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(edit) @64373   10 years jmr store archs in flat registry too
(edit) @64372   10 years jmr add supported_archs option, record archs in registry, simplify …
(edit) @64370   10 years jmr sql syntax error
(edit) @64367   10 years jmr db column metadata, new columns for planned features
(edit) @64363   10 years jmr non-darwin default locations for tcl-sqlite3 (#12231)
(edit) @64358   10 years jmr remove bundled copy of sqlite3, make sqlite3 location configurable
(edit) @64355   10 years jmr remove cregistry.a from LIBS since it's in OBJS now
(edit) @64335   10 years jmr define name column in registry2 db as case insensitive
(edit) @64333   10 years jmr fix action_location when using reg2
(edit) @64317   10 years jmr add flat->sqlite receipt conversion, fix …
(edit) @64307   10 years jmr fix registry::check_dependents
(edit) @64306   10 years jmr re-fix receipt_sqlite::installed
(edit) @64305   10 years jmr fix problem with eval and empty registry search strings
(edit) @64304   10 years jmr error checking, use realloc
(edit) @64294   10 years jmr error checking, sprintf -> snprintf, strcpy -> strncpy
(edit) @64292   10 years jmr reg2 updates, including fix for deadlock during install
(edit) @64272   10 years jmr fix reg2 uninstall
(edit) @64269   10 years jmr fix reg2 deactivate
(edit) @64268   10 years jmr error checking in entry_imaged and entry_installed
(edit) @64238   10 years snc never executed
(edit) @64223   10 years jmr remove reference to portdbformat when it may not exist
(edit) @64201   10 years jmr registry fixes
(edit) @64199   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Update documentation of action_needs_portlist
(edit) @64190   10 years jmr use correct aliased command name registry_file_registered in _get_dep_port
(edit) @64187   10 years jmr check existence of search keys in receipt_sqlite::installed
(edit) @64186   10 years jmr make registry::decode_spec work
(edit) @64183   10 years jmr more reg2 work, including setting date, default variants and portfile …
(edit) @64155   10 years raimue pextlib1.0/tracelib.c: Prefer '\0' for the string termination. Add …
(edit) @64154   10 years raimue port1.0/porttrace.tcl: Report any errors returned by tracelib run
(edit) @64153   10 years raimue pextlib1.0/tracelib.c: Add error handling
(edit) @64142   10 years jmr make new args to registry::list_dependents optional so existing …
(edit) @64076   10 years jmr bring back receipt_sqlite as a compatibility layer for registry2.0, …
(edit) @64007   10 years jmr print error message in eval_targets when registry_activate fails
(edit) @63801   10 years raimue macports1.0: Catch error if proxy configuration cannot be read from system
(edit) @63800   10 years raimue macports1.0: Fix error introduced in r63799 by adding missing braces.
(edit) @63799   10 years raimue macports1.0, pextlib1.0: Make sure we always get the right error …
(edit) @63718   10 years raimue pextlib1.0/fs-traverse.c: Include file name in error message to allow …
(edit) @63628   10 years raimue Remove indentation from notes With this, notes can have any …
(edit) @63544   10 years raimue port1.0, macports1.0: Remove unnecessary file join
(edit) @63542   10 years raimue port1.0, macports1.0: After r63266, port clean did not remove log …
(edit) @63514   10 years jmr missing global in portinstall (#23578)
(edit) @63442   10 years jmr more reg2 wiring up
(edit) @63434   10 years jmr set error code in reg_entry_propget
(edit) @63433   10 years jmr registry.dylib depends on cregistry.a
(edit) @63431   10 years jmr cregistry fixes/cleanup
(edit) @63419   10 years jmr error when an unknown registry format is requested
(edit) @63411   10 years raimue dep_map_clean only needs to be run on flat database, as only that …
(edit) @63399   10 years jmr delete old registry1.0 dir
(edit) @63398   10 years jmr merge registry1.0 code into registry2.0
(edit) @63273   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Only print port name in quiet mode in action_echo
(edit) @63272   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Add priority prefixes again when replaying log file in …
(edit) @63271   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Add missing close-bracket, fixes breakage introduced in …
(edit) @63270   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Cleanup in action_log
(edit) @63269   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Check for errors when opening log file
(edit) @63268   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: 'port log' now correctly works without arguments, which …
(edit) @63267   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Use new log file location (see r63266). Avoid …
(edit) @63266   10 years raimue macports1.0: Log path now depends on the port path, as it does for the …
(edit) @63265   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Rewrote action_array constants with another way of …
(edit) @63127   10 years toby port1.0: remove bogus/redundant key from auto-generated launchd plist
(edit) @63005   10 years jmr restrict build_arch to a single value
(edit) @63004   10 years jmr remove unnecessary instructions from variants.conf comments (#23396)
(edit) @62893   10 years ryandesign portstartupitem.tcl: advocate the use of "sudo port load" instead of …
(edit) @62701   10 years jmr portuninstall.tcl, portimage.tcl: whitespace and modelines
(edit) @62695   10 years ryandesign No need for a slash before prefix, applications_dir or frameworks_dir; …
(edit) @62693   10 years jmr also remove references to receipt_sqlite
(edit) @62692   10 years jmr remove receipt_sqlite.tcl
(edit) @62631   10 years jmr fix re-registering of moved files to the ports that installed them …
(edit) @62610   10 years blb port and portfile man pages: document the notes variable and command
(edit) @62568   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: The installed command should not output messages in …
(edit) @62479   10 years ryandesign ChangeLog: relevant build_arch flags are now in LDFLAGS as well
(edit) @62460   10 years jmr better error message from InstallationCheck if uname or sed is missing …
(edit) @62340   10 years jmr change SC_PATH_TCLCONFIG and SC_PUBLIC_TCL_HEADERS to look in /usr …
(edit) @62234   10 years jmr update RELEASE_URL
(edit) @62230   10 years ryandesign ChangeLog: noted fixes for 'merge' procedure in r58776, r58777, r58788
(edit) @62227   10 years ryandesign ChangeLog: note fix for "port load" for non-root installations; see #21713
(edit) @62224   10 years ryandesign ChangeLog: update for gcc45 configure.compiler change in r62223
(edit) @62223   10 years ryandesign portconfigure.tcl: allow gcc45 to be used in configure.compiler
(edit) @62220   10 years jmr 1.8.2 release date
(edit) @62194   10 years jmr check if any dependencies of the given target need the statefile in …
(edit) @62176   10 years jmr attempt to change euid/egid for svn sync only if running as root
(edit) @62174   10 years jmr update ChangeLog for 1.9.0
(edit) @62172   10 years jmr update ChangeLog for 1.8.2
(edit) @62032   10 years jmr port.1: improve installed action description
(edit) @62031   10 years jmr explicit return value for configure_get_ld_archflags
(edit) @62025   10 years jmr exit from batch/interactive mode after base code is changed by selfupdate
(edit) @61770   10 years jmr fix fd leak (#22959)
(edit) @61718   10 years jmr change keeplogs default to no, as this only causes logs to be deleted …
(edit) @61703   10 years jmr create helpers to correctly change between logs and close them when done
(edit) @61699   10 years jmr logging fixes: * close logs before deleting * restore log name as …
(edit) @61698   10 years jmr close log files (#22944)
(edit) @61671   10 years toby pextlib1.0: remove useless macro, replace bzero with memset
(edit) @61670   10 years toby pextlib1.0: remove a bunch of useless #ifdef guards
(edit) @61485   10 years toby pextlib1.0: whitespace
(edit) @61480   10 years jmr deactivate ports with conflicting files when they are replaced_by a …
(edit) @61478   10 years jmr when upgrading dependencies, don't do depends_{fetch,extract,build} …
(edit) @61475   10 years jmr sundry spelling/grammar/correctness fixes for macports.conf.5
(edit) @61426   10 years blb macports1.0/macports.tcl - include checking timestamp for PortIndex …
(edit) @61385   10 years toby pextlib1.0: 64-bitterness
(edit) @61330   10 years toby pextlib1.0: Report a better error than "HTTP response said error" when …
(edit) @61315   10 years jmr set uid of processes started by the system proc to port's euid
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