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(edit) @64294   11 years jmr error checking, sprintf -> snprintf, strcpy -> strncpy
(edit) @53280   11 years jmr props
(edit) @53279   11 years jmr fix tclobjc1.0 clean target
(edit) @51121   11 years jmr we require Tcl 8.4 these days
(edit) @49326   11 years toby revert accidental commit
(edit) @49325   11 years toby legacy support, untested
(edit) @49220   11 years toby jmr pointed out that i fail
(edit) @49209   11 years toby more type support
(edit) @49208   11 years toby cheap hack to make sure objects don't get released prematurely
(edit) @49206   11 years toby Don't crash due to a type conversion error.
(edit) @49205   11 years toby comment out debug printfs
(edit) @49204   11 years toby fix memory smasher (that happened to work most of the time)
(edit) @49192   11 years toby silence warning
(edit) @49092   11 years toby more copyright/license cleanup
(edit) @43365   12 years toby Angrier warnings for objc bits, although I'm not sure this code is …
(edit) @40476   12 years toby Include stdint.h to correctly get intptr_t. Fixes #16718
(edit) @40475   12 years toby s/Keven/Kevin/
(edit) @40058   12 years toby another typecast fix
(edit) @40056   12 years toby Stop setting MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET
(edit) @40055   12 years toby Prefer -UTF8String over long-deprecated -cString. Eliminate a format …
(edit) @33759   13 years afb clean up depends too
(edit) @28668   13 years afb gnustep header for NXConstantString (#12212)
(edit) @27622   13 years jmpp Fix make test target by providing a placeholder.
(edit) @26709   13 years landonf Avoid modifying CPPFLAGS/LDFLAGS directly when checking for …
(edit) @26228   13 years eridius svn:ignore
(edit) @26188   13 years jmpp Include a distclean target to delete the generated Makefile upon request.
(edit) @26177   13 years jmpp Finally merging the dp2mp-move branch into trunk, woot! This …
(edit) @26163   13 years landonf Add support for unsigned integer arguments. Clean up method argument …
(edit) @26139   13 years landonf Fix a leak in argument composition, and clean up the function. This …
(edit) @26138   13 years landonf Fix the tcl package entry point symbol name.
(add) @26137   13 years landonf A prototype dynamic Tcl -> Objective-C bridge; Written in 2003 by …
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