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(edit) @67216   10 years jmr port.1: change occurrence of 'dependents' that should be 'rdependents'
(edit) @67211   10 years jmr update ChangeLog
(edit) @67210   10 years raimue Strip only one line break at the beginning and end of notes. Allows …
(edit) @67209   10 years raimue Handle notes as a usual port option, which allows to use notes-append
(edit) @67207   10 years jmr rsync the PortIndex from a platform-specific subdir
(edit) @67194   10 years jmr fix creation of worksymlink in alt prefix
(edit) @67112   10 years jmr portindex: make -o work with relative paths
(edit) @67109   10 years jmr portindex: efficiency improvements, fix -f
(edit) @67098   10 years jmr don't exit when commands fail in interactive mode
(edit) @67096   10 years jmr roll back the right set of files when activation fails
(edit) @67089   10 years raimue port1.0: use_dmg did not work with spaces in worksrcdir, fixes #23456
(edit) @67051   10 years jmr add debug message about enforced +universal upgrade of dependencies
(edit) @67048   10 years jmr set default developer_dir in port1.0
(edit) @66945   10 years jmr check for universal variant existence in configure_get_sdkroot
(edit) @66931   10 years jmr protect switch args for older tcl
(edit) @66930   10 years jmr dynamic default for developer_dir
(edit) @66927   10 years jmr fix selection of 10.4u SDK
(edit) @66925   10 years jmr shouldn't have removed appending of universal_cppflags
(edit) @66924   10 years jmr allow setting macosx_deployment_target in macports.conf, set sdkroot …
(edit) @66923   10 years jmr set up platform info variables in mportinit rather than portmain
(edit) @66921   10 years jmr make open_statefile more dry-run friendly (#21962)
(edit) @66919   10 years jmr delete incomplete db if converting to sqlite fails
(edit) @66918   10 years jmr clean logs after successful deactivate or uninstall
(edit) @66898   10 years jmr take variations from parent when installing new ports in upgrade, also …
(edit) @66896   10 years jmr make sure we check archs for installed dependencies of uninstalled …
(edit) @66884   10 years jmr re-fix return code that wasn't broken in the first place
(edit) @66871   10 years jmr fix portindex stats
(edit) @66868   10 years jmr portindex: add -p option to generate an index for use on a different …
(edit) @66867   10 years raimue portindex: Change message
(edit) @66860   10 years jmr bring back old formatting for port deps
(edit) @66858   10 years jmr when running upgrade on a non-outdated port where different variants …
(edit) @66855   10 years jmr fix return code
(edit) @66854   10 years jmr silently skip running targets on empty portfiles from the registry
(edit) @66847   10 years jmr exclude PortIndex from rsync if it already exists
(edit) @66846   10 years jmr update portindex as part of sync (#17157)
(edit) @66845   10 years jmr portindex: keep entry from existing index if it is newer than the portfile
(edit) @66844   10 years jmr rebuild pkgIndex files when tcl sources change
(edit) @66842   10 years jmr fix receipt_flat::list_depends backward compatibility
(edit) @66841   10 years jmr remove --full option to deps
(edit) @66840   10 years raimue ChangeLog: Fix quotation marks
(edit) @66837   10 years raimue port: Accept prefixes of action options if they are unambiguous
(edit) @66836   10 years raimue Make port select default to --list instead of --show
(edit) @66835   10 years raimue Make port deps/rdeps consistent by using the same code and output format
(edit) @66807   10 years raimue porttrace: Run slave_init synchronous, fixing a race condition where …
(edit) @66805   10 years raimue tracelib: Move socket initialization from 'tracelib run' into …
(edit) @66796   10 years jmr adapt some more messages to changed ui_msg behaviour
(edit) @66795   10 years jmr efficiency!
(edit) @66794   10 years jmr percent-encode distfile string when assembling URLs (#18736)
(edit) @66790   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Use ui_notice, removing lots of ![macports::ui_isset …
(edit) @66789   10 years raimue macport1.0: Add new message level ui_notice which will be omitted in …
(edit) @66787   10 years raimue macports1.0: Check for existance of variable before use
(edit) @66785   10 years raimue pextlib1.0: Add cookie jar to curl, fixes #24584
(edit) @66783   10 years raimue macport1.0: Do not report a log file path if logging is disabled, …
(edit) @66776   10 years jmr remove hardcoded /opt/local from dmg resources
(edit) @66775   10 years jmr add var/macports/packages to prefix.mtree, only warn and disable …
(edit) @66773   10 years jmr portfile.7 formatting problem
(edit) @66771   10 years jmr determine xcode version accurately, check when running appropriate …
(edit) @66739   10 years jmr clean port dir in alt prefix along with work dir
(edit) @66734   10 years jmr revert r66732, but make sure we're really expanding ~user and not just ~
(edit) @66732   10 years jmr remove ineffective attempt to expand ~username when HOME is not set
(edit) @66707   10 years jmr initialise variable
(edit) @66706   10 years jmr show negated variants and platform and arch info if the verbose flag …
(edit) @66702   10 years jmr warn if privileges are only sufficient to clean the alt work path
(edit) @66700   10 years jmr avoid touching /Library when not running as root
(edit) @66699   10 years jmr make adduser/addgroup noops when not running as root
(edit) @66698   10 years jmr only warn about lack of privileges if it really might be problematic
(edit) @66697   10 years jmr if distfiles are not present in the normal location, look for them in …
(edit) @66696   10 years jmr delete distfiles and build dirs in altworkpath when using sudo too
(edit) @66694   10 years jmr incorporate dist_subdir into distpath from the start instead of doing …
(edit) @66692   10 years jmr portdistfiles: show local path to each distfile
(edit) @66691   10 years jmr detect conflicting symlinks when activating
(edit) @66682   10 years jmr note that using extra_env is unsupported
(edit) @66681   10 years jmr make sqlite the default portdbformat
(edit) @66670   10 years jmr port.1: update description of search action; see #23749
(edit) @66669   10 years jmr port.1: reword description of pseudo-port selectors
(edit) @66642   10 years jmr properly set variants required by variants that are set (#19224)
(edit) @66640   10 years raimue darwintrace: Better dprintf accepting multiple arguments for pre-C99
(edit) @66639   10 years raimue port: Revert r66608 and r66610 This does not work as intended. …
(edit) @66626   10 years raimue fetch_common.tcl: New helper function portfetch::get_urls to get a …
(edit) @66625   10 years raimue darwintrace: Handle getcwd and connect failures with abort()
(edit) @66610   10 years raimue port: Fix syntax error from r66608
(edit) @66608   10 years raimue If the port command is being run in "base" or "src" and …
(edit) @66607   10 years raimue macports1.0/ Source packages relative to the …
(edit) @66600   10 years raimue macports1.0/ Avoid catch which masks any …
(edit) @66599   10 years raimue macports1.0/ Add modeline, tabs to spaces
(edit) @66589   10 years jmr enable processing of empty mirror lists so that the *_SITE_LOCAL env …
(edit) @66580   10 years jmr handle absence of hw.memsize sysctl gracefully
(edit) @66579   10 years jmr work around Tcl env behaviour that can cause a crash
(edit) @66457   10 years jmr use port -q to avoid a couple of greps
(edit) @66456   10 years jmr satisfy pickier mktemp implementations
(edit) @66455   10 years jmr explicitly compile darwintracelib with -fPIC
(edit) @66454   10 years jmr get libmd SHA1 function name right
(edit) @66453   10 years jmr bring back the internal sha256, at least some versions of libmd don't …
(edit) @66451   10 years jmr always use our internal rmd160 implementation, there's a header …
(edit) @66448   10 years jmr clean sqlext.o
(edit) @66447   10 years jmr fix build with libmd
(edit) @66420   10 years jmr warn if universal_archs does not contain at least 2 archs
(edit) @66414   10 years jmr add --no-exec option that prevents running of stored pre/post procs …
(edit) @66398   10 years jmr remove use of lsearch -nocase as it is not present in Tcl 8.4
(edit) @66345   10 years jmr finish r66343
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