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(edit) @29781   12 years epimenov tracelib: /Applications/MacPorts should be in sandbox
(edit) @29697   12 years epimenov typo
(edit) @29696   12 years epimenov tracelib: 0 -> *unknown* in access denied message; …
(edit) @29695   12 years epimenov tracelib: get dependencies from Portfile rather than mport_search
(edit) @29694   12 years jmpp Don't run the db regen job as root.
(edit) @29693   12 years jmpp Switch to the sendmail mailer program and adapt the script to it, thus …
(edit) @29692   12 years jmpp Whitespace cleanups.
(edit) @29669   12 years jmpp Unbreak reading the user specific macports.conf file by evaluating the …
(edit) @29668   12 years jmpp Update Copyright notice in the license file. Thanks to Anders for the …
(edit) @29641   12 years epimenov Adding portpath, /etc/passwd and /etc/localtime into trace sandbox
(edit) @29620   12 years jmpp Add a template launchd plist to run the PortIndex2MySQL job (updating …
(edit) @29618   12 years jmpp Abstract path to mail program.
(edit) @29604   12 years afb add configure.pipe, for N_Ox
(edit) @29522   12 years jmpp Whitespace cleanups.
(edit) @29518   12 years afb make homepage link clickable, in the package welcome
(edit) @29517   12 years afb fix bug where HTML contents were written as Welcome.rtf, causing it to …
(edit) @29506   12 years jmpp Cleanup now obsolete comments.
(edit) @29505   12 years jmpp * Adapt to new macports1.0 UI API: global reference to ui_options in …
(edit) @29502   12 years eridius Adapt ui_channels to new ui_isset API
(edit) @29501   12 years eridius Revert r29499, didn't realize it was a custom ui_channels
(edit) @29500   12 years eridius ChangeLog entry for r29498
(edit) @29499   12 years eridius Missed this file in r29498
(edit) @29498   12 years eridius Clean up the ui_isset and ui_channels stuff.
(edit) @29497   12 years eridius Set svn:ignores for build products
(edit) @29479   12 years ryandesign Fix typos in ChangeLog
(edit) @29451   12 years afb update references for's-poor-foot fix
(edit) @29445   12 years afb * If you created a PKG package from a destroot containing /etc, it …
(edit) @29441   12 years afb use the autoconf values for sed cmd and ext flag (#12700)
(edit) @29440   12 years afb update issue/changeset references
(edit) @29438   12 years afb configure.ccache and configure.distcc, optional configuration
(edit) @29414   12 years eridius Hack around Darwin's fts_open returning double-slashed paths for roots …
(edit) @29412   12 years eridius Explicitly sort fs-traverse (#12622)
(edit) @29369   12 years epimenov Port trace: proper cleanup of depends var
(edit) @29367   12 years epimenov Port trace: add depends_build to configure target.
(edit) @29361   12 years jmpp Use the cleanup proc to handle the runlog file too. Call to the …
(edit) @29359   12 years jmpp Reworked cleanup proc that handles a variable number of arguments, …
(edit) @29343   12 years jmpp Introduce some BUG markers for stuff I need to cleanup (lock file is …
(edit) @29342   12 years jmpp Proper error detection and reporting comes to the PortIndex2MySQL …
(edit) @29339   12 years dluke Correct build directory
(edit) @29333   12 years afb fix typo in configure message
(edit) @29332   12 years afb fix bug where Last-Modified header went into output
(edit) @29306   12 years afb add new top category: xfce, similar to gnome/kde
(edit) @29303   12 years dluke Build the new guide from the doc-new directory (new guide no longer …
(edit) @29223   12 years jmpp Default implementation for ui_channels should return stderr for the …
(edit) @29210   12 years jmpp More whitespace cleanups (sorry for the spamming, but they keep …
(edit) @29208   12 years jmpp Whitespace corrections.
(edit) @29207   12 years jmpp All these macports1.0 clients use the default ui_prefix …
(edit) @29206   12 years jmpp Remove a stray debugging line.
(edit) @29193   12 years jmpp Whitespace changes only.
(edit) @29191   12 years jmpp API change: * move ui_isset and global_option_isset procs that are …
(edit) @29189   12 years jmpp Whitespace changes only.
(edit) @29188   12 years jmpp Whitespace changes only.
(edit) @29172   12 years jmpp Whitespaces changes only.
(edit) @29128   12 years afb autogen configure for tar/gnutar/make/gnumake/sed/sed_ext
(edit) @29127   12 years afb autoconf sed extended regexp flag
(edit) @29126   12 years afb autoconf gnutar and gnumake commands
(edit) @29123   12 years afb forgot to add lint to changelog
(edit) @29122   12 years afb add getsize command to tcl curl
(edit) @29115   12 years afb add missing netbsd platform
(edit) @29114   12 years afb add global aqua variant
(edit) @29045   12 years afb allow those pesky modelines
(edit) @29044   12 years afb add Mac OS X to platforms (in addition to Darwin)
(edit) @29043   12 years afb lint variants and their descriptions
(edit) @29042   12 years afb work with missing variables
(edit) @29040   12 years afb add OpenBSD platform too
(edit) @29039   12 years afb change output order
(edit) @29028   12 years afb lint system/group/platforms/categories/epoch/revision too
(edit) @28822   12 years afb portable sed regexp now. looks like snoopy swearing.
(edit) @28803   12 years afb add autoconf @VER@ (1.6.0), translated from mp_version (1.600)
(edit) @28796   12 years landonf - Hide 'cd' as '_cd'. It should be removed entirely once the few uses …
(edit) @28777   12 years afb rewrite block as string, for tcldoc
(edit) @28769   12 years afb fix minor syntax errors, for tcldoc
(edit) @28768   12 years afb escape embedded brace strings, for tcldoc
(edit) @28761   12 years afb tcldoc target, it has problems parsing a few files
(edit) @28745   12 years afb add --remote-time support to curl fetch
(edit) @28743   12 years afb add check for <utime.h>
(edit) @28742   12 years afb missing autogen from r28111
(edit) @28702   12 years eridius Add basic HACKING file with my rules as documented on the list. …
(edit) @28699   12 years eridius The vim setting is sw, not st
(edit) @28697   12 years eridius Convert tabs to spaces and add a modeline for emacs and vim
(edit) @28677   12 years mww add configure.objc/objcflags for Objective-C configure cflags
(edit) @28676   12 years afb clarify defaults, fix typo
(edit) @28675   12 years afb update with my changes
(edit) @28674   12 years afb add missing <sys/resource.h> include, for rlimit
(edit) @28673   12 years afb fix missing build defaults
(edit) @28671   12 years afb delint example
(edit) @28670   12 years afb configure snippet from r28662
(edit) @28669   12 years afb remove bogus extra parameter to open (#12441)
(edit) @28668   12 years afb gnustep header for NXConstantString (#12212)
(edit) @28662   12 years afb make sure to look in /usr/sbin/mtree (no matter the PATH)
(edit) @28660   12 years afb fix gnu/bsd make defaults
(edit) @28635   12 years afb normalized x86 platform as i386
(edit) @28634   12 years afb build.nice and, adapted from #12280
(edit) @28579   12 years jmpp Correct project name capitalization.
(edit) @28568   12 years afb allow indented blank lines between blocks of code and such (This fix …
(edit) @28550   12 years mww add configure.macosx_deployment_target option
(edit) @28529   12 years mww add & document configure.javac/classpath for Java flags
(edit) @28514   12 years mww also add 'FCFLAGS' for more Fortran++
(edit) @28513   12 years mww also add 'configure.f90flags' for Fortran 90 flags
(edit) @28512   12 years mww document configure.fflags, set its default to '-O2' (like …
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