variants like +universal
(edit) @34516   10 years afb actually get all dependencies, and not just the last one
(edit) @34513   10 years afb add target_state variable patch from raimue, for targets that don't …
(edit) @34512   10 years afb lint: check that all dependencies actually exist (#14380)
(edit) @34252   10 years afb don't require variable master_sites for fetch.type != standard (#14377)
(edit) @34082   10 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl Add a check if patch file actually exists locally …
(edit) @33705   10 years ryandesign Make trailing whitespace check more elegant, and thus also fix the …
(edit) @33680   10 years ryandesign slight wording change when variant name isn't valid
(edit) @33679   10 years raimue port1.0/portutil.tcl: port lint warns on illegal named variants, …
(edit) @33560   10 years afb match both port directory and parent directory (#13263)
(edit) @32480   10 years afb recognize non-canonical modelines (#13496)
(edit) @30996   10 years afb check Portfile directory against primary category (#13263)
(edit) @30985   10 years afb only check first/primary category (#13260)
(edit) @30805   10 years ryandesign Fix lint's RCS tag check to require the closing dollar sign on $Id$
(edit) @30550   10 years ryandesign be consistent about calling it an 'email address'
(edit) @30345   11 years afb add missing primary category for iBrick
(edit) @30277   11 years afb look for newline at EOF (from ryandesign, #12967)
(edit) @30271   11 years afb warn if using full email adress for no/open maintainer (to make jmpp happy)
(edit) @30168   11 years nox portlint.tcl: Fixed typo (thanks afb).
(edit) @30160   11 years nox portlint.tcl (closes #12958): Added patchfiles format check.
(edit) @29306   11 years afb add new top category: xfce, similar to gnome/kde
(edit) @29115   11 years afb add missing netbsd platform
(edit) @29114   11 years afb add global aqua variant
(edit) @29045   11 years afb allow those pesky modelines
(edit) @29044   11 years afb add Mac OS X to platforms (in addition to Darwin)
(edit) @29043   11 years afb lint variants and their descriptions
(edit) @29042   11 years afb work with missing variables
(edit) @29040   11 years afb add OpenBSD platform too
(edit) @29039   11 years afb change output order
(edit) @29028   11 years afb lint system/group/platforms/categories/epoch/revision too
(edit) @28568   11 years afb allow indented blank lines between blocks of code and such (This fix …
(add) @28170   11 years afb port lint (Ticket #12211)
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