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(edit) @92838   8 years toby machista1.0: fix distclean
(edit) @92788   8 years jmr bump trunk version
(edit) @92785   8 years jmr update copyright years in LICENSE
(edit) @92733   8 years jmr use elseif for mutually exclusive license cases
(edit) @92732   8 years jmr consolidate some global declarations
(edit) @92730   8 years jmr remove lint check for livecheck in subports, there are legitimate …
(edit) @92588   8 years jeremyhu Add support for macports-clang-3.2
(edit) @92546   8 years jmr handle subports correctly in action_deps and action_log when the …
(edit) @92410   8 years jeremyhu Add support for syncing git overlays
(edit) @92404   8 years jmr clean up installed ports between tests, and update expected test output
(edit) @92342   8 years jmr regen configure with autoconf 2.69
(edit) @92159   8 years jeremyhu Use gcc-4.0 if using XCode 3.2 with a Tiger deployment target
(edit) @92109   8 years jeremyhu Adjust compiler defaults on old OS versions Removes apple-gcc-4.0 …
(edit) @92072   8 years jmr add leading ./ when extracting +CONTENTS for gnutar compatibility (#34080)
(edit) @91995   8 years cal remove double colon
(edit) @91963   8 years jmr keep good_licenses sorted for convenience
(edit) @91836   8 years jmr update ReleaseProcess
(edit) @91834   8 years jmr update License.html copyright years
(edit) @91829   8 years jmr update base Distribution file
(edit) @91825   8 years jmr update NEWS, put upcoming version in ChangeLog
(edit) @91806   8 years jmr check local upgrade options for revupgrade settings, not global options
(edit) @91790   8 years cal rev-upgrade: Fix superfluous whitespace
(edit) @91763   8 years jmr factor out [$port name] calls
(edit) @91745   8 years cal Tests for r91744.
(edit) @91744   8 years cal Fix regression introduced by r90650 adding "-w" to destroot.cmd if …
(edit) @91726   8 years jmr don't mess with the global options in revupgrade_scanandrebuild, and …
(edit) @91725   8 years jmr make details of problems found by rev-upgrade verbose output rather …
(edit) @91723   8 years jmr avoid some repeated identical procedure calls in revupgrade_scanandrebuild
(edit) @91702   8 years jmr revert
(edit) @91701   8 years ryandesign Silently ignore MisbehavingServers rather than inconvenience the user; …
(edit) @91691   8 years jmr use the actual activated path of files in rev-upgrade
(edit) @91685   8 years ryandesign portsubmit.tcl: fix punctuation in two error messages
(edit) @91557   8 years jmr update ChangeLog, copyright notices
(edit) @91554   8 years jeremyhu Add versioned clang to the list of compilers supporting -arch
(edit) @91549   8 years jmr remove GI_SCANNER_DISABLE_CACHE workaround
(edit) @91530   8 years ryandesign ChangeLog: fix typo
(edit) @91529   8 years ryandesign ChangeLog: update for configure.compiler changes of r71487
(edit) @91528   8 years ryandesign ChangeLog: update for configure.compiler changes of r86719
(edit) @91523   8 years ryandesign portconfigure.tcl: finish removing macports-gcc-4.0 and …
(edit) @91522   8 years ryandesign ChangeLog: update for configure.compiler changes of r91521
(edit) @91521   8 years ryandesign portconfigure.tcl: add macports-gcc-4.7 and macports-gcc-4.8 as …
(edit) @91520   8 years jmr fail in configure if mtree is not present, rather than later in the …
(edit) @91518   8 years jmr avoid referencing xcodeversion in mportinit (may help with #33724)
(edit) @91514   8 years jmr skip archivefetch if destroot is already complete and not in …
(edit) @91512   8 years jmr look for sqlite3 in standard locations before trying pkg-config (#30932)
(edit) @91511   8 years jmr allow setting default compiler in macports.conf (#30008)
(edit) @91509   8 years jmr clarify unsupported conf variables
(edit) @91437   8 years jmr support Distribution packages in portmpkg
(edit) @91433   8 years jmr revert r91337 (undefined variables), remove excess debug message
(edit) @91432   8 years jmr add an OS version check to base InstallationCheck JS, so we can …
(edit) @91430   8 years jmr don't exit pkg_start when already packaged, since target_runtype is …
(edit) @91363   8 years jmr don't fail due to missing archive defaults
(edit) @91361   8 years jmr warn if archive defaults are missing (e.g. from custom _resources in a …
(edit) @91357   8 years jmr fix dependencies being installed multiple times when required with …
(edit) @91349   8 years jmr use full path in xcode-select command to accomodate old versions (#33398)
(edit) @91346   8 years jmr get correct portname case in log and logfile actions (#32873)
(edit) @91337   8 years snc base: gentle renaming to match calling function's variable names
(edit) @91333   8 years snc base: Leopard needed the -AppleLanguages workaround
(edit) @91332   8 years snc base: drop '-AppleLanguages "(English)" from packagemaker cmdline
(edit) @91331   8 years jmr distribution packages should work now
(edit) @91330   8 years snc base: no barelines at the start of XML files
(edit) @91329   8 years jmr WIP Distribution package support, still having trouble getting …
(edit) @91317   8 years jmr rearrange pkg code to allow ports to set up package resources in …
(edit) @91312   9 years jeremyhu Set sane defaults for cc, objc, cxx, and cpp for all compiler choices. …
(edit) @91304   9 years jmr add missing space
(edit) @91303   9 years jmr support fetch.ignore_sslcert with hg fetch type (#29130)
(edit) @91250   9 years jmr don't add $name to PortInfo(subports) list
(edit) @91217   9 years jmr take archive availability into account when calculating deps in …
(edit) @91197   9 years jmr small loop tweak
(edit) @91196   9 years jmr check on packages server when testing if an archive is available
(edit) @91012   9 years cal fetch: Do not chown $distpath if not necessary and soft-fail if …
(edit) @91011   9 years jmr use exact search to match config options (default is glob)
(edit) @91009   9 years jmr Archive fetch improvements: * Added a config file to allow using …
(edit) @90958   9 years jmr only move archives into their final installed location in the install …
(edit) @90943   9 years jmr distfiles are not necessarily source code
(edit) @90902   9 years jeremyhu Fix whitespace
(edit) @90848   9 years jmr fix return options in command_exec
(edit) @90804   9 years cal Fix incorrect revision number in ChangeLog
(edit) @90803   9 years cal Add changelog entry for developer_dir warning
(edit) @90802   9 years cal Warn if developer_dir is set but doesn't exist Apparently MacPorts <= …
(edit) @90787   9 years snc base: update fetching message to match description from fetcharchive
(edit) @90712   9 years ryandesign ChangeLog: add an item forgotten in the 2.0.4 release about use_xmkmf; …
(edit) @90692   9 years ryandesign ChangeLog: add entry for svn 1.7 subdirectory sync issue #33573
(edit) @90659   9 years cal rev-upgrade: Add changelog entry
(edit) @90657   9 years ryandesign ChangeLog: add ticket number reference for bsdmake change
(edit) @90654   9 years cal Move ChangeLog entry to 2.0.5, where it belongs
(edit) @90651   9 years cal Update ChangeLog for bsdmake auto-dependency
(edit) @90650   9 years cal Auto-add depends_build bin:bsdmake:bsdmake to port setting build.type …
(edit) @90647   9 years ryandesign ChangeLog: add some dmg postflight changes I made awhile back that I'm …
(edit) @90620   9 years jmr use -nocomplain when unsetting in options::export
(edit) @90610   9 years raimue Handle reinplace -W to set a common base dir for all file arguments
(edit) @90602   9 years cal Fix warning "ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code"
(edit) @90601   9 years cal Declare variables as local where possible, #30584
(edit) @90480   9 years jmr fix xcode checks in configure
(edit) @90479   9 years jmr update current OS X version
(edit) @90396   9 years raimue Include positive/negative variant sign in debug log
(edit) @90381   9 years raimue Do not run automatic rev-upgrade in dry-run
(edit) @90368   9 years ryandesign Follow-up to r90355: make both "Please see the log file" messages …
(edit) @90355   9 years raimue Try to improve error messages by making more clear which port failed. …
(edit) @90248   9 years jmr update RELEASE_URL to 2.0.4
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