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(edit) @62568   11 years raimue port/port.tcl: The installed command should not output messages in …
(edit) @62479   11 years ryandesign ChangeLog: relevant build_arch flags are now in LDFLAGS as well
(edit) @62460   11 years jmr better error message from InstallationCheck if uname or sed is missing …
(edit) @62340   11 years jmr change SC_PATH_TCLCONFIG and SC_PUBLIC_TCL_HEADERS to look in /usr …
(edit) @62234   11 years jmr update RELEASE_URL
(edit) @62230   11 years ryandesign ChangeLog: noted fixes for 'merge' procedure in r58776, r58777, r58788
(edit) @62227   11 years ryandesign ChangeLog: note fix for "port load" for non-root installations; see #21713
(edit) @62224   11 years ryandesign ChangeLog: update for gcc45 configure.compiler change in r62223
(edit) @62223   11 years ryandesign portconfigure.tcl: allow gcc45 to be used in configure.compiler
(edit) @62220   11 years jmr 1.8.2 release date
(edit) @62194   11 years jmr check if any dependencies of the given target need the statefile in …
(edit) @62176   11 years jmr attempt to change euid/egid for svn sync only if running as root
(edit) @62174   11 years jmr update ChangeLog for 1.9.0
(edit) @62172   11 years jmr update ChangeLog for 1.8.2
(edit) @62032   11 years jmr port.1: improve installed action description
(edit) @62031   11 years jmr explicit return value for configure_get_ld_archflags
(edit) @62025   11 years jmr exit from batch/interactive mode after base code is changed by selfupdate
(edit) @61770   11 years jmr fix fd leak (#22959)
(edit) @61718   11 years jmr change keeplogs default to no, as this only causes logs to be deleted …
(edit) @61703   11 years jmr create helpers to correctly change between logs and close them when done
(edit) @61699   11 years jmr logging fixes: * close logs before deleting * restore log name as …
(edit) @61698   11 years jmr close log files (#22944)
(edit) @61671   11 years toby pextlib1.0: remove useless macro, replace bzero with memset
(edit) @61670   11 years toby pextlib1.0: remove a bunch of useless #ifdef guards
(edit) @61485   11 years toby pextlib1.0: whitespace
(edit) @61480   11 years jmr deactivate ports with conflicting files when they are replaced_by a …
(edit) @61478   11 years jmr when upgrading dependencies, don't do depends_{fetch,extract,build} …
(edit) @61475   11 years jmr sundry spelling/grammar/correctness fixes for macports.conf.5
(edit) @61426   11 years blb macports1.0/macports.tcl - include checking timestamp for PortIndex …
(edit) @61385   11 years toby pextlib1.0: 64-bitterness
(edit) @61330   11 years toby pextlib1.0: Report a better error than "HTTP response said error" when …
(edit) @61315   11 years jmr set uid of processes started by the system proc to port's euid
(edit) @61313   11 years jmr only use autoconf'd macportsuser as fallback for when it is not set in …
(edit) @61302   11 years jmr stop upgrade_sources_conf_default.tcl from erroring when there are svn …
(edit) @61253   11 years jmr avoid uninteresting debug output about os.universal_supported
(edit) @60883   11 years jmr when upgrading, follow dependencies that are satisfied by a port other …
(edit) @60798   11 years jmr don't complain about ownership of prefix in selfupdate when running as …
(edit) @60791   11 years snc add message regarding permissions for portdbpath, #17579
(edit) @60789   11 years snc revert r60447, #17579
(edit) @60774   11 years jmr run port load/unload with root privileges by default (#21713)
(edit) @60769   11 years jmr stop including command output in the return value of the system proc …
(edit) @60766   11 years jmr update OS version check
(edit) @60764   11 years jmr fix incompatibility with autoconf 2.65, regenerate configure
(edit) @60691   11 years snc allow use of archives for test phase
(edit) @60680   11 years jmr avoid putting -m32 or -m64 in LDFLAGS
(edit) @60679   11 years jmr misc fixups for porthelp(clean)
(edit) @60662   11 years jeremyhu Set LDFLAGS when changing build_arch.
(edit) @60580   11 years ryandesign Fix "started at" messages to call a phase a phase not a stage, and to …
(edit) @60573   11 years ryandesign Use peg revision instead of operative revision for svn checkouts; …
(edit) @60450   11 years blb - add logs dir
(edit) @60449   11 years snc add missing brace
(edit) @60447   11 years snc create archive directory if missing, prevents error-out in #17579
(edit) @60417   11 years blb ChangeLog - update for GSoC 2009 logging project merged in r60372
(edit) @60387   11 years jmr handle lack of a logs dir or a ::debuglog fd gracefully
(edit) @60382   11 years jmr make 'port provides' work on symlinks that point to a directory
(edit) @60377   11 years jmr don't fail due to permissions on the log dir when running commands …
(edit) @60376   11 years jmr change some of the output of the new logging code to debug priority
(edit) @60372   11 years blb Merge GSoC 2009 logging to trunk
(edit) @60296   11 years snc have clean handle universal binaries, which are placed in their own …
(edit) @60295   11 years snc clean up comments
(edit) @60262   11 years jmr we no longer use ditto
(edit) @60261   11 years jmr detab and update modeline for portdmg, portmdmg
(edit) @60260   11 years jmr use hdiutil's -srcfolder option in portdmg, as was done in portmdmg in …
(edit) @60259   11 years jmr clean up unused code in portmdmg
(edit) @60247   11 years jmr revert r60246, it still breaks deactivation of e.g. ncursesw
(edit) @60246   11 years jmr Make the filename part of filemap entries case-sensitive (#14123). …
(edit) @59913   11 years jmr port.1: -n also affects install
(edit) @59882   11 years jmr fix archive file list generation (#21864)
(edit) @59881   11 years jmr r59879 missed another spot where the variant list is constructed
(edit) @59880   11 years jmr try to do something sensible with universal archives
(edit) @59879   11 years jmr match setting of portvariants in portarchive with that in …
(edit) @59878   11 years jmr portarchive.tcl: tabs to spaces, update modeline
(edit) @59877   11 years jmr portunarchive.tcl: tabs to spaces, update modeline
(edit) @59876   11 years jmr match setting of portvariants in unarchive with that in …
(edit) @59855   11 years toby port1.0: improve our audit trail with CC_PRINT_OPTIONS
(edit) @59839   11 years jmr avoid setting LINES and COLUMNS to 0 (#22142)
(edit) @59836   11 years jmr new mportlistall proc, various slight efficiency improvements
(edit) @59833   11 years jmr warn only once about lack of root privileges
(edit) @59801   11 years jmr warn when using +universal on ports with no universal variant (can …
(edit) @59770   11 years afb sort port uninstall output (#21634)
(edit) @59715   11 years jberry Add some Tiger compatability to sha256 calculation
(edit) @59679   11 years jmr get most of the tests working again
(edit) @59676   11 years jmr PortIndex.quick handling for make test
(edit) @59674   11 years jmr restore test target removed in r51380
(edit) @59669   11 years jmr only calculate timestamp once when force activating (r49006 was meant …
(edit) @59654   11 years jmr unbreak uninstall (oops)
(edit) @59597   11 years jmr don't try to set owner and group in reinplace when not root (see #20896)
(edit) @59585   11 years jmr ensure that we set a reasonable umask at startup, and list the …
(edit) @59583   11 years jmr config.guess isn't completely useless after all :-)
(edit) @59582   11 years jmr change configurepipe default to yes
(edit) @59581   11 years jmr comment out macports.conf options where possible to allow users to …
(edit) @59580   11 years jmr note constraint on prefix in macports.conf
(edit) @59534   11 years blb Remove macports.spec from svn:ignore since the file is now named that …
(edit) @59510   11 years jberry Remove an extra newline in the help command output
(edit) @59509   11 years jberry Restore a missing newline in the help command output
(edit) @59394   11 years jmr slight cleanup and a typo
(edit) @59318   11 years jmr avoid calling realpath for nonexistent files (#22001)
(edit) @59315   11 years jmr remove a couple of useless lines from _deactivate_contents
(edit) @58980   11 years snc add build_arch to clean (--archive) to match updated archive path
(edit) @58979   11 years snc add build_arch to check for missing archive
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