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(edit) @2426   18 years landonf Allow DarwinPorts to build out of the box on newer Darwin releases …
(edit) @2287   18 years jkh Landon says sometimes portdir doesn't exist. If this is the case, use …
(edit) @2286   18 years jkh Whoops, forgot to adjust the column width for previous commit.
(edit) @2285   18 years jkh Make port search far more useful by actually indicating the pathname …
(edit) @2168   18 years kevin Correctly call ui_puts.
(edit) @2126   18 years kevin Added -o option to ignore modification times on state file and Portfile
(edit) @2124   18 years kevin Added -o flag to ignore modification times on state file and Portfile
(edit) @2037   18 years jpm changed default install group from 'wheel' -> 'admin' unified all …
(edit) @2011   18 years kevin Added PortIndex 2 MySQL.
(edit) @1926   18 years jpm allow DSTGRP and DSTUSR to ripple down from the top level makefile. …
(edit) @1862   18 years landonf Makefile s/DESTROOT/DESTDIR/g to conform with nearly every other piece …
(edit) @1583   18 years landonf Support installing darwinports infrastructure into a destroot
(edit) @1532   18 years jkh Properly use variations as an array.
(edit) @1500   18 years landonf Merge in landonf-1_0
(edit) @1466   18 years jpm stripped the full path when printing the bin name
(edit) @1450   18 years landonf Merge in regex escaping fixes from landonf-1.0
(edit) @1429   18 years jpm added a cap to the depth that portindex will probe into when searching …
(edit) @1421   18 years jpm add a seat belt to prevent evil portfiles from preveting generation of …
(edit) @1370   18 years landonf Bring portall to the new dportopen
(edit) @1363   18 years landonf Add working portexec Change darwinports API: dportopen now takes two …
(edit) @1351   18 years landonf Require the -o option when using the -a option
(edit) @1330   18 years eric Add a list of targets. Submitted by: fkr
(edit) @1238   18 years eric Add a quick mention of uninstalling ports. Submitted by: Felix …
(edit) @1226   18 years kevin Deprecate dportmatch in favor of dportsearch.
(edit) @1224   18 years landonf Fix makefiles. We should bring back man gzipping or figure out why it …
(edit) @1223   18 years landonf Add empty all: target while we wait to see what is actually wrong with …
(edit) @1210   18 years jkh Don't install gzipped man pages by default. It's incompatible with …
(edit) @1205   18 years jkh Use mtree to populate the directory hierarchy, also making sure that …
(edit) @1200   18 years torrey Resync with changes accidentally made on lamancha.
(edit) @1176   18 years kevin Ignore variant mismatch if ports_force is specified.
(edit) @1165   18 years jkh Be more flexible about where we're run from.
(edit) @1066   18 years jkh Add a -f[orce] flag for making certain things happen unconditionally …
(edit) @1048   18 years jkh More whitespace cleanup (just to make all the Tcl files uniform in style)
(edit) @971   18 years kevin Allow optional DSTUSR and DSTGRP variables for choosing an install …
(edit) @962   18 years landonf Update indexing to work with port{name,version,revision} -> …
(edit) @953   18 years kevin Changed extract_sufx to extract.sufx
(edit) @927   18 years jkh Whoops, THAT is the last commit. I forgot to check this in.
(edit) @926   18 years jkh Use tcl8.3 explicitly. This completes the port to FreeBSD.
(edit) @904   18 years landonf Add an example for port search and reorganize the examples, as …
(edit) @876   18 years jkh Add a seat belt.
(edit) @849   18 years jkh allow option=value and +variant specs
(edit) @848   18 years landonf Print version as well as description
(edit) @846   18 years landonf Fix missing description problem
(edit) @806   18 years jkh Some minor formatting tweaks, just to make these files agree with …
(edit) @800   18 years jkh Revert previous commit - turns out it's not admin vs wheel after all
(edit) @799   18 years jkh group wheel -> group admin
(edit) @790   18 years jkh Properly respect PREFIX when installing.
(edit) @768   18 years landonf Move options parsing to proper place
(edit) @763   18 years jkh Catch and report errors.
(edit) @761   18 years kevin Use public options API.
(edit) @746   18 years landonf Add missing seat belt
(edit) @744   18 years landonf Add seat belt
(edit) @738   18 years landonf Bring documentation closer to reality
(edit) @735   18 years jkh Use the right base directory now that things have moved around.
(edit) @725   18 years landonf Add missing seat belt
(edit) @709   18 years landonf Extra seat belts
(edit) @685   18 years landonf Land first implemention of truly magic indexing. It's magic
(edit) @663   18 years landonf mkdir -p is unneccesary with file mkdir
(edit) @660   18 years landonf Correctly check number of arguments
(edit) @659   18 years landonf Add archiving and output directory option to assist in creating remote …
(edit) @658   18 years landonf Add -a option to save portdir archives for remote fetching
(edit) @657   18 years landonf Modify portall and portindex to work with the new scheme
(edit) @656   18 years landonf Land initial work to support remote fetching and multiple Port sources
(edit) @633   18 years jkh Fix message to print proper action
(edit) @606   18 years landonf Add seat belts for the non-existent port case
(edit) @605   18 years landonf Fix '-d portdir' support
(edit) @596   18 years landonf Add support for port search
(edit) @595   18 years landonf Add dportmatch and cause dportsearch to return a list of all matches
(edit) @593   18 years landonf Initial implementation of backwards compatable index functionality
(edit) @592   18 years landonf Add a simple indexer
(edit) @579   18 years landonf Move portall to use API at higher level
(edit) @578   18 years landonf Make "options" and "variations" arguments optional
(edit) @492   18 years landonf Use Aq macro for e-mail addresses
(edit) @482   18 years landonf Bring portall to new API
(edit) @421   18 years kevin Fixed regexp bug.
(edit) @420   18 years kevin Add support for variations on the command line.
(edit) @412   18 years landonf Fix misplaced option brackets
(edit) @411   18 years landonf jkh happifier command line option style
(edit) @409   18 years jkh Fully retire portbuild directory
(edit) @408   18 years jkh Move from /usr/local into /opt/local
(add) @407   18 years landonf Rename portbuild to 'port' Rename darwinports1.0 dportbuild procedure …
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