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(edit) @76629   10 years jmr set a CXX value for configure.compiler clang
(edit) @76482   10 years blb portutil.tcl - need to note the original file's attributes prior to …
(edit) @76453   10 years raimue doc/port.1: Remove -d flag from selfupdate example
(edit) @76418   10 years and.damore adding check for MP_EDITOR, mp specific editor env variable with …
(edit) @76039   10 years jmr IJG license is distributable
(edit) @75951   10 years jmr remove bogus cpp value for macports-clang
(edit) @75820   10 years jmr fix syntax in portlint
(edit) @75781   10 years jmr props
(edit) @75780   10 years jmr add script to check whether binaries of a port may be distributed
(edit) @75534   10 years jmr stop tcl from throwing an error just because launchctl writes to stderr
(edit) @75336   10 years jmr when decoding composite version specs, require variant names to …
(edit) @75281   10 years wsiegrist Update lint job to work on SnowLeopard
(edit) @75260   10 years jmr omit -- separator when --line is used with port info
(edit) @75143   10 years jmr only try to chown startupitems to root if we are root
(edit) @75017   10 years jmr handle running distfiles target on ports with no master_sites
(edit) @74924   10 years jmr (re-)add macports.conf support for master_site_local, …
(edit) @74754   10 years jmr add extract.asroot option
(edit) @74725   10 years jmr when determining if a port is outdated, only consider epoch if the …
(edit) @74655   10 years jmr add 'logfile' action to print location of port log file(s)
(edit) @74440   10 years jmr simplify build.dir default
(edit) @74369   10 years jmr only use stat64 and friends when available, as per jeremyhu's …
(edit) @74318   10 years jmr wrap stat64 and lstat64 in darwintracelib (fixes #21582)
(edit) @74064   10 years jmr call fetch_start in portmirror so the distpath is created and chowned
(edit) @74011   10 years jmr allow for mktemp not in /usr/bin when upgrading sources.conf
(edit) @74010   10 years jmr move fgetln declaration that was forgotten when system was split into …
(edit) @74009   10 years jmr also use setmode.h in xinstall.c
(edit) @74007   10 years jmr use isxdigit instead of ishexnumber
(edit) @74001   10 years jmr base32cmd.*: props
(edit) @73999   10 years jmr add setmode header to include when the OS doesn't provide it
(edit) @73825   10 years jmr allow use of svn.post_args (#27454)
(edit) @73802   10 years and.damore adding lint command support for skipping version number check in …
(edit) @73708   10 years jmr follow-up to r72116, remove descriptions for macports-gcc-3.x
(edit) @73696   10 years raimue doc: Default value for keeplogs is "no"
(edit) @73684   10 years jmr still allow dry runs when there are insufficient privileges to do the …
(edit) @73668   10 years jmr porthier.7 typo, 'build' -> 'built'
(edit) @73640   10 years jmr fix uninstall --follow-dependencies with flat registry (#27382)
(edit) @73544   10 years jmr still need to record dependency relationships for non-installed deps …
(edit) @73333   10 years afb still use lzma binary, for consistency with package1.0 (and it's …
(edit) @73332   10 years afb use default lzma level, in case using xz
(edit) @73316   10 years jmr change 'use_lzma' to use xz to extract, since it supersedes lzmautils
(edit) @73303   10 years jmr pass variations along to dependencies in portmpkg (#27231)
(edit) @73232   10 years jmr fix selfupdate compiler selection on 10.4 and 10.5
(edit) @73228   10 years ryandesign ChangeLog: update for r73227, see #26406
(edit) @73227   10 years ryandesign portutil.tcl: add -n (suppress) option to reinplace; see #26406
(edit) @73224   10 years jmr update RELEASE_URL to 1.9.2 tag
(edit) @73220   10 years jmr 1.9.2 release date
(edit) @73135   10 years jmr only skip already-seen depspecs if they were from a port that required …
(edit) @73133   10 years jmr skip depspecs that have previously been seen in mportdepends
(edit) @73132   10 years jmr add a ticket ref to changelog
(edit) @72997   10 years jmr in mportexec, in addition to checking if the target potentially …
(edit) @72937   10 years mfeiri add macports-clang
(edit) @72936   10 years mfeiri add macports-llvm-gcc-4.2
(edit) @72886   10 years jmr make registry::port_registered available in slave
(edit) @72835   10 years afb use stable xz port
(edit) @72784   10 years jmr explicitly point to the log file when the system command fails
(edit) @72783   10 years jmr reacquire root privileges for dmg/mdmg (doesn't seem like this should …
(edit) @72727   10 years afb add new base32 encoding
(edit) @72489   10 years jmr comment typo
(edit) @72286   10 years jmr comment typo: requestion_variations -> requested_variations
(edit) @72285   10 years jmr missing sigil on editor_var
(edit) @72275   10 years jberry Modify port help output to make clear that the depof, rdepof, …
(edit) @72266   10 years jberry Cleanup comments on foreachport. Also, ensure portspec variable gets …
(edit) @72265   10 years jberry Add a comment about the canonicalization performed by the …
(edit) @72264   10 years jberry Fix a couple more embarrassing misspellings of discriminated
(edit) @72263   10 years jberry Slight cleanup of editor invocation
(edit) @72262   10 years jberry Remove an obsolete comment
(edit) @72261   10 years jberry Simplify implementation of opUnion
(edit) @72258   10 years jberry Be discriminating in use of misspellings
(edit) @72237   10 years jmr regain root privileges when mportexec'ing dependencies in portmpkg (#26463)
(edit) @72236   10 years jmr fix permissions problems with unarchiving as root
(edit) @72234   10 years jmr remove XFree86 dependency hack
(edit) @72233   10 years jmr revert r72230 which disabled privilege dropping entirely
(edit) @72230   10 years snc don't drop privs here: state file permissions error
(edit) @72167   10 years wsiegrist Do not lint deleted portfiles.
(edit) @72149   10 years jmr reacquire root privileges for unarchive, and check euid directly …
(edit) @72122   10 years raimue mportselect: An empty string is an invalid version
(edit) @72116   10 years raimue port1.0: Remove macports-gcc-3.x, ports have been removed from the …
(edit) @72060   10 years jmr recommend xcode 3.2.4
(edit) @71882   10 years raimue port1.0: Deprecate distcheck.check, renamed to distcheck.type
(edit) @71864   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Fail on invalid pseudo-ports names. 'foobar:baz' …
(edit) @71863   10 years raimue port/port.tcl: Do not reset verbose -v or debug -d when using quiet -q …
(edit) @71844   10 years jmr revert r59583, since host_cpu ends up containing "powerpc" on ppc …
(edit) @71843   10 years jmr update current OS version
(edit) @71838   10 years jmr don't break in action_upgrade when macports::upgrade returns status 2 …
(edit) @71837   10 years jmr add a note about what -R does not do
(edit) @71792   10 years jmr revert r71755; there's no reason to use multiple calls
(edit) @71789   10 years jmr regen configure with autoconf 2.68
(edit) @71756   10 years jmr create and chown distpath for all fetch types, not just standard …
(edit) @71755   10 years and.damore added "options" to options line start
(edit) @71607   10 years raimue Update ChangeLog for r71604, r71606
(edit) @71606   10 years raimue Add ccache_dir and ccache_size to macports.conf and man page.
(edit) @71604   10 years raimue Due to privilege escalation we cannot use $HOME/.ccache anymore for …
(edit) @71487   10 years jmr add macports-gcc-4.6 option for configure.compiler
(edit) @71486   10 years jmr use KeepAlive instead of OnDemand in launchd plists when available
(edit) @71390   10 years raimue Update ChangeLog for r71389
(edit) @71389   10 years raimue port1.0: Addition to r71370, use
(edit) @71381   10 years raimue Update ChangeLog for r71380
(edit) @71380   10 years raimue pextlib1.0: Add new 'system -W path' which changes into the given …
(edit) @71371   10 years raimue Update Changelog for r71370
(edit) @71370   10 years raimue port1.0: Add -w to build.cmd and destroot.cmd if using gnumake, adds …
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