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(edit) @71487   10 years jmr add macports-gcc-4.6 option for configure.compiler
(edit) @71486   10 years jmr use KeepAlive instead of OnDemand in launchd plists when available
(edit) @71390   10 years raimue Update ChangeLog for r71389
(edit) @71389   10 years raimue port1.0: Addition to r71370, use
(edit) @71381   10 years raimue Update ChangeLog for r71380
(edit) @71380   10 years raimue pextlib1.0: Add new 'system -W path' which changes into the given …
(edit) @71371   10 years raimue Update Changelog for r71370
(edit) @71370   10 years raimue port1.0: Add -w to build.cmd and destroot.cmd if using gnumake, adds …
(edit) @71281   10 years snc add whitespace between portname and errors
(edit) @71240   10 years jmr set gid as well as uid for child in SystemCmd
(edit) @71238   10 years jmr add egid to some euid debug messages
(edit) @71235   10 years raimue Revert r71103 and use CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT instead of …
(edit) @71217   10 years jmr fix gohome action with multiple ports
(edit) @71103   10 years jmr we don't want to set CURLOPT_TIMEOUT when fetching files, since as per …
(edit) @71046   10 years raimue tests/test/site-tags: Fix test
(edit) @71045   10 years raimue tests: Always run all available tests, report results at the end
(edit) @71044   10 years raimue tests: Whitespace only
(edit) @71043   10 years raimue test/variants: platforms are no variants anymore, fix test
(edit) @71042   10 years raimue tests/test/envvariables: Disable broken trace mode
(edit) @71041   10 years raimue tests: Use unified diff format everywhere; generate diff from master …
(edit) @71040   10 years raimue tests: Use unified diff format
(edit) @71039   10 years raimue tests: Always run tests from tests/ subdir when executing 'make test'
(edit) @71038   10 years raimue pextlib1.0/curl.c: Apply timeouts and minimum transfer rates apply for …
(edit) @71035   10 years jmr remove useless uses of cat
(edit) @71020   10 years wsiegrist Fix regex to match svnlook output
(edit) @71013   10 years raimue port1.0: Sourcing macports_fastload.tcl is mandatory as of r65055
(edit) @71011   10 years raimue port: Sourcing macports_fastload.tcl is mandatory as of r65055, do not …
(edit) @70987   10 years raimue pextlib: Fix r70985 by adding missing parameter
(edit) @70985   10 years raimue pextlib: Use Tcl_AppendResult instead of snprintf
(edit) @70984   10 years raimue Update ChangeLog for r70975, r70979, r70982
(edit) @70982   10 years raimue distcheck: Use fetch.ignore_sslcert
(edit) @70979   10 years raimue livecheck: Fix usage of tbool
(edit) @70975   10 years raimue livecheck: Add livecheck.ignore_sslcert, no longer use fetch.* …
(edit) @70974   10 years raimue port1.0: Do not output unnecessary messages in quiet mode, see #25880
(edit) @70842   10 years jmr refer to "work directory" rather than "build directory" in message …
(edit) @70841   10 years jmr more accurate error messages when a dependency fails to install
(edit) @70608   10 years jmr vacuum registry database before closing if any entries have been deleted
(edit) @70594   10 years jmr switch "attempting to fetch" message to ui_notice
(edit) @70563   10 years jmr portname -> name
(edit) @70321   10 years raimue 'port select' does not use the registry, no locking required
(edit) @70301   10 years jmr change default run user to nobody
(edit) @70299   10 years jmr regen configure with autoconf 2.67
(edit) @70274   10 years jmr update changelog
(edit) @70271   10 years jmr when distfiles are only present in the altworkpath, link/copy into …
(edit) @70269   10 years jmr skip locking when registry dir is unwritable
(edit) @70174   10 years jmr acquire an exclusive lock when making registry modifications (#19935)
(edit) @70173   10 years jmr only skip checks when port is already installed if target is activate …
(edit) @70172   10 years jmr don't call flock on statefile twice when not needed
(edit) @70163   10 years jmr switch ui_msg to ui_notice in portlint since the former changed to …
(edit) @70143   10 years jmr print a link to a helpful wiki page when there is a checksum mismatch …
(edit) @70142   10 years jmr remove the sourceforge hack introduced in r17197 since SF seems to …
(edit) @70140   10 years jmr make sure euid=0 in adduser and addgroup
(edit) @70138   10 years jmr can't trust file writable when euid has been changed
(edit) @70135   10 years jmr make actions that will fail due to insufficient privileges fail early …
(edit) @70122   10 years jmr check if sqlite3_prepare returns SQLITE_BUSY in reg_open (#25400)
(edit) @70120   10 years jmr this crash actually only ever happened on linux, so best not to mess …
(edit) @70073   10 years jmr workaround for [pwd] sometimes returning an empty string
(edit) @70010   10 years jmr add help for notes
(edit) @70009   10 years jmr sort
(edit) @70001   10 years jmr add /var/empty to sandbox
(edit) @70000   10 years jmr fix trace socket temp dir permissions and missing variables in trace …
(edit) @69989   10 years jmr fix a couple of tracelib errors
(edit) @69887   10 years jmr simplify/robustify exec command used for edit action, and …
(edit) @69719   10 years perry Natural-order sort ports in portlist_compare. Addresses #25592.
(edit) @69716   10 years perry get_outdated_ports should return ports sorted.
(edit) @69603   10 years jmr chown stale workpath before discarding it, since the destroot is …
(edit) @69534   10 years perry Sort ports in action_outdated.
(edit) @69513   10 years jmr elevate back to root after completing targets
(edit) @69471   10 years jmr reacquire root privileges when running ping
(edit) @69470   10 years jmr don't try to clean archives or logs with insufficient privileges, …
(edit) @69467   10 years jmr set egid along with euid
(edit) @69453   10 years jmr change euid back to root in a few more places where it's needed
(edit) @69451   10 years jmr system "mkdir ..." -> file mkdir
(edit) @69444   10 years jmr less indent
(edit) @69436   10 years jmr get correct epoch of existing version when uninstalling due to epoch …
(edit) @69393   10 years jmr regen configure with autoconf 2.66
(edit) @69387   10 years jmr have to explicitly write flat registry entries in action_setrequested
(edit) @69340   10 years snc put "info exists" inside brackets
(edit) @69339   10 years snc check that patchfiles is set before using it
(edit) @69335   10 years jmr only print file name (not full path) in initial clean_dist debug message
(edit) @69334   10 years jmr look for patchfiles in alt prefix too (#25418), make clean --dist …
(edit) @69318   10 years jmr fix uninstall --follow-dependencies when there's no portfile in the …
(edit) @69316   10 years jmr update portdbformat entry in macports.conf.5
(edit) @69191   10 years jmr remove trace from action array (not a real target)
(edit) @69117   10 years jmr when printing checksums line that matches the distfiles after a …
(edit) @69107   10 years jmr clean up formatting of conflicts message
(edit) @69105   10 years jmr check for conflicts when running activate target (#25386)
(edit) @69050   10 years jmr fix typo in unarchive_init
(edit) @69049   10 years jmr fix typo in _archive_available
(edit) @69044   10 years jmr use archive subdir in clean too
(edit) @69043   10 years jmr move potentially time-consuming code from archivefetch_init to …
(edit) @69042   10 years jmr move contents of extract_init to extract_start, as it consists …
(edit) @69041   10 years jmr factor out archive subdir, add os.major to it, and use it in archivefetch
(edit) @69026   10 years jmr skip build deps and build-time checks when running targets on ports …
(edit) @69022   10 years jmr don't try uninstalling replaced ports during upgrade (dependents are …
(edit) @69019   10 years jmr set xcode version to none rather than 2.0 if xcodebuild fails to run
(edit) @69001   10 years jmr skip archivefetch when -s is used
(edit) @68996   10 years jmr Added integrity checking for fetched archives via signed digests. New …
(edit) @68965   10 years jmr fix handling of distfiles with tags that have no corresponding URL (#25332)
(edit) @68957   10 years snc note some fixes to the changelog
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