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(edit) @2218   16 years kevin re-make the work directory if we delete it.
(edit) @2217   16 years kevin remove working directory when discarding previous state.
(edit) @2163   16 years kevin Honor depspec regular expressions.
(edit) @2126   16 years kevin Added -o option to ignore modification times on state file and Portfile
(edit) @2118   16 years kevin Merging 3 days of diffs last good backup: - Use new dependency list …
(edit) @2070   16 years kevin Discard statefile if Portfile changed since last build.
(edit) @1790   16 years eric Convert x11prefix to what was discussed with landonf. This may become …
(edit) @1745   16 years landonf Fix failure check and provide more useful output
(edit) @1744   16 years landonf Print useful error messages when dportopen call fails
(edit) @1697   16 years landonf Land ${destroot} support. Thank god. Portions submitted by: …
(edit) @1689   16 years landonf Handle deprecated options with no replacement
(edit) @1651   16 years landonf Add option deprecation routines Deprecate and …
(edit) @1643   16 years landonf Fix "== 0" failure bug
(edit) @1638   16 years landonf Standardized return values for targets Added msgcat calls to allow for …
(edit) @1594   16 years eric Add and use x11prefix.
(edit) @1503   16 years landonf Make the whitespace foo actually work with vim
(edit) @1500   16 years landonf Merge in landonf-1_0
(edit) @1452   16 years kevin Add channel parameter to ui_puts to select between stderr and stdout.
(edit) @1450   16 years landonf Merge in regex escaping fixes from landonf-1.0
(edit) @1443   16 years jpm fixed a spelling mistake - as brought to our attention by Yoshiyuki …
(edit) @1431   16 years landonf Don't build dependencies in same workdir
(edit) @1376   16 years landonf Fix target run error checking
(edit) @1375   16 years landonf Shorter debug message
(edit) @1363   16 years landonf Add working portexec Change darwinports API: dportopen now takes two …
(edit) @1362   16 years landonf Start of portexec that provides for sharing work in one workpath
(edit) @1356   16 years landonf Remember to bring in the option_proc global. This will fix depends_*-append
(edit) @1355   16 years landonf Rename 'packager' target to 'package' and add support for conflicting …
(edit) @1333   16 years kevin Added portexec primitive to run an arbitrary target of a port.
(edit) @1226   16 years kevin Deprecate dportmatch in favor of dportsearch.
(edit) @1176   16 years kevin Ignore variant mismatch if ports_force is specified.
(edit) @1169   16 years kevin Store variants in state file. Print error if state exists with …
(edit) @1164   16 years kevin Preliminary support for variant conflicts.
(edit) @1139   16 years landonf Remove a variable if we delete the last item in the list
(edit) @1136   16 years kevin Added path: class of depspec which is satisfied by a regex at an …
(edit) @1086   16 years eric Place newly created users in nogroup by default.
(edit) @1085   16 years eric Add functionality to create users and groups.
(edit) @1047   16 years jkh Fixup a little whitespace.
(edit) @1045   16 years jkh Add an mktemp primitive for simply getting a convenient temporary file …
(edit) @1033   16 years landonf Options should never be declared outside of a target
(edit) @1024   16 years kevin create the procedure for a variant earlier in the process. trying to …
(edit) @1018   16 years kevin Renamed variants.default to default_variants.
(edit) @1017   16 years kevin Added variants.default to specify default variants. These do not …
(edit) @1015   16 years kevin Remove 'register' proc. Now targets have a handle to the target object …
(edit) @994   16 years jkh Remove a debugging puts
(edit) @993   16 years landonf indenting
(edit) @992   16 years kevin optimized exec cat to fcopy in reinplace ftruncate(2) original file …
(edit) @989   16 years kevin Make property accessor actual virtual functions. (Targets will likely …
(edit) @960   16 years jkh 1. rename portname to name (externally) and portversion to version …
(edit) @956   16 years landonf When appending, verify that variable exists, otherwise, set variable …
(edit) @951   16 years kevin Fixed typo during make->build conversion.
(edit) @902   16 years landonf Fix problem with dots in variable names Reported by: yeled
(edit) @900   16 years kevin Print error messages in target_run.
(edit) @835   16 years landonf Cause options_export to use new option proc API
(edit) @824   16 years kevin rolling back overzealous escaping of '.' for binary regexps.
(edit) @823   16 years kevin Create both library and binary portfile depspecs.
(edit) @821   16 years kevin Enhanced options hooks Allow multiple hooks for each option. Call …
(edit) @805   16 years kevin Reinstate ldelete modification that was lost in the generic depspec merge.
(edit) @804   16 years landonf Give useful data
(edit) @802   16 years kevin Targets should throw exceptions to indicate failure. (Custom targets …
(edit) @801   16 years kevin Fix pre/post/override target procs.
(edit) @798   16 years kevin Fixed typo in register.
(edit) @796   16 years kevin Change dependency evaluation engine to use depspec objects.
(edit) @781   16 years landonf duh
(edit) @780   16 years landonf Allow darwinports to build on file systems that do not support flock …
(edit) @775   16 years landonf Return error number on unknown target
(edit) @724   16 years jkh Add variant_set, variant_isset and variant_unset procedures
(edit) @712   16 years landonf Add more comments
(edit) @655   16 years jkh Add some seat belts: 1. Try to create $prefix if it doesn't exist. 2. …
(edit) @651   16 years landonf Fix mis-named variable in comment
(edit) @646   16 years landonf Use flock on .darwinports.state file instead of Portfile; gets the …
(edit) @645   16 years landonf Add a useful debug statement in command construction
(edit) @628   16 years landonf Changes to allow arguments to command.{var} procedures to contain …
(edit) @618   16 years landonf Run custom option procedure only once in ${option}-delete
(edit) @616   16 years landonf Properly set, escape, and use default delayed expansion (traced) variables
(edit) @615   16 years landonf Properly reference option variable
(edit) @614   16 years landonf Fix -append & -delete's interaction with TCL variable tracing
(edit) @613   16 years landonf Support static pre/post target procedures
(edit) @609   16 years landonf Check for init procedure using accessor functions
(edit) @608   16 years landonf Seperate init registration from target registration
(edit) @599   16 years kevin quoting of $result in pre-/port-/target routines was buggy.
(edit) @591   16 years kevin Pre- and Post- target procs are no longer full-fledged targets, but …
(edit) @577   16 years landonf Add support for dportinfo
(edit) @526   16 years landonf Fix broken interactions of upvar and variable tracing
(edit) @525   16 years landonf Roll back changes to name mangling handling in trace code.
(edit) @524   16 years kevin Select all variants which provide a subset of the requested variations.
(edit) @521   16 years landonf Add commands/command procedures. Implement standardization of command …
(edit) @478   16 years landonf install -> registry
(edit) @472   16 years landonf Lay down support for defaults + tracing
(edit) @471   16 years landonf Fix pre/post procedure bug I introduced in revision 1.36
(edit) @464   16 years jkh Add include directive and make X port use it
(edit) @440   16 years kevin Fixed choose_variant.
(edit) @432   16 years landonf Support custom option procedures
(edit) @429   16 years landonf Output errors in custom procedures properly
(edit) @420   16 years kevin Add support for variations on the command line.
(edit) @417   16 years landonf Add return code support
(edit) @385   16 years landonf Add -append and -delete options Add ldelete utility procedure
(edit) @384   16 years jkh Catch errors so that port traversal is more useful
(edit) @380   16 years landonf Avoid auto-list action of 'args'
(edit) @379   16 years kevin Beginnings of variant support. Portfile: variant a b c requires x y z …
(edit) @373   16 years landonf Avoid leaking file descriptors
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