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(edit) @31195   12 years jmpp Whitespace cleanup: align the extra_env value with values for other keys.
(edit) @31161   12 years jmpp typo, 's/readine/readline/'.
(edit) @31152   12 years nox portconfigure: Whitespace changes, added modeline.
(edit) @31141   12 years jberry Add note about enabling readine to ChangeLog
(edit) @31140   12 years jberry reconfigure after disable of readline in r31139.
(edit) @31139   12 years jberry Disable readline support by default. Configure with --enable-readline …
(edit) @31128   12 years jmpp Update the ReleaseProcess file to reflect the 1.6 release examples. …
(edit) @31124   12 years jmpp Add http mirror sites for the postgresql mirrors list. Thanks to Bill …
(edit) @31102   12 years jberry Daemondo: - Add new option --restart-wait=n which specifies the …
(edit) @31079   12 years markd Forgot to list the "none" option when I added the explanation for what …
(edit) @31066   12 years markd Document the startupitems "none" option that should have been made …
(edit) @31060   12 years jberry Add a couple of notes to ChangeLog. Also rewrap a few lines.
(edit) @31056   12 years jberry Dramatic speed improvement to file, dir, work, url, etc, actions. We …
(edit) @31029   12 years mww document 'extract.mkdir [no|yes]'
(edit) @31028   12 years mww add option 'extract.mkdir [no|yes]' which can be used instead of: …
(edit) @30996   12 years afb check Portfile directory against primary category (#13263)
(edit) @30985   12 years afb only check first/primary category (#13260)
(edit) @30982   12 years jmpp s/adviced/advised/ (grammar++) and explain what list the whitespace …
(edit) @30972   12 years jmpp Use our standardize project name in existing copyright notices (good …
(edit) @30945   12 years jmpp Whitespace cleanups.
(edit) @30944   12 years jmpp Rework the PortIndex2MySQL plist to be precise about the time the job …
(edit) @30879   12 years jmpp Correct standardized project name.
(edit) @30849   12 years afb update changelog
(edit) @30848   12 years afb update changelog
(edit) @30824   12 years afb add new configurepipe configuration
(edit) @30823   12 years afb commit patch from sfiera, approved by: jberry, requested by: encre (#12743)
(edit) @30816   12 years jmpp Add svn keywords and fields in the base/Mk dir.
(edit) @30815   12 years jmpp Move dp2mp upgrade code into an Mk/ file, improving …
(edit) @30814   12 years jmpp Install our world in 0755 mode by default. Thanks to …
(edit) @30808   12 years afb PowerPC Leopard still uses SPUD (not GPTSPUD)
(edit) @30805   12 years ryandesign Fix lint's RCS tag check to require the closing dollar sign on $Id$
(edit) @30781   12 years afb pass package.flat option on
(edit) @30780   12 years afb avoid naming everything "destroot"
(edit) @30779   12 years jmpp Our new shiny background.tiff for generated pkg's! This mimicks the …
(edit) @30778   12 years afb move sub-packages from Resources to Packages
(edit) @30777   12 years afb don't use the language hack for Tiger
(edit) @30775   12 years jmpp Include forgotten modeline.
(edit) @30774   12 years afb flip arguments to make PackageMaker happy
(edit) @30773   12 years afb the -build parameter needs to be first, so move language hack to the end
(edit) @30770   12 years nox xcode-1.0.tcl: Whitespace changes.
(edit) @30762   12 years mww document addition of further configure options …
(edit) @30761   12 years mww add configure.[awk,bison,pkg_config,pkg_config_path] options
(edit) @30740   12 years mww auto-mode for number of build-threads
(edit) @30739   12 years mww try to determine the number of cores for number of parallel build jobs …
(edit) @30715   12 years mww document new option 'use_parallel_build [yes|no]'
(edit) @30714   12 years mww add option "use_parallel_build [yes|no]": * declares IF a port can be …
(edit) @30702   12 years afb use PackageManager to allow building flat packages, move Resources to …
(edit) @30692   12 years afb fix hdi mdmg building / partition map for leopard
(edit) @30691   12 years afb fix hdi .dmg building / partition map for leopard
(edit) @30670   12 years jmpp whitespace fixes.
(edit) @30550   12 years ryandesign be consistent about calling it an 'email address'
(edit) @30495   12 years takanori Add ChangeLog entry for r30484.
(edit) @30484   12 years takanori Add mirror sites. Ticket: #13017 Submitted …
(edit) @30477   12 years afb lessen warning for newer Xcodes
(edit) @30460   12 years jberry Correct a comment
(edit) @30449   12 years jmpp Add project naming and credit attribution guidelines to the HACKING file.
(edit) @30448   12 years jmpp Adapt path to mprsyncup script in comments.
(edit) @30447   12 years jmpp Move all server side jobs to a new portmgr/jobs dir, in order to keep …
(edit) @30428   12 years jmpp Merge changes to the ReadMe file from the port's dir. Forgot to say …
(edit) @30423   12 years jmpp New copyright notices with our new, standardized project name. We …
(edit) @30397   12 years eridius Add ChangeLog entry for r30396
(edit) @30396   12 years eridius Remove configure.macosx_deployment_target, create global option …
(edit) @30395   12 years eridius Why use a foreach loop to simulate [join]?
(edit) @30391   12 years afb mdmg, meta-package disk image target (#12791)
(edit) @30388   12 years afb add the FreeBSD and Fedora packaging
(edit) @30381   12 years epimenov tracelib: hackaround. Something strange happend, seems socket come …
(edit) @30364   12 years jberry daemondo: remove a redundancy in logging language.
(edit) @30351   12 years epimenov better checking of DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES
(edit) @30345   12 years afb add missing primary category for iBrick
(edit) @30338   12 years afb issue warning for old versions of Mac OS X and Xcode
(edit) @30335   12 years jberry Improve daemondo logging at level 1 such that recognition of child …
(edit) @30334   12 years jberry Add emacs/vim modeline
(edit) @30333   12 years jberry Daemondo: cleanup some comments and the inline help documentation. …
(edit) @30332   12 years jberry daemondo whitespace changes only. Convert to soft tabs.
(edit) @30320   12 years afb default to compression level 7 for lzma
(edit) @30313   12 years jberry Improve Daemondo to use kqueue/kevent to watch for the death of the …
(edit) @30309   12 years afb update changelog
(edit) @30308   12 years afb add checks for Mac OS X and Xcode versions (see #12794)
(edit) @30307   12 years afb support lzma compression for archives
(edit) @30277   12 years afb look for newline at EOF (from ryandesign, #12967)
(edit) @30273   12 years afb fix bug with empty env variables (#12885, #11895)
(edit) @30271   12 years afb warn if using full email adress for no/open maintainer (to make jmpp happy)
(edit) @30217   12 years mww document changes
(edit) @30216   12 years mww add configure.-variables for LIBS, PYTHON (those are used frequently), …
(edit) @30168   12 years nox portlint.tcl: Fixed typo (thanks afb).
(edit) @30160   12 years nox portlint.tcl (closes #12958): Added patchfiles format check.
(edit) @30158   12 years jmpp Relocate br tag.
(edit) @30155   12 years jmpp Total markup and whitespace cleanup for the License.html file, thus …
(edit) @30091   12 years nox portmain.tcl: Added modeline.
(edit) @30090   12 years jmpp Include modeline after whitespace cleanup.
(edit) @30089   12 years nox portmain: Whitespace changes, added modeline.
(edit) @30088   12 years nox ChangeLog: Added startupitem.netchange notification.
(edit) @30087   12 years afb add optional --user-agent parameter to curl
(edit) @30086   12 years nox port1.0/startupitem (closes #12931): Added daemondo …
(edit) @30085   12 years nox portdestroot.tcl: Whitespace changes.
(edit) @30041   12 years jmpp Use new db name: macports, how imaginative!
(edit) @30034   12 years eridius The default universal variant shouldn't disappear if I explicitly …
(edit) @30032   12 years eridius Allow universal configure-based builds to work on Leopard
(edit) @30013   12 years jmpp Meh, try again: improve a comment.
(edit) @30012   12 years jmpp Improve a comment.
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