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(edit) @35103   12 years raimue HACKING: * Replace 'filetype' by shorter 'ft' in vim modeline * Remove …
(edit) @35042   12 years eridius Fix recursive uninstall for case where multiple branches of dep tree …
(edit) @35030   12 years ryandesign fix typos: "the the" => "the"
(edit) @34977   12 years eridius Add new --recursive option to port uninstall to uninstall dependents …
(edit) @34901   12 years raimue port1.0/portmain.tcl: Add a variant description for the built-in +universal
(edit) @34887   12 years afb update changelog, #13968
(edit) @34886   12 years eridius Add reference to #14232 to the ChangeLog
(edit) @34885   12 years raimue ChangeLog: New fetch.type git
(edit) @34875   12 years eridius Add support for fetch.type git (Fixes #14232)
(edit) @34874   12 years raimue port1.0/portlivecheck.tcl: Fix livecheck for ports using customized …
(edit) @34844   12 years afb block size guess comes up short, use -srcfolder option instead (#13968)
(edit) @34816   12 years raimue port1.0/portlivecheck.tcl: Fix livecheck for gnu
(edit) @34761   12 years reiffert Adjust prefix representing the py30 Framework install.
(edit) @34717   12 years raimue port1.0/portlivecheck.tcl: Fix a bug introduced in r34331, which …
(edit) @34695   12 years raimue port1.0/portutil.tcl: Refactored the option[-appenddelete] stuff. …
(edit) @34693   12 years raimue port1.0/portlivecheck.tcl: Revert r34674, it broke other regexes. Use …
(edit) @34674   12 years raimue port1.0/portlivecheck.tcl: Additional fix for r34667, don't use join …
(edit) @34668   12 years raimue port1.0/portlivecheck.tcl: Don't use >foo< in debug output as it is …
(edit) @34667   12 years raimue port1.0/portutil.tcl: * Add a new function quotemeta, which can be …
(edit) @34561   12 years afb lint: issue error when using nomaintainer together with other or …
(edit) @34552   12 years afb replace value of MDT environment value instead of appending to it, to …
(edit) @34546   12 years raimue port/port.tcl: Make a difference between: * No port specified on …
(edit) @34541   12 years afb use current Mac OS X major version for MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET - …
(edit) @34538   12 years afb calculate Mac OS X version from Darwin version
(edit) @34525   12 years mww add 'macports-gcc-4.4' as compiler option
(edit) @34519   12 years afb update changelog, #13458 #14380
(edit) @34518   12 years afb add default description for global variants like +universal
(edit) @34516   12 years afb actually get all dependencies, and not just the last one
(edit) @34515   12 years raimue port1.0/portlivecheck.tcl: Use a path in /tmp to avoid issues when …
(edit) @34514   12 years afb avoid double free, thanks to Raim
(edit) @34513   12 years afb add target_state variable patch from raimue, for targets that don't …
(edit) @34512   12 years afb lint: check that all dependencies actually exist (#14380)
(edit) @34468   12 years raimue port/port-help.tcl: Correct svn properties
(edit) @34467   12 years raimue Add Doxyfile to svn:ignore as it is always generated from
(edit) @34422   12 years afb fix workaround bug when distfile contains NUL characters
(edit) @34421   12 years raimue ChangeLog: Another fix for port search
(edit) @34420   12 years raimue port/port.tcl Fix count of matches for 'port search'
(edit) @34419   12 years raimue port/port.tcl Report errors on stderr
(edit) @34418   12 years afb work around remote-time bug in old libcurl version on tiger
(edit) @34406   12 years wsiegrist Testing repository commits, please ignore.
(edit) @34403   12 years raimue ChangeLog: Fixed yet another bug in new `port info'
(edit) @34402   12 years raimue port/port.tcl: Fix separation of ports in rewritten port info
(edit) @34400   12 years raimue port1.0/portlivecheck.tcl: Report error if curl fetch failed
(edit) @34399   12 years raimue port/port.tcl: Print error messages on stderr instead of stdout
(edit) @34396   12 years raimue ChangeLog: One more revision for a bug fix introduced earlier
(edit) @34395   12 years raimue port/port.tcl: Fix indent bug in proc wrapline introduced in r34391
(edit) @34393   12 years raimue port/port*.tcl Remove backslash from modeline because vim complains …
(edit) @34392   12 years raimue ChangeLog: Add information about changes to `port search'
(edit) @34391   12 years raimue port/port.tcl: Overhaul port search output: * If requesting multiple …
(edit) @34371   12 years raimue port/port.tcl: * port deps shows raw dependencies in verbose mode * …
(edit) @34362   12 years afb don't hardcode arch, when doing cross-compile
(edit) @34360   12 years afb update manual page to reflect changes in universal defaults
(edit) @34355   12 years raimue ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog about changes to `port info'
(edit) @34354   12 years raimue port/port.tcl: Totally overhaul port info output: * If requesting …
(edit) @34331   12 years raimue port1.0/portlivecheck.tcl: Check for highest version in matching …
(edit) @34317   12 years afb make really really sure that Leopard gets the MDT used (#14399)
(edit) @34315   12 years afb update changelog, for my earlier commits
(edit) @34314   12 years afb autoconf all universal options
(edit) @34313   12 years afb move back to using 10.5 SDK on Leopard to avoid cross-compiling
(edit) @34311   12 years afb change spelling to match Environment var rather than MacPorts var
(edit) @34288   12 years raimue pextlib1.0/curl.c: Add missing break statements in order to actually …
(edit) @34258   12 years raimue * Also display directories overview * Documentation for …
(edit) @34257   12 years afb autoconf package name / version
(edit) @34254   12 years afb upgrade to doxygen 1.5.4
(edit) @34252   12 years afb don't require variable master_sites for fetch.type != standard (#14377)
(edit) @34251   12 years afb tcldox target
(edit) @34250   12 years afb documentation comments, doxygen experiments (#12048)
(edit) @34190   12 years raimue test/case-insensitive-deactivate: Add testcase for ticket #11759
(edit) @34135   12 years raimue base/ChangeLog: Add changes to selfupdate
(edit) @34134   12 years raimue doc/port.1: Change "ethereal" reference to "wireshark", closes #14324.
(edit) @34082   12 years raimue port1.0/portlint.tcl Add a check if patch file actually exists locally …
(edit) @34080   12 years raimue pextlib1.0/tests/curl.tcl: Fix fetch test
(edit) @34066   12 years wsiegrist changed to work on tmp checkouts so the right rev is linted. Removed …
(edit) @33975   12 years markd Enhance comments.
(edit) @33968   12 years ryandesign Fix typo in rsync sync failed message introduced in r31925
(edit) @33947   12 years afb fix configure problems with regular universal builds
(edit) @33941   12 years raimue macports1.0/macports.tcl: Add --nosync option to selfupdate, which …
(edit) @33940   12 years raimue macports1.0/macports.tcl: Of course I meant --pretend and not …
(edit) @33939   12 years raimue macports1.0/macports.tcl: Correct check for selfupdate --prepend
(edit) @33938   12 years raimue macports1.0/macports.tcl: Add --prepend option to selfupdate, which …
(edit) @33926   12 years jberry Disable code that installs paths for MacPorts into /etc/manpathds.d …
(edit) @33776   12 years markd Update comments for variable buildmakejobs.
(edit) @33769   12 years afb additional linux packaging: Ubuntu
(edit) @33767   12 years afb avoid universal_variant breaking other platforms
(edit) @33764   12 years afb revive old local variable, for ports using it
(edit) @33760   12 years afb fix typo
(edit) @33759   12 years afb clean up depends too
(edit) @33758   12 years afb regenerate configure
(edit) @33757   12 years afb default root group for other platforms
(edit) @33756   12 years afb gnustep-config uses make, so it worked so-so when invoked from make
(edit) @33735   12 years afb regenerate configure
(edit) @33734   12 years afb use gnustep-config, where available
(edit) @33733   12 years afb don't set x11prefix to empty, if using /usr/include/X11 and /usr/lib/X11
(edit) @33729   12 years afb use x11prefix in binpath, avoid hardcoding old /usr/X11R6
(edit) @33728   12 years afb update conf manpage for dir settings
(edit) @33727   12 years afb update conf manpage for universal settings
(edit) @33725   12 years afb update changelog, for various configuration fixes
(edit) @33724   12 years afb read universal configuration from macports.conf
(edit) @33722   12 years afb record configured dir values, for applications and frameworks
(edit) @33721   12 years afb placeholders for universal configuration
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