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(edit) @88045   8 years jmr check for full range of affected libcurl versions for FTP_PROXY workaround
(edit) @88032   8 years raimue Update ChangeLog
(edit) @88031   8 years raimue port livecheck regex now finds multiple matches on the same line …
(edit) @87905   8 years jeremyhu Set GI_SCANNER_DISABLE_CACHE when building, see #26783
(edit) @87693   8 years snc base: output filenames inline when handling multiple distfiles, #28668
(edit) @87689   8 years snc base: output filenames inline when handling multiple distfiles, #28668
(edit) @87688   8 years snc base: output filenames inline when handling multiple distfiles, #28668
(edit) @87571   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: use "or" instead of "resp."; hyphenate "32-bit"
(edit) @87570   8 years cal base: Document supported_archs in man 7 portfile (closes #25189)
(edit) @87281   8 years jmr set subport to the name as listed in the PortIndex when possible (#31743)
(edit) @87253   8 years dports port_binary_distributable: CNRI license (another old Python license) …
(edit) @87250   8 years dports port_binary_distributable: beopen license is OK and GPL-conflicting
(edit) @86920   8 years snc base: lint warning for using subport livecheck
(edit) @86872   8 years jmr ask 'svn info' if file:// sources are working copies
(edit) @86719   8 years jeremyhu Add support for versioned clang and the port selected gcc in …
(edit) @86708   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: fix typo
(edit) @86705   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: rewrite epoch section to remove the implication that using …
(edit) @86704   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: modernize the platform block examples
(edit) @86703   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: use path:-style xz dependency in example so either xz or …
(edit) @86702   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: use port:-style dependency in variant example
(edit) @86701   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: configure.compiler: remove compilers MacPorts no longer …
(edit) @86700   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: svn.tag was renamed to svn.revision some time ago
(edit) @86699   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: update example svn urls
(edit) @86698   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: follow our patchfile naming guidelines in the example
(edit) @86697   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: fix typo
(edit) @86696   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: fix default applications_dir value
(edit) @86695   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: change the target.env example to something we would …
(edit) @86694   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: sha256 is a valid checksum type too
(edit) @86693   8 years ryandesign portfile.7: the default for use_parallel_build has been yes for awhile …
(edit) @86210   8 years ryandesign portconfigure.tcl: remove apple-gcc-3.3 compiler option; the …
(edit) @86197   8 years jmr always mention port name in verbose output of port_binary_distributable.tcl
(edit) @86152   8 years and.damore portconfigure, reverting r86136
(edit) @86139   8 years and.damore portconfigure, reverting r86137, removing CPP setting
(edit) @86137   8 years and.damore portconfigure: fixing typo in comment
(edit) @86136   8 years and.damore portconfigure: adding CPP to configure phase environment, partially …
(edit) @86131   8 years snc base: add lint changes to ChangeLog
(edit) @86104   8 years jmr removing freebsd license from distributable list, call it bsd instead
(edit) @86018   8 years snc base: extraneous brace
(edit) @86017   8 years snc base: * avoid some temporary variables in license lint * add more …
(edit) @86016   8 years snc base: handle braces when testing last character of each license
(edit) @86002   8 years jmr CeCILL-B and CeCILL-C are distributable
(edit) @85950   8 years snc base: followup to r85934, no longer need to skip next license
(edit) @85934   8 years snc base: tweak end of license numeric check to allow +
(edit) @85933   8 years snc base: rework license lint * tokenize licenses * more gracefully find …
(edit) @85929   8 years snc base: if set, check license formatting
(edit) @85623   8 years jmr BSD-old license (with advertising clause) is distributable but …
(edit) @85458   8 years dports port_binary_distributable: BitstreamVera license is distributable
(edit) @85382   8 years dports check whether any conflicts are installed even when the port we're …
(edit) @85256   8 years jmr unknown license is not an error
(edit) @85223   8 years snc base: FPLL license is good
(edit) @85222   8 years snc base: OpenLDAP license is good
(edit) @85188   8 years jmr wxwidgets license does not conflict with any GPL version
(edit) @85154   8 years and.damore base: removed "wxwl" license added by error
(edit) @85153   8 years and.damore base: adding "wxWindows Library Licence" license
(edit) @84985   8 years snc base: avoid double calculating of checksums
(edit) @84937   8 years ryandesign portutil.tcl: remove unnecessary escaping of space in quoted path
(edit) @84931   8 years ryandesign portutil.tcl: change message about needing to run Install Xcode
(edit) @84920   8 years jmr remove "libpng" from license list, it's the same as zlib
(edit) @84909   8 years jmr only check for xcode installer when we know it's relevant
(edit) @84908   8 years snc base: check for AppStore's Xcode Installer
(edit) @84555   8 years snc base: lint error when license is not set, #30194
(edit) @84526   8 years jmr add metis to mirror exclusions
(edit) @84481   8 years jmr allow epoch to be a don't care value in reg_entry_open by passing an …
(edit) @84412   8 years jmr Eclipse Public License is distributable and GPL-conflicting
(edit) @84402   8 years jmr W3C license is distributable
(edit) @84351   8 years jmr work around broken libcurl env var handling in 10.6
(edit) @84345   8 years ryandesign postflight: quote all paths including $HOME, in case it contains …
(edit) @84344   8 years ryandesign postflight: adjust success message wording, including fixing a typo …
(edit) @84317   8 years jmr fix expected svn-and-patchsites test output
(edit) @84316   8 years jmr don't fail to create registry.db due to lack of write perms on …
(edit) @84274   8 years snc add ISC license:
(edit) @84173   8 years jmr add missing global declarations for patchfiles in VCS fetch procs
(edit) @84172   8 years jmr show remote patchfiles in the distfiles target even when there are no …
(edit) @84171   8 years jmr replace cvs test with svn over http, as this will work on the buildslave
(edit) @84170   8 years jmr skip files that already don't exist in _deactivate_file
(edit) @83589   8 years raimue update RELEASE_URL to 2.0.3
(edit) @83577   8 years ryandesign ReleaseProcess: sha256 hashes too
(edit) @83537   8 years raimue Update ChangeLog
(edit) @83471   8 years jmr clear distfiles when changing fetch.type rather than changing the …
(edit) @83448   8 years jmr update RELEASE_URL to 2.0.2
(edit) @83443   8 years jmr ChangeLog: 2.0.2 release date
(edit) @83395   8 years jmr update ChangeLog
(edit) @83391   8 years jmr add SELFUPDATING variable to makefile to suppress message saying to …
(edit) @83384   8 years dports port_binary_distributable: * ncsa and wtfpl are good * ruby is …
(edit) @83378   8 years dports port_binary_distributable: LPPL is also OK but GPL-conflicting
(edit) @83271   8 years jmr don't regenerate PortIndex locally during selfupdate when base is …
(edit) @83270   8 years jmr don't warn about old ports tree if running selfupdate or sync (#23094)
(edit) @83267   8 years jmr unset TMP/TMPDIR in env if it's not writable or doesn't look like it …
(edit) @83149   8 years jmr correctly treat distfiles and all_dist_files as lists in a couple …
(edit) @83147   8 years jmr print path of root_fts when fts_read fails in do_traverse
(edit) @83136   8 years jmr include errorInfo in debug output when _mportexec fails
(edit) @83126   8 years dports port_binary_distributable: add OpenSSLException, which conflicts with …
(edit) @83100   8 years dports port_binary_distributable: AFL is OK but GPL-incompatible
(edit) @83053   8 years ryandesign Whitespace changes only
(edit) @83052   8 years ryandesign Update plist doctype
(edit) @82982   8 years dports port_binary_distributable: gd license is OK but GPL-conflicting
(edit) @82971   8 years raimue cregistry: Extended result codes are only available in SQLite >= …
(edit) @82961   8 years raimue Fix dumb pointer dereference mistake from r82949
(edit) @82949   8 years raimue Enable extended status codes for sqlite3, …
(edit) @82947   8 years jmr uninstall and deactivate dependents before their dependencies (#8431)
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