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(edit) @65055   11 years jmr install macports1.0 next to the other Tcl packages and just put a link …
(edit) @65033   11 years perry Adds a license pseudo-portname
(edit) @65025   11 years raimue macports1.0: macportselect: * More debug information * Forbid to …
(edit) @65021   11 years raimue port: Mark currently selected version
(edit) @64998   11 years raimue Move realpath extension from macports1.0 to pextlib1.0
(edit) @64989   11 years raimue pextlib1.0/tests: Remove debug output from unsetenv test
(edit) @64988   11 years raimue pextlib1.0/tests: Disable curl test with username/password as this URL …
(edit) @64986   11 years raimue registry2.0/tests: After r64627, there is no difference between imaged …
(edit) @64973   11 years raimue port1.0/portlivecheck.tcl: Add some more debug output if files cannot …
(edit) @64968   11 years jmr ensure that os.platform and os.major are set in the registry before …
(edit) @64967   11 years jmr fix quoting issue
(edit) @64960   11 years jmr treat ports installed for a different os.platform or os.major as outdated
(edit) @64945   11 years jmr set default configure.build_arch and configure.universal_archs taking …
(edit) @64915   11 years jmr factor repeated calculation of archs into a helper function
(edit) @64887   11 years jmr add ARCHIVE_SITE_LOCAL to keepenv
(edit) @64816   11 years jmr add archivefetch target (#8571)
(edit) @64814   11 years jmr revert r60691
(edit) @64759   11 years jmr factor out reusable code from portfetch.tcl into new file fetch_common.tcl
(edit) @64718   11 years jmr use the privileges workaround install uses in activate, deactivate and …
(edit) @64703   11 years raimue port/port.tcl: Break on error if requested
(edit) @64702   11 years raimue port/port.tcl: Remove unused variable
(edit) @64701   11 years raimue port/port.tcl: Prefer "phase" over "stage"
(edit) @64664   11 years jmr use registry::run_target in upgrade
(edit) @64663   11 years jmr preserve requested property in upgrade
(edit) @64662   11 years jmr fix option handling in registry::run_target
(edit) @64661   11 years jmr factor out code for running targets on portfiles in the registry into …
(edit) @64656   11 years jmr error handling when running portfiles from the registry
(edit) @64653   11 years jmr explicitly run deactivate target in action_uninstall when needed so as …
(edit) @64645   11 years jmr delete any existing registry1.0 directory during install
(edit) @64643   11 years jmr revert r64642, caused breakage
(edit) @64642   11 years jmr fix ui_channels aliasing issue
(edit) @64641   11 years jmr fix multiple portuninstall namespace confusion
(edit) @64640   11 years jmr fix flat registry's pkg_uninstall functionality (#19176)
(edit) @64639   11 years jmr fix up running of activate target and autoclean
(edit) @64638   11 years jmr make deactivate and uninstall into real targets, have …
(edit) @64631   11 years jmr handle empty variant strings correctly in receipt_sqlite
(edit) @64630   11 years jmr list_dependents usage
(edit) @64628   11 years jmr upgrade dependents before uninstalling old versions
(edit) @64627   11 years jmr enable checking dependents on inactive ports, check when uninstalling …
(edit) @64626   11 years jmr fix deactivation of replaced ports when their files conflict during …
(edit) @64625   11 years jmr 'registry::entry imaged' actually means imaged or installed
(edit) @64587   11 years jmr handle new props in registry::convert_to_sqlite
(edit) @64562   11 years raimue port/port.tcl: Output error message when 'port gohome' fails
(edit) @64533   11 years jmr record negated variants in registry and use in upgrade (#2377), record …
(edit) @64531   11 years jmr use supported_archs and license in portrpm
(edit) @64517   11 years jmr record in registry whether ports were explicitly requested (#15260)
(edit) @64514   11 years jmr fix regex in registry::decode_spec (#23966)
(edit) @64423   11 years snc missing escape for bracket in regex
(edit) @64420   11 years jmr store os.platform and os.major in registry
(edit) @64419   11 years jmr with reg2, fix activate's deactivation of any active version of the …
(edit) @64373   11 years jmr store archs in flat registry too
(edit) @64372   11 years jmr add supported_archs option, record archs in registry, simplify …
(edit) @64370   11 years jmr sql syntax error
(edit) @64367   11 years jmr db column metadata, new columns for planned features
(edit) @64358   11 years jmr remove bundled copy of sqlite3, make sqlite3 location configurable
(edit) @64355   11 years jmr remove cregistry.a from LIBS since it's in OBJS now
(edit) @64335   11 years jmr define name column in registry2 db as case insensitive
(edit) @64333   11 years jmr fix action_location when using reg2
(edit) @64317   11 years jmr add flat->sqlite receipt conversion, fix …
(edit) @64307   11 years jmr fix registry::check_dependents
(edit) @64306   11 years jmr re-fix receipt_sqlite::installed
(edit) @64305   11 years jmr fix problem with eval and empty registry search strings
(edit) @64304   11 years jmr error checking, use realloc
(edit) @64294   11 years jmr error checking, sprintf -> snprintf, strcpy -> strncpy
(edit) @64292   11 years jmr reg2 updates, including fix for deadlock during install
(edit) @64272   11 years jmr fix reg2 uninstall
(edit) @64269   11 years jmr fix reg2 deactivate
(edit) @64268   11 years jmr error checking in entry_imaged and entry_installed
(edit) @64238   11 years snc never executed
(edit) @64223   11 years jmr remove reference to portdbformat when it may not exist
(edit) @64201   11 years jmr registry fixes
(edit) @64199   11 years raimue port/port.tcl: Update documentation of action_needs_portlist
(edit) @64190   11 years jmr use correct aliased command name registry_file_registered in _get_dep_port
(edit) @64187   11 years jmr check existence of search keys in receipt_sqlite::installed
(edit) @64186   11 years jmr make registry::decode_spec work
(edit) @64183   11 years jmr more reg2 work, including setting date, default variants and portfile …
(edit) @64155   11 years raimue pextlib1.0/tracelib.c: Prefer '\0' for the string termination. Add …
(edit) @64154   11 years raimue port1.0/porttrace.tcl: Report any errors returned by tracelib run
(edit) @64153   11 years raimue pextlib1.0/tracelib.c: Add error handling
(edit) @64142   11 years jmr make new args to registry::list_dependents optional so existing …
(edit) @64076   11 years jmr bring back receipt_sqlite as a compatibility layer for registry2.0, …
(edit) @64007   11 years jmr print error message in eval_targets when registry_activate fails
(edit) @63801   11 years raimue macports1.0: Catch error if proxy configuration cannot be read from system
(edit) @63800   11 years raimue macports1.0: Fix error introduced in r63799 by adding missing braces.
(edit) @63799   11 years raimue macports1.0, pextlib1.0: Make sure we always get the right error …
(edit) @63718   11 years raimue pextlib1.0/fs-traverse.c: Include file name in error message to allow …
(edit) @63628   11 years raimue Remove indentation from notes With this, notes can have any …
(edit) @63544   11 years raimue port1.0, macports1.0: Remove unnecessary file join
(edit) @63542   11 years raimue port1.0, macports1.0: After r63266, port clean did not remove log …
(edit) @63514   11 years jmr missing global in portinstall (#23578)
(edit) @63442   11 years jmr more reg2 wiring up
(edit) @63434   11 years jmr set error code in reg_entry_propget
(edit) @63433   11 years jmr registry.dylib depends on cregistry.a
(edit) @63431   11 years jmr cregistry fixes/cleanup
(edit) @63419   11 years jmr error when an unknown registry format is requested
(edit) @63411   11 years raimue dep_map_clean only needs to be run on flat database, as only that …
(edit) @63399   11 years jmr delete old registry1.0 dir
(edit) @63398   11 years jmr merge registry1.0 code into registry2.0
(edit) @63273   11 years raimue port/port.tcl: Only print port name in quiet mode in action_echo
(edit) @63272   11 years raimue port/port.tcl: Add priority prefixes again when replaying log file in …
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