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(edit) @60296   11 years snc have clean handle universal binaries, which are placed in their own …
(edit) @60295   11 years snc clean up comments
(edit) @60262   11 years jmr we no longer use ditto
(edit) @60261   11 years jmr detab and update modeline for portdmg, portmdmg
(edit) @60260   11 years jmr use hdiutil's -srcfolder option in portdmg, as was done in portmdmg in …
(edit) @60259   11 years jmr clean up unused code in portmdmg
(edit) @60247   11 years jmr revert r60246, it still breaks deactivation of e.g. ncursesw
(edit) @60246   11 years jmr Make the filename part of filemap entries case-sensitive (#14123). …
(edit) @59913   11 years jmr port.1: -n also affects install
(edit) @59882   11 years jmr fix archive file list generation (#21864)
(edit) @59881   11 years jmr r59879 missed another spot where the variant list is constructed
(edit) @59880   11 years jmr try to do something sensible with universal archives
(edit) @59879   11 years jmr match setting of portvariants in portarchive with that in …
(edit) @59878   11 years jmr portarchive.tcl: tabs to spaces, update modeline
(edit) @59877   11 years jmr portunarchive.tcl: tabs to spaces, update modeline
(edit) @59876   11 years jmr match setting of portvariants in unarchive with that in …
(edit) @59855   11 years toby port1.0: improve our audit trail with CC_PRINT_OPTIONS
(edit) @59839   11 years jmr avoid setting LINES and COLUMNS to 0 (#22142)
(edit) @59836   11 years jmr new mportlistall proc, various slight efficiency improvements
(edit) @59833   11 years jmr warn only once about lack of root privileges
(edit) @59801   11 years jmr warn when using +universal on ports with no universal variant (can …
(edit) @59770   11 years afb sort port uninstall output (#21634)
(edit) @59715   11 years jberry Add some Tiger compatability to sha256 calculation
(edit) @59679   11 years jmr get most of the tests working again
(edit) @59676   11 years jmr PortIndex.quick handling for make test
(edit) @59674   11 years jmr restore test target removed in r51380
(edit) @59669   11 years jmr only calculate timestamp once when force activating (r49006 was meant …
(edit) @59654   11 years jmr unbreak uninstall (oops)
(edit) @59597   11 years jmr don't try to set owner and group in reinplace when not root (see #20896)
(edit) @59585   11 years jmr ensure that we set a reasonable umask at startup, and list the …
(edit) @59583   11 years jmr config.guess isn't completely useless after all :-)
(edit) @59582   11 years jmr change configurepipe default to yes
(edit) @59581   11 years jmr comment out macports.conf options where possible to allow users to …
(edit) @59580   11 years jmr note constraint on prefix in macports.conf
(edit) @59534   11 years blb Remove macports.spec from svn:ignore since the file is now named that …
(edit) @59510   11 years jberry Remove an extra newline in the help command output
(edit) @59509   11 years jberry Restore a missing newline in the help command output
(edit) @59394   11 years jmr slight cleanup and a typo
(edit) @59318   11 years jmr avoid calling realpath for nonexistent files (#22001)
(edit) @59315   11 years jmr remove a couple of useless lines from _deactivate_contents
(edit) @58980   11 years snc add build_arch to clean (--archive) to match updated archive path
(edit) @58979   11 years snc add build_arch to check for missing archive
(edit) @58978   11 years snc add note about r58977
(edit) @58977   11 years snc use build_arch in archivemode heirarchy instead of os.arch. this will …
(edit) @58842   11 years toby pextlib1.0: remove compatibility code for ancient version of libcurl
(edit) @58840   11 years toby pextlib1.0: move mktemp etc into a separate file
(edit) @58838   11 years toby base: update config.* for the lulz
(edit) @58837   11 years toby pextlib1.0: utime.h is required by posix, no need to ifdef
(edit) @58835   11 years toby pextlib1.0: fix a comment, misc whitespace
(edit) @58834   11 years toby pextlib1.0: Avoid calling curl_global_init for actions that don't …
(edit) @58788   11 years ryandesign portutil.tcl: merge proc: use pure tcl to identify symlinks and …
(edit) @58777   11 years ryandesign portutil.tcl: Support paths with special characters like spaces in the …
(edit) @58776   11 years ryandesign portutil.tcl: Add error message to merge proc if the directory it's …
(edit) @58472   11 years afb update changelog, for stuff that didn't make it to 1.8.1
(edit) @58461   11 years jmr update RELEASE_URL to 1.8.1 tag
(edit) @58445   11 years jmr ChangeLog: fix typo and add date for 1.8.1 release
(edit) @58441   11 years blb port1.0/portmain.tcl - shorten OS info debug output to one line
(edit) @58355   11 years toby #21646 (Grammar error in man portstyle(7))
(edit) @58141   11 years toby base: add comment
(edit) @58139   11 years toby base: work around bizarre curl-config --libs output
(edit) @58137   11 years toby base: prefer CommonCrypto, use libmd otherwise. no libcrypto
(edit) @58132   11 years toby pextlib1.0: consistency
(edit) @58131   11 years toby pextlib1.0: use CommonCrypto where possible
(edit) @58129   11 years toby base: check for CommonCrypto/CommonDigest.h header
(edit) @58093   11 years blb port1.0/portinstall.tcl - fix attribute-setting issue for non-root …
(edit) @58084   11 years toby pextlib1.0: don't ask
(edit) @58083   11 years toby Makefile: fix distclean
(edit) @58020   11 years afb add patch.type=gnu, for ports that just gotta have gnu patch
(edit) @58015   11 years afb check for gnupatch too (if different from patch)
(edit) @57998   11 years afb don't use -j1, check param syntax (breakage from r52390)
(edit) @57982   11 years ryandesign Updated ChangeLog with more things that have gone into the 1.8 branch …
(edit) @57979   11 years ryandesign InstallationCheck.strings: slight rewording
(edit) @57974   11 years jmr update changelog
(edit) @57922   11 years dluke Fix NextgidCmd comment as well (MIN_USABLE_GID is also 500)
(edit) @57921   11 years dluke update comment (MIN_USABLE_UID is 500)
(edit) @57913   11 years afb remove unused SHA-384 and SHA-512, also cuts down on gcc-4.2 warnings
(edit) @57889   11 years afb update freebsd package (to 1.8.0)
(edit) @57888   11 years afb add new sha256 checksum
(edit) @57872   11 years raimue Add our twitter account to ReleaseProcess
(edit) @57871   11 years raimue macports1.0: Be more verbose which PortIndex file has a problem.
(edit) @57858   11 years afb remove fedora package (from autogen)
(edit) @57827   11 years afb use_xz: allow distfiles in xz format
(edit) @57820   11 years raimue port1.0/portinstall.tcl: Setting target_state to no is bad for install …
(edit) @57801   11 years jmr don't record install in the statefile
(edit) @57784   11 years jmr remove bogus cd from patch_main
(edit) @57677   11 years toby pextlib1.0: no need to guard this, it is defined by posix
(edit) @57674   11 years afb add header for WIFEXITED
(edit) @57633   11 years jmr revert r57632, CPP was deliberately removed in r54609
(edit) @57632   11 years mww add missing 'CPP'
(edit) @57602   11 years raimue pextlib1.0/xinstall.c: Debug messages from xinstall have been …
(edit) @57559   11 years blb ReleaseProcess - document the x.y.99 versioning for new trunk versions
(edit) @57441   11 years jmr realpath only allocates memory for you on 10.6
(edit) @57436   11 years jmr add realpath command to try to fix #21082
(edit) @57255   11 years jmr macports.conf.5: add build_arch, remove Jaguar-specific info, fix spelling
(edit) @57242   11 years jmr delete commented-out code
(edit) @57131   11 years blb portfile.7 - fix macosx_deployment_target name, ticket #19508
(edit) @57055   11 years raimue port1.0/portload.tcl: Fix a bug introduced in r49087 which prevented …
(edit) @57048   11 years blb port.1 - remove duplicated description of platform command (original …
(edit) @57026   11 years jmr slightly better error message when a pseudo-port expression matches nothing
(edit) @56889   11 years toby macports1.0: #21034 (Warning: No index(es) found! Have you synced …
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