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(edit) @29114   12 years afb add global aqua variant
(edit) @29045   12 years afb allow those pesky modelines
(edit) @29044   12 years afb add Mac OS X to platforms (in addition to Darwin)
(edit) @29043   12 years afb lint variants and their descriptions
(edit) @29042   12 years afb work with missing variables
(edit) @29040   12 years afb add OpenBSD platform too
(edit) @29039   12 years afb change output order
(edit) @29028   12 years afb lint system/group/platforms/categories/epoch/revision too
(edit) @28822   12 years afb portable sed regexp now. looks like snoopy swearing.
(edit) @28803   12 years afb add autoconf @VER@ (1.6.0), translated from mp_version (1.600)
(edit) @28796   12 years landonf - Hide 'cd' as '_cd'. It should be removed entirely once the few uses …
(edit) @28777   12 years afb rewrite block as string, for tcldoc
(edit) @28769   12 years afb fix minor syntax errors, for tcldoc
(edit) @28768   12 years afb escape embedded brace strings, for tcldoc
(edit) @28761   12 years afb tcldoc target, it has problems parsing a few files
(edit) @28745   12 years afb add --remote-time support to curl fetch
(edit) @28743   12 years afb add check for <utime.h>
(edit) @28742   12 years afb missing autogen from r28111
(edit) @28702   12 years eridius Add basic HACKING file with my rules as documented on the list. …
(edit) @28699   12 years eridius The vim setting is sw, not st
(edit) @28697   12 years eridius Convert tabs to spaces and add a modeline for emacs and vim
(edit) @28677   12 years mww add configure.objc/objcflags for Objective-C configure cflags
(edit) @28676   12 years afb clarify defaults, fix typo
(edit) @28675   12 years afb update with my changes
(edit) @28674   12 years afb add missing <sys/resource.h> include, for rlimit
(edit) @28673   12 years afb fix missing build defaults
(edit) @28671   12 years afb delint example
(edit) @28670   12 years afb configure snippet from r28662
(edit) @28669   12 years afb remove bogus extra parameter to open (#12441)
(edit) @28668   12 years afb gnustep header for NXConstantString (#12212)
(edit) @28662   12 years afb make sure to look in /usr/sbin/mtree (no matter the PATH)
(edit) @28660   12 years afb fix gnu/bsd make defaults
(edit) @28635   12 years afb normalized x86 platform as i386
(edit) @28634   12 years afb build.nice and, adapted from #12280
(edit) @28579   12 years jmpp Correct project name capitalization.
(edit) @28568   12 years afb allow indented blank lines between blocks of code and such (This fix …
(edit) @28550   12 years mww add configure.macosx_deployment_target option
(edit) @28529   12 years mww add & document configure.javac/classpath for Java flags
(edit) @28514   12 years mww also add 'FCFLAGS' for more Fortran++
(edit) @28513   12 years mww also add 'configure.f90flags' for Fortran 90 flags
(edit) @28512   12 years mww document configure.fflags, set its default to '-O2' (like …
(edit) @28511   12 years mww add 'configure.fflags' for fortran flags
(edit) @28478   12 years mww oops - accidently removed 'macports-gcc-3.3/4'
(edit) @28477   12 years mww chose a reasonable default compiler suite via platform/major
(edit) @28474   12 years mww rewrite compiler selection process: now allows to override any …
(edit) @28465   12 years mww mark 'python' group code as deprecated - it is not used by any port …
(edit) @28464   12 years mww document python30 group code
(edit) @28463   12 years mww add python30 portgroup
(edit) @28380   12 years jmpp Lets populate the appropriate database the index.php and ports.php …
(edit) @28317   12 years jmpp Clean up our beautiful name\!
(edit) @28316   12 years jmpp Clarify that the pending admin tasks to setup the bootstrap the …
(edit) @28313   12 years mww add reference to porthier(7) to mtree violation option
(edit) @28302   12 years mww Add more compiler suites for the 'configure.compiler' option
(edit) @28270   12 years jmpp Provide some explanatory comments on what the script is about and how …
(edit) @28262   12 years jmpp After a long time wihtout coming back to this, finally make the script …
(edit) @28226   13 years mww add a very simple wrapper for merge.rb
(edit) @28171   13 years afb missed a portlint require
(edit) @28170   13 years afb port lint (Ticket #12211)
(edit) @28147   13 years epimenov trace lib: Allow access to X11 binaries and perl's CPAN in SDK redirection
(edit) @28111   13 years epimenov trace lib: new configure option (--with-trace-sdk)
(edit) @28091   13 years epimenov Port trace: dep check, SDK redirect
(edit) @28029   13 years sfiera Incremental update on registry2 Also added …
(edit) @27967   13 years sfiera Setting properties on registry2.0/cregistry
(edit) @27965   13 years jmpp If we're gonna be consistent, then lets be 100% consistent\!
(edit) @27964   13 years jmpp Match practices in
(edit) @27963   13 years jmpp Correct path in Makefile include statement.
(edit) @27962   13 years jmpp Correct failure message title and lockfile error info.
(edit) @27961   13 years jmpp Reorder the portmgr directory a bit. I want to revive our olds page so …
(edit) @27920   13 years eridius changelog entry for r27919
(edit) @27919   13 years eridius port variants now reads the Portfile just like port info. Also …
(edit) @27918   13 years eridius Convert some tabs to spaces to match the whitespace usage of the …
(edit) @27900   13 years eridius Fix macports::upgrade to properly handle installed versions that begin …
(edit) @27898   13 years jmpp Update the ChangeLog and finally release 1.5.2
(edit) @27892   13 years jmpp Add www to the hierarchy as it is listed as a valid mtree entry in …
(edit) @27889   13 years jmpp Include the new src dir in porthier(7).
(edit) @27887   13 years jmpp Include ${prefix}/src in the default hierarchy as requested by afb for …
(edit) @27876   13 years jmpp Rephrase a bit the comment on
(edit) @27875   13 years jmpp Provide updated release protocol instructions: * autoconf now reads …
(edit) @27850   13 years jmpp The child has been renamed to 1.5.2
(edit) @27826   13 years jmpp Add still place-holder proc for proper error reporting and processing …
(edit) @27825   13 years jmpp Small API change to mark the sole argument to macports::selfupdate as …
(edit) @27824   13 years jmpp There's nothing super sekret about index and guide regen, so make …
(edit) @27823   13 years jmpp Slightly improve an error message.
(edit) @27779   13 years jmpp Update ChangeLog with up coming 1.5.11 information.
(edit) @27773   13 years eridius Building a better mtree violations check
(edit) @27720   13 years mww also do not complain about "/Developer"
(edit) @27719   13 years mww make violations of the layout of the ports-filesystems non-fatal (for …
(edit) @27711   13 years mww mtree-violation checker fixed, added a warning message
(edit) @27710   13 years mww add a warning message if a port indicates an mtree violation
(edit) @27709   13 years mww mtree-violation: allow files to be installed in /Applications & …
(edit) @27647   13 years jmpp Had the perfect strategy to keep the ChangeLog in sync between trunk …
(edit) @27644   13 years jmpp Release 1.5.1 for selfupdate.
(edit) @27642   13 years jmpp Commit ChangeLog updated with GSoC work information and 1.5.1 release …
(edit) @27622   13 years jmpp Fix make test target by providing a placeholder.
(edit) @27621   13 years jmpp Fix make test target by providing a placeholder.
(edit) @27620   13 years jmpp Bring ChangeLog up to date and provide placeholder date for final …
(edit) @27618   13 years jmpp Sed rules taking care of dp based comments in the macports.conf file …
(edit) @27617   13 years jmpp Provide the file with an Id.
(edit) @27528   13 years sfiera Better error codes Uses Tcl hashes instead of temporary tables Plenty …
(edit) @27527   13 years sfiera Documentation; some memory fixes
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