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(edit) @112646   7 years cal portutil: do not use trace mode on uninstall because it will fail, …
(edit) @112645   7 years cal tracelib: cleanup, no functional change
(edit) @112642   7 years cal darwintrace: fix build error introduced by last commit
(edit) @112641   7 years cal darwintrace: avoid some calls to stdlib string functions to avoid call …
(edit) @112640   7 years cal darwitnrace: use booleans in darwintrace_is_in_sandbox
(edit) @112611   7 years cal darwintrace: fix build errors introduced by r112610
(edit) @112610   7 years cal darwintrace: comment unused code
(edit) @112608   7 years cal darwintrace: avoid unnecessary strcpy(3) in the default cause of …
(edit) @112607   7 years cal darwintrace: use bools instead of int return values, avoid call to strcmp
(edit) @112606   7 years cal darwintrace: fix allowing access to "/", remove outdated comment
(edit) @112590   7 years jmr update OS and Xcode versions
(edit) @112570   7 years jmr remove stray $ added to mprsyncup in r112568
(edit) @112568   7 years cal Generate server-side PortIndex for Mavericks
(edit) @112553   7 years jmr update RELEASE_URL to 2.2.1
(edit) @112529   7 years jmr 2.2.1 release date
(edit) @112518   7 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl: Ignore the license option on checking for …
(edit) @112513   7 years jmr comment typo
(edit) @112510   7 years toby daemondo: format fixes
(edit) @112509   7 years toby pextlib1.0: format fixes
(edit) @112490   7 years raimue ReleaseProcess: Add the new variable used in the guide.
(edit) @112483   7 years jmr update ChangeLog
(edit) @112464   7 years cal rev-upgrade: Avoid building build dependencies from source when not …
(edit) @112462   7 years jmr rev-upgrade fixes
(edit) @112430   7 years jeremyhu Use libc++ on Mavericks
(edit) @112352   7 years marius macports.test: added some ui_default tests
(edit) @112325   7 years marius macports_dlist.test: added ditem tests
(edit) @112220   7 years jeremyhu Use sw_vers to find macosx_version and use just the first two …
(edit) @112192   7 years jeremyhu Revert r112183 until other bugs in base get fixed first (see macports-dev)
(edit) @112183   7 years jeremyhu Determine macosx_version consistently (and correctly) with other parts …
(edit) @112080   7 years jmr fix test failures due to test Portfiles being old
(edit) @112079   7 years jmr more test code cleanup
(edit) @112078   7 years jmr test code cleanup
(edit) @112077   7 years jmr typo
(edit) @112067   7 years jmr in mportdepends, skip mport refs that have been closed by a recursive …
(edit) @112064   7 years ryandesign portlint.tcl: fix port lint to recognize that portgroup names can …
(edit) @111991   7 years ryandesign ChangeLog: update for -prepend command (#40655)
(edit) @111990   7 years ryandesign portutil.tcl: add handle_option-prepend (#40655)
(edit) @111686   7 years cal rev-upgrade: Don't try to rebuild ports with incorrect C++ runtime …
(edit) @111641   7 years toby macports1.0: silliness--
(edit) @111640   7 years toby base: Update OS version detection.
(edit) @111597   7 years marius macports.test: added get_tar_flags, fetch_port and getportdir tests
(edit) @111595   7 years marius macports.test: added getoption test
(edit) @111502   7 years ryandesign src/darwintracelib1.0/Makefile: fix typo in comment
(edit) @111493   7 years cal darwintrace: build for multiple architectures to support tracing …
(edit) @111492   7 years cal regenerate configure
(edit) @111491   7 years cal autoconf: provide a variable that contains the archflags required to …
(edit) @111478   7 years marius redirect stderr in all exec cases
(edit) @111471   7 years marius port1.0: removed tabs, added modeline
(edit) @111469   7 years marius macports1.0: added standard modeline
(edit) @111468   7 years marius macports1.0: removed tabs, added library.tcl file
(edit) @111455   7 years marius package1.0: removed tabs, require files, hdiutil_path in …
(edit) @111414   7 years jmr adjust when macports-llvm-gcc-4.2 is used now that Xcode 5 is out
(edit) @111382   7 years toby configure: Prefer clang.
(edit) @111377   7 years toby pextlib1.0: fix warnings
(edit) @111373   7 years toby macports1.0, package1.0, port1.0: FIX DISTCLEAN!
(edit) @111372   7 years jmr ignore stderr in Tcl 8.4-friendly fashion
(edit) @111371   7 years jmr use file dirname instead of reimplementing it
(edit) @111370   7 years jmr fix distclean
(edit) @111354   7 years ryandesign remove use of [suffix] proc in base because it is thought to be confusing
(edit) @111331   7 years cal cregistry/registry.c: remove unneeded write check, fixes testing with …
(edit) @111328   7 years cal portutil: remove debug code accidentally committed in r111325
(edit) @111326   7 years marius package1.0: fixed sync before test
(edit) @111325   7 years marius Merged test framework developed in GSoC 13.
(edit) @111254   7 years toby pextlib1.0: -Wused-but-marked-unused
(edit) @111250   7 years toby cregistry: fix -Wdocumentation warnings
(edit) @111086   7 years ecronin Support ${portdir} not being top level git checkout Ticket #27485
(edit) @111054   7 years larryv portconfigure.tcl: Add extra level of quoting. D'oh.
(edit) @111052   7 years jeremyhu Fix regression introduced by r111023
(edit) @111023   7 years larryv portconfigure.tcl: Make Autotools verbose by default.
(edit) @110985   7 years toby pextlib1.0: fix overlap check aborts
(edit) @110982   7 years toby pextlib1.0: fix distclean
(edit) @110973   7 years jeremyhu Check cxx_stdlib with rev-upgrade
(edit) @110694   7 years blair portpkg: put path of package into log message. The new log message …
(edit) @110693   7 years blair package1.0/port*.tcl: follow up to r110692: use the same style message.
(edit) @110692   7 years blair portpkg::pkg_main: in log message: separate port name from version …
(edit) @110689   7 years jeremyhu darwintrace requires gcc-4.2 or later
(edit) @110519   7 years larryv portconfigure.tcl: Add configure.cxx_stdlib option.
(edit) @110487   7 years ryandesign curl.c: fix HTTP User-Agent string to conform to RFC 2616 (#40319)
(edit) @110479   7 years jeremyhu Revert r110419 -stdlib=... needs to be in configure.cxxflags, so …
(edit) @110419   7 years larryv portconfigure.tcl: Rewrite cxx_stdlib handling to more closely …
(edit) @110369   7 years jeremyhu Add support for setting cxx_stdlib in macports.conf This will be …
(edit) @110272   7 years jmr Use -std=c99 for compiling all the C in base. This is the default with …
(edit) @110223   7 years larryv portbuild.tcl: Remove redundant build.type declaration. This is …
(edit) @110144   7 years cal darwintrace: more comments, implement avoiding reporting sandbox …
(edit) @110133   7 years larryv portutil.tcl: Create <phase>.dir if it doesn't exist already.
(edit) @110115   7 years cal portutil: don't fail uninstalling packages because $oldpwd no longer …
(edit) @110021   7 years cal port1.0: prevent failures in trace mode when "." is not stat(2)able.
(edit) @110016   7 years cal macports1.0: restore ability to install from a remote URL (binary …
(edit) @109894   7 years larryv ChangeLog: Reword my recent entries to remove MacPorts jargon.
(edit) @109884   7 years raimue ReleaseProcess: Add Google+ community
(edit) @109869   7 years jmr fix dir in fetch_port
(edit) @109747   7 years jeremyhu Update port sync to support git-svn
(edit) @109659   7 years cal macports1.0/port1.0: remove mports:// and non-tarball …
(edit) @109649   7 years cal rev-upgrade: upgrade dependencies before attempting rebuilds, #40150
(edit) @109453   7 years cal tracelib: drop usage of EVFILT_USER, fix error conditions leaving …
(edit) @109452   7 years cal portutil: use eval to get a nicer backtrace on error
(edit) @109424   7 years ryandesign port_binary_distributable.tcl: reword verbose output so that each …
(edit) @109303   7 years cal portlint: recognize " version 1.2.3" as the version line and don't …
(edit) @109246   7 years cal ChangeLog: Add entry for startupitem.autostart.
(edit) @108871   7 years jeremyhu Remove old compiler_name_map
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