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(edit) @1200   18 years torrey Resync with changes accidentally made on lamancha.
(edit) @1180   18 years kevin Support _'s in depspecs.
(edit) @1176   18 years kevin Ignore variant mismatch if ports_force is specified.
(edit) @1169   18 years kevin Store variants in state file. Print error if state exists with …
(edit) @1165   18 years jkh Be more flexible about where we're run from.
(edit) @1164   18 years kevin Preliminary support for variant conflicts.
(edit) @1158   18 years jkh Use $prefix rather than hard-coding /opt/local here.
(edit) @1140   18 years jkh It's making darwinports that much harder to hand to early adopters to …
(edit) @1139   18 years landonf Remove a variable if we delete the last item in the list
(edit) @1138   18 years jkh Seat belt: If patchfiles is empty, simply return. This allows you to …
(edit) @1136   18 years kevin Added path: class of depspec which is satisfied by a regex at an …
(edit) @1086   18 years eric Place newly created users in nogroup by default.
(edit) @1085   18 years eric Add functionality to create users and groups.
(edit) @1078   18 years jkh Implement use_xmkmf
(edit) @1066   18 years jkh Add a -f[orce] flag for making certain things happen unconditionally …
(edit) @1049   18 years jkh 1. Whitespace cleanup. 2. Make pextlib properly clean up its dylib on …
(edit) @1048   18 years jkh More whitespace cleanup (just to make all the Tcl files uniform in style)
(edit) @1047   18 years jkh Fixup a little whitespace.
(edit) @1046   18 years jkh Fetch new files to a temporary location and then mv them to their …
(edit) @1045   18 years jkh Add an mktemp primitive for simply getting a convenient temporary file …
(edit) @1042   18 years jkh Small beautification of the output.
(edit) @1041   18 years jkh whoops, contents is a reserved word (duh) - provide "toc" for Table of …
(edit) @1040   18 years jkh Add a helpful "contents" function for seeing what your port just installed.
(edit) @1039   18 years jkh Fix a bug where I was actually storing the uninstall proc, not the …
(edit) @1038   18 years landonf Disable :( default remote indexing for now
(edit) @1034   18 years eric Add a style guide for ports.
(edit) @1033   18 years landonf Options should never be declared outside of a target
(edit) @1024   18 years kevin create the procedure for a variant earlier in the process. trying to …
(edit) @1018   18 years kevin Renamed variants.default to default_variants.
(edit) @1017   18 years kevin Added variants.default to specify default variants. These do not …
(edit) @1015   18 years kevin Remove 'register' proc. Now targets have a handle to the target object …
(edit) @1006   18 years jkh Changes to support long_description (long-description unfortunately …
(edit) @996   18 years kevin Recognize portnames with a '-'.
(edit) @995   18 years landonf Update TODO
(edit) @994   18 years jkh Remove a debugging puts
(edit) @993   18 years landonf indenting
(edit) @992   18 years kevin optimized exec cat to fcopy in reinplace ftruncate(2) original file …
(edit) @989   18 years kevin Make property accessor actual virtual functions. (Targets will likely …
(edit) @985   18 years jkh Loosen MD5 checksum matching to cope with filenames with spaces.
(edit) @972   18 years kevin support GNU/Linux (libtcl8.3 is in /usr/lib on RedHat and Debian).
(edit) @971   18 years kevin Allow optional DSTUSR and DSTGRP variables for choosing an install …
(edit) @964   18 years jkh portname -> name, portversion -> version, portrevision -> revision
(edit) @962   18 years landonf Update indexing to work with port{name,version,revision} -> …
(edit) @961   18 years jkh Set variables to use portname, portversion and portrevision internally.
(edit) @960   18 years jkh 1. rename portname to name (externally) and portversion to version …
(edit) @957   18 years landonf -> os.platform to conform to other naming standards regarding …
(edit) @956   18 years landonf When appending, verify that variable exists, otherwise, set variable …
(edit) @954   18 years landonf Rename 'architectures' option to 'platforms'
(edit) @953   18 years kevin Changed extract_sufx to extract.sufx
(edit) @952   18 years landonf Add 'architectures' option
(edit) @951   18 years kevin Fixed typo during make->build conversion.
(edit) @950   18 years kevin Changed make command to build.
(edit) @949   18 years kevin Make command changed to build.
(edit) @948   18 years kevin Change make.* options to build.* since they pertain to the build …
(edit) @947   18 years kevin * empty log message *
(edit) @945   18 years jkh Sigh. Gotta stick with tcl8.3 for now.
(edit) @944   18 years jkh Actually, that was too ambitious - there are still shell scripts which …
(edit) @943   18 years jkh Properly use tcl8.4 on FreeBSD
(edit) @942   18 years jkh Properly use tcl 8.4 on FreeBSD
(edit) @940   18 years jkh Since link script runs every time, shut it up
(edit) @939   18 years landonf FreeBSD and Darwin fixes
(edit) @938   18 years jkh Catch more instances of direct curl usage.
(edit) @937   18 years jkh Another silly little portability shell script
(edit) @936   18 years jkh Use an indirection for where to install tcl files
(edit) @933   18 years jkh The default make should be "make" in all cases, not "gnumake", since …
(edit) @932   18 years jkh Make fetch more properly use the [command] abstraction.
(edit) @930   18 years jkh Whoops, include a global.
(edit) @929   18 years jkh Use command construct for file fetching. Reindent some stuff to be …
(edit) @927   18 years jkh Whoops, THAT is the last commit. I forgot to check this in.
(edit) @926   18 years jkh Use tcl8.3 explicitly. This completes the port to FreeBSD.
(edit) @925   18 years jkh Add *.so which is harmless on Darwin
(edit) @924   18 years jkh One more small portability tweak.
(edit) @923   18 years jkh Various portability changes. Now this compiles under FreeBSD.
(edit) @922   18 years jkh Remove some gratuitous externs
(edit) @919   18 years landonf Return a useful error code when fetching to an non-writable directory
(edit) @918   18 years landonf Small typo
(edit) @906   18 years jkh actually implement support for the pkg_uninstall procedure.
(edit) @905   18 years jkh rename pkg_deinstall to pkg_uninstall for better clarity.
(edit) @904   18 years landonf Add an example for port search and reorganize the examples, as …
(edit) @903   18 years landonf Fix unexercised .gz / .bzip2 patchfile code Reported by: yeled
(edit) @902   18 years landonf Fix problem with dots in variable names Reported by: yeled
(edit) @900   18 years kevin Print error messages in target_run.
(edit) @892   18 years kevin gave myself stuff to do
(edit) @888   18 years landonf Support '-' characters in depspecs Submitted By: Garrett Rooney …
(edit) @876   18 years jkh Add a seat belt.
(edit) @866   18 years kevin Added read-only, os.version, os.arch, and os.endian options. …
(edit) @849   18 years jkh allow option=value and +variant specs
(edit) @848   18 years landonf Print version as well as description
(edit) @847   18 years landonf Make sure match exists
(edit) @846   18 years landonf Fix missing description problem
(edit) @845   18 years jkh Import package.dir properly.
(edit) @844   18 years jkh This time for sure, rocky!
(edit) @843   18 years jkh Add a package.dir option so that packages can be placed in a known location
(edit) @838   18 years landonf Don't jump indexes if we found matches in the first index This will be …
(edit) @835   18 years landonf Cause options_export to use new option proc API
(edit) @824   18 years kevin rolling back overzealous escaping of '.' for binary regexps.
(edit) @823   18 years kevin Create both library and binary portfile depspecs.
(edit) @821   18 years kevin Enhanced options hooks Allow multiple hooks for each option. Call …
(edit) @820   18 years jkh Make the registry_exists code work with wildcard port version numbers, …
(edit) @816   18 years jkh Add a rather important missing free()
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