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(edit) @1560   18 years landonf Add support for homepage key Submitted by: jpm@…
(edit) @1528   18 years jkh Permanently retire the contents { .. } hack. Sorry. It was …
(edit) @1503   18 years landonf Make the whitespace foo actually work with vim
(edit) @1200   18 years torrey Resync with changes accidentally made on lamancha.
(edit) @1039   18 years jkh Fix a bug where I was actually storing the uninstall proc, not the …
(edit) @1015   18 years kevin Remove 'register' proc. Now targets have a handle to the target object …
(edit) @1006   18 years jkh Changes to support long_description (long-description unfortunately …
(edit) @905   18 years jkh rename pkg_deinstall to pkg_uninstall for better clarity.
(edit) @821   18 years kevin Enhanced options hooks Allow multiple hooks for each option. Call …
(edit) @820   18 years jkh Make the registry_exists code work with wildcard port version numbers, …
(edit) @815   18 years landonf Add long-description
(edit) @755   18 years landonf Roll back commit of 'always' keyword
(edit) @753   18 years jkh Write new registry entries out to a temporary file before moving them …
(edit) @719   18 years landonf Escape file name for md5
(edit) @692   18 years landonf Add oft requested feature: Allow install/uninstall/registry to run …
(edit) @684   18 years jkh One more tweak to the warning message.
(edit) @683   18 years jkh Correct previous commit to account for relative paths.
(edit) @682   18 years jkh Only report directory recursion at the top level.
(edit) @672   18 years landonf Move to a generic var/db/dport directory for holding receipts, …
(edit) @664   18 years landonf Back out patch 1.33. (sorry!) Some ports change the prefix. We'll have …
(edit) @663   18 years landonf mkdir -p is unneccesary with file mkdir
(edit) @662   18 years landonf Use TCL file mkdir, as opposed to calling system
(edit) @661   18 years landonf Default registry path based on $prefix
(edit) @650   18 years jkh Allow contents lists to be multiple argument or single argument lists.
(edit) @630   18 years jkh Change where the receipts are stored from …
(edit) @612   18 years landonf Update regex to handle all possible file names
(edit) @608   18 years landonf Seperate init registration from target registration
(edit) @596   18 years landonf Add support for port search
(edit) @556   18 years jkh Change the format of registry entries to make them more "first class …
(edit) @553   18 years jkh Deal with symlinks and device files properly during registration.
(edit) @517   18 years landonf Fix missing close bracket
(edit) @514   18 years jkh Turn directory recursion off by default. Add …
(edit) @509   18 years jkh Don't attempt to md5 checksum directories
(edit) @508   18 years jkh List files and directories both for registration and deletion
(edit) @506   18 years jkh Implement real uninstall
(edit) @503   18 years jkh 2nd pass at uninstall, fix some more bugs in cleaned up registry code
(edit) @501   18 years jkh Fix more 2am brainage - file exists, not info exists!
(edit) @499   18 years jkh Fix syntax error.
(edit) @498   18 years jkh Add initial uninstall function, just for testing
(edit) @489   18 years landonf Use tbool to check for 'yes'
(edit) @486   18 years jkh Add register.nochecksum option
(edit) @481   18 years jkh OK, now the contents lists look correct!
(edit) @480   18 years jkh Try tweaking this a little so that it indexes again
(edit) @479   18 years jkh Clean up registry format a little bit.
(edit) @477   18 years landonf Fix spelling of "registry"
(edit) @476   18 years jkh Correct a poorly formatted progress message
(edit) @475   18 years jkh register -> registry
(edit) @474   18 years landonf Back out previous mistakenly committed change
(edit) @473   18 years landonf Remove unneccesary variable check
(edit) @468   18 years jkh Return proper error codes
(edit) @467   18 years jkh Proper args
(edit) @466   18 years jkh Move registration code into portregistry file
(edit) @357   18 years landonf Add Apple copyright and license to each file
(edit) @298   18 years jkh Store stuff in /Library/Receipts/darwinports
(add) @272   18 years jkh Prototype registry code, mostly just a place-holder for now to flesh it out
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