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(edit) @82111   9 years jmr rearrange tcl package symlink creation to hopefully cover all possibilities
(edit) @81832   9 years jmr need to eval the command line after all
(edit) @81831   9 years jmr simplify quoting
(edit) @81830   9 years jmr remove extra exec from fetch_port
(edit) @81709   9 years raimue ReleaseProcess: Add a note about using new features
(edit) @81708   9 years raimue ReleaseProcess: Apple's downloads page doesn't exist anymore
(edit) @81657   9 years jmr add ${prefix}/var/macports/registry to porthier.7
(edit) @81642   9 years jmr split -pedantic into a separate variable so it can be turned off …
(edit) @81630   9 years jmr return to previous privilege level when done in adduser and addgroup
(edit) @81602   9 years raimue port/port.tcl: Output errors on stderr Add consistency to messages …
(edit) @81577   9 years jmr determine archive type correctly when activating (#30532)
(edit) @81572   9 years jmr update RELEASE_URL to 2.0.1
(edit) @81567   9 years jmr update ChangeLog
(edit) @81565   9 years jmr delete Lion cruft for runuser in Makefile as well, see r81558
(edit) @81562   9 years jmr avoid erroring due to name-conflicting files from archives when on …
(edit) @81558   9 years jeremyhu Lion: Hide new users from Users & Groups preference pane. #30168
(edit) @81557   9 years jeremyhu Default to clang for XCode 4.2 and later
(edit) @81556   9 years jeremyhu default fallback to generic cc rather than gcc
(edit) @81541   9 years jmr add buildfromsource to bootstrap_options
(edit) @81540   9 years jmr accept 'buildfromsource' setting in macports.conf, to allow …
(edit) @81522   9 years jmr update ChangeLog
(edit) @81475   9 years afb add replaced_by to selectors
(edit) @81467   9 years jmr set a RealName for runuser to work around Tiger System Preferences …
(edit) @81464   9 years jmr add progress output to images_to_archives.tcl (#30347)
(edit) @81454   9 years jmr make group creation tiger compatible, and try to fix invalid …
(edit) @81452   9 years jmr only try to fetch in getportdir if the url is in fact a file, not if …
(edit) @81451   9 years wsiegrist Use the right copy of trunk to build index. Do not use nobody:nobody.
(edit) @81415   9 years jmr also avoid uid collision in postflight script, and use DSCL variable …
(edit) @81414   9 years jmr create run user with lowest available uid above 500, checking all data …
(edit) @81371   9 years jmr translate special 'exit' return code to 0
(edit) @81361   9 years jmr clear portinfo before loading each new subport in portindex
(edit) @81269   9 years afb use lzma_path and xz_path for distfiles as well as archives
(edit) @81234   9 years jmr accept --subports for port info
(edit) @81171   9 years afb add lzma_path and xz_path to configure
(edit) @81146   9 years jmr move setting of startpwd outside the try block in …
(edit) @81119   9 years jmr update supported OS and Xcode versions
(edit) @81005   9 years jeremyhu Add a 'cc' compiler option for the system default compiler (as opposed …
(edit) @80971   9 years jmr don't clobber other variant info when setting is_default
(edit) @80969   9 years jmr fix port variants --index
(edit) @80940   9 years jmr update RELEASE_URL to 2.0.0
(edit) @80934   9 years jmr 2.0.0 release date
(edit) @80932   9 years jmr move setting of LANG to the right place so it sticks
(edit) @80928   9 years jmr set a UTF-8 env(LANG)
(edit) @80894   9 years jmr reacquire root privileges in portpkg if they were dropped
(edit) @80798   9 years jeremyhu Revert an accidental over-commit from the last commit
(edit) @80797   9 years jeremyhu adduser: Use /usr/bin/false for shell and /var/empty for home
(edit) @80779   9 years jmr fix setting from sourceforge master_sites using the new …
(edit) @80730   9 years jmr update examples in ReleaseProcess to use more recent versions
(edit) @80726   9 years jmr bump trunk version
(edit) @80656   9 years jmr apache 1.x license does conflict with all GPL versions
(edit) @80655   9 years jmr apache license does not conflict with GPLv3
(edit) @80609   9 years jmr add some generic license keywords that can be used when a port is not …
(edit) @80586   9 years jmr don't use subdir when fetching archive from an explicit porturl
(edit) @80583   9 years jmr fix filtering of archive mirrors by prefix
(edit) @80581   9 years jmr don't clear all_archive_files when archive already exists
(edit) @80474   9 years jmr libtool license is distributable
(edit) @80453   9 years jmr Tcl/Tk license is distributable
(edit) @80443   9 years jmr only require root privileges in portclean if started as root
(edit) @80414   9 years jmr add autoconf license
(edit) @80411   9 years jmr update license conflicts
(edit) @80410   9 years jmr add Restrictive/Distributable to distributable license list
(edit) @80391   9 years jmr remove unnecessary backslashes
(edit) @80386   9 years jmr GPLv3 conflicts with older GPL versions without "any later version"
(edit) @80335   9 years jmr fix checking for existence of group on 10.5 (#30096)
(edit) @80288   9 years jmr don't print message about converting flat receipts if there are none
(edit) @80287   9 years jmr set a fake env(HOME) if none exists, to appease tcl library code
(edit) @80248   9 years jeremyhu Include a C++ compiler for gcc-apple-4.2
(edit) @80246   9 years jmr silence some warnings in darwintracelib
(edit) @80245   9 years jmr disable FTP test since it won't work on the buildbot server
(edit) @80229   9 years jmr validate macportsuser in dependencies too (#30055)
(edit) @80226   9 years jmr bump postflight version
(edit) @80224   9 years jmr actually call the create_run_user function in postflight
(edit) @80222   9 years jmr apparently bash needs an extra eval to expand both a variable and a tilde
(edit) @80220   9 years jmr do tilde expansion on tcl package dir
(edit) @80178   9 years jmr turn on ports_verbose in images_to_archives
(edit) @80139   9 years jmr add prefix=/usr check to selfupdate
(edit) @80138   9 years jmr don't invite bug reports when using an unsupported prefix
(edit) @80137   9 years jmr also complain about prefix=/usr
(edit) @80088   9 years jmr choose default configure.compiler based on Xcode version (#30009)
(edit) @80069   9 years raimue Rename dprintf to debug_printf to avoid name clash with POSIX
(edit) @79943   9 years jmr add fallbacks for default configure.compiler when targeting older OS …
(edit) @79864   9 years jmr fix moving broken symlinks when force activating (#29952)
(edit) @79787   9 years jmr use /var/empty for runuser home
(edit) @79782   9 years afb minor: change test path, not make variable
(edit) @79774   9 years afb make sure that test can find library (on freebsd)
(edit) @79773   9 years afb make sure to remove linux segfault workaround var
(edit) @79772   9 years afb fix tails with trailing slash, on other platforms
(edit) @79771   9 years afb make sure that test can find library (on freebsd)
(edit) @79762   9 years jmr add get_canonical_archflags proc
(edit) @79750   9 years jmr use double bracket tests in postflight since it asks for bash anyway, …
(edit) @79692   9 years jmr use 'id -u' in Makefile to check if we're root, rather than $USER
(edit) @79689   9 years jmr don't try to drop privileges if macportsuser does not exist
(edit) @79686   9 years jmr display negative default variants correctly
(edit) @79649   9 years jmr fix potential (and at least one actual) privilege issues with clean …
(edit) @79600   9 years jmr mention signed sync/selfupdate in ChangeLog
(edit) @79599   9 years jmr make sync and selfupdate via signed tarballs the default
(edit) @79594   9 years jmr fix capitalisation in readme
(edit) @79593   9 years jmr update copyright notices
(edit) @79592   9 years wsiegrist Change directories when tarring
(edit) @79591   9 years wsiegrist ln needs -h to replace a symlink to a directory
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