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(edit) @89817   8 years and.damore base: whitespace change, detabbed xcodeversion Portfile in test/
(edit) @89816   8 years and.damore test: xcodeversion Portfile, fixing typo
(edit) @89812   8 years and.damore test: adding comment for r89911
(edit) @89811   8 years and.damore base: command "rpm-vercomp" replaced with "vercmp" in code, cf. r89810
(edit) @88376   9 years cal Merge from /branches/gsoc11-rev-upgrade
(edit) @84317   9 years jmr fix expected svn-and-patchsites test output
(edit) @84171   9 years jmr replace cvs test with svn over http, as this will work on the buildslave
(edit) @82291   9 years afb rename rpm-vercomp to vercmp (not really rpm compatible)
(edit) @79489   9 years jmr test fixes
(edit) @79027   9 years jmr moar https
(edit) @78036   9 years afb make sure to create registry directory for test
(edit) @77511   9 years jmr manual merge/rewrite of images-and-archives branch, integrated with …
(edit) @77439   9 years jmr use sqlite registry for tests
(edit) @71046   10 years raimue tests/test/site-tags: Fix test
(edit) @71045   10 years raimue tests: Always run all available tests, report results at the end
(edit) @71044   10 years raimue tests: Whitespace only
(edit) @71043   10 years raimue test/variants: platforms are no variants anymore, fix test
(edit) @71042   10 years raimue tests/test/envvariables: Disable broken trace mode
(edit) @71041   10 years raimue tests: Use unified diff format everywhere; generate diff from master …
(edit) @71040   10 years raimue tests: Use unified diff format
(edit) @71039   10 years raimue tests: Always run tests from tests/ subdir when executing 'make test'
(edit) @59679   11 years jmr get most of the tests working again
(edit) @59676   11 years jmr PortIndex.quick handling for make test
(edit) @50573   11 years jeremyhu base: No longer search for X11 SDK and remove reference to x11prefix
(edit) @47340   11 years raimue tests/Makefile: Let clean remove everything created during a test run
(edit) @47339   11 years raimue tests/Makefile: Use the right portindex
(edit) @47331   11 years raimue test/site-tags: The distfiles mirror has been removed from the tests
(edit) @47327   11 years raimue test/cvs-and-patchsites: Reset depends_lib to be empty
(edit) @47324   11 years raimue tests/Makefile: Add some documentation for the test targets
(edit) @47321   11 years raimue tests/Makefile: Include a new test-% target which makes it easier to …
(edit) @42662   12 years raimue Merged revisions …
(edit) @41527   12 years pguyot Fix switch statement (put comment before the statement) and add a test …
(edit) @41526   12 years pguyot Handle new syntax for dependencies, to allow work for dependencies to …
(edit) @41525   12 years pguyot Partial fix for test trace
(edit) @41524   12 years pguyot Include the forgotten test
(edit) @41523   12 years pguyot Add a test that was sleeping on my disk, and that illustrates a buggy …
(edit) @41522   12 years pguyot Fixed expectations in tests to reflect changes in the code (obviously …
(edit) @37271   12 years raimue tests/test/universal{,-2}: Use port info --variants to check for the …
(edit) @37270   12 years raimue tests/test/dependencies_c: Fix dependency check, new @version notation
(edit) @37267   12 years raimue tests/: case-insensitive-deactivate can now be invoked from the test …
(edit) @37266   12 years raimue test/test/cvs-and-patchfiles: Use a working CVS server for the test
(edit) @37265   12 years raimue tests/Makefile: test-port.conf was renamed to test-macports.conf in …
(edit) @37264   12 years raimue test/Makefile: Add missing definition of $(PWD)
(edit) @34190   12 years raimue test/case-insensitive-deactivate: Add testcase for ticket #11759
(edit) @26177   13 years jmpp Finally merging the dp2mp-move branch into trunk, woot! This …
(edit) @24948   13 years pguyot Add a new test to exhibit a (currently unfixed) bug that occurs when …
(edit) @24946   13 years pguyot Extend the trace test case to check we can build symlinks inside the …
(edit) @23968   13 years pguyot New option universal_variant to disable the automatic addition of the …
(edit) @23740   13 years pguyot Ignore test output.
(edit) @23701   13 years pguyot New logic to portindex the test tree before tests. New test for a …
(edit) @23699   13 years pguyot Make all tests installable by touching a file during destroot phase.
(edit) @23698   13 years pguyot Disable archive mode for tests.
(edit) @23553   13 years pguyot All tests pass! Celebrate this with s/darwinports/macports/g
(edit) @23550   13 years pguyot Move envvariables as well.
(edit) @23549   13 years pguyot Moved all tests to test/, so I'll be able to portindex them.
(edit) @19376   14 years yeled add svn:keywords Id
(edit) @19004   14 years pguyot Changes to strengthen the trace mode: - the values of the global …
(edit) @18988   14 years pguyot -t now forbids renaming files/dirs and deleting directories outside …
(edit) @18781   14 years pguyot darwintrace now reports creation of directories outside the sandbox. …
(edit) @18780   14 years pguyot Allow to set the tests to execute with: make test TESTS=trace
(edit) @18772   14 years pguyot Updated the ChangeLog with the latest change to base/ New test case to …
(edit) @18728   14 years pguyot Fix the test (this is why I hadn't been caught by the /private/tmp path).
(edit) @18721   14 years pguyot Improvement in tests Makefile. darwintrace (-t) now also blocks file …
(edit) @18709   14 years pguyot option -t update : now creations (and file write) outside workpath, …
(edit) @18681   14 years pguyot Fix extra_env. Added a regression test for this bug. Bug: …
(edit) @13975   15 years pguyot Fix test (test occur after a clean up and the files must be fetched again).
(edit) @13891   15 years pguyot Make distclean work in tests/
(edit) @13871   15 years pguyot Finalize site-tags test so bug #4823 will never happen again.
(edit) @13869   15 years pguyot New test (that fails) for bug 4823.
(edit) @13868   15 years pguyot Fix test framework bits.
(edit) @13744   15 years pguyot Add install target in base/tests/
(add) @13743   15 years pguyot New test framework. Remark: trace test fails when invoked from base/ …
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