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(edit) @113979   5 years raimue guide: Add some hint not to use file dependencies
(edit) @113083   5 years raimue guide: Add cross-reference to the membership requirements
(edit) @113071   5 years raimue guide: Small updates to the commit access procedure.
(edit) @112885   5 years raimue guide: More about the SQLite registry and its files, describe flat …
(edit) @112884   5 years raimue guide: Fix compilation by removing stray closing tag
(edit) @112883   5 years raimue guide: Fix a typo in mportclose
(edit) @112882   5 years raimue guide: Remove outdated registry API reference
(edit) @112881   5 years raimue doc-new: Exclude output directories of guide and man from version control
(edit) @112555   5 years raimue guide: Update version and links for 2.2.1
(edit) @112552   5 years snc doc-new: document all of reinplace's options
(edit) @112494   5 years raimue guide: Add some more cross-references
(edit) @112493   5 years raimue guide: Add a check if everything works and link to the next chapter
(edit) @112491   5 years raimue guide: Provide direct links to the package installers
(edit) @112489   5 years raimue guide: Avoid placeholders, use the version number from a entity variable.
(edit) @112488   5 years raimue guide: Less ambiguity in wording.
(edit) @112482   5 years raimue guide: Give specific commands for download and extraction.
(edit) @112481   5 years raimue Avoid confusion about --prefix option, refer to other section instead.
(edit) @112454   5 years macsforever2000 doc-new: Specify Mountain Lion.
(edit) @112451   5 years snc doc-new: add links for xcode for 10.9
(edit) @112450   5 years snc doc-new: add install message about 10.9
(edit) @112145   5 years ryandesign installing.xml: note that the Lion section is actually for Lion or …
(edit) @111935   5 years mk Guide: add a note concerning correct syntax for port group obsolete …
(edit) @111568   5 years ryandesign installing.xml: expand section on installing Xcode command line tools; …
(edit) @108933   5 years larryv doc-new/README: Note explicit requirement of docbook-xml-4.5; minor …
(edit) @107728   5 years ryandesign portfiledev.xml: remove specific mention that startupitem keywords can …
(edit) @105580   6 years larryv guide: Remove stray "the" from r105578.
(edit) @105578   6 years larryv guide: Correct description of the configure phase.
(edit) @105576   6 years jmr guide: document configure.cmd
(edit) @105466   6 years mk Guide: revert inadvertedly introduced change to Makefile
(edit) @105465   6 years mk Guide: remove option default_compiler from macports.conf
(edit) @105464   6 years mk Guide: add a few more useful macports.conf options from man pages
(edit) @105463   6 years mk Guide: add section '6.6 MacPorts' buildbot'
(edit) @105460   6 years mk Guide: describe portgroup obsolete
(edit) @105189   6 years ryandesign use "quote" tag so we get smart quotes; fix some other tags
(edit) @105188   6 years ryandesign portfile-keywords.xml: reword supported_archs section to remove some …
(edit) @105187   6 years ryandesign portfile-keywords.xml: encourage non-committer maintainers to add …
(edit) @105186   6 years ryandesign portfile-keywords.xml: clarify that comments can precede the …
(edit) @105007   6 years afb Document where the .rpm packages end up
(edit) @105004   6 years afb Remove source packages from guide, now that portpkg disappeared
(edit) @104056   6 years raimue guide: Add brief documentation for -replace with two arguments and -strsed.
(edit) @103894   6 years jmr guide: document python.link_binaries_suffix, use varname tags in a few …
(edit) @103392   6 years larryv guide: Update description of build.type.
(edit) @103302   6 years larryv guide: Use unordered lists for Xcode installer options.
(edit) @103174   6 years larryv guide: Clarify more instances of which OS uses which universal flags.
(edit) @103173   6 years larryv Guide: Clarify which OSes use which configure.universal_cflags.
(edit) @101887   6 years jmr guide: update python portgroup docs
(edit) @99866   6 years ryandesign project.xml: ask users to clean and try again before filing a ticket
(edit) @99020   6 years ryandesign installing.xml: fix mailing list URL (#36712)
(edit) @98898   6 years jmr guide: enhancements to port abandoned procedure
(edit) @98867   6 years jmr doc-new: remove PDF in "make clean", and add some documentation …
(edit) @98076   6 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: change example svn URLs
(edit) @97921   6 years ryandesign installing.xml: minor formatting change
(edit) @97454   6 years wsiegrist Add Linux support to guide generation.
(edit) @96879   6 years ciserlohn guide: fix PortGroup path (see #35717)
(edit) @96872   6 years cal document destroot.post_args defaulting to DESTDIR=${destdir}
(edit) @95029   6 years jmr guide: --follow-dependents is no longer needed to uninstall everything …
(edit) @94629   6 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: update description of configure universal
(edit) @94628   6 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: update configure.perl and configure.python …
(edit) @94627   6 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: add more configure.compiler values; modernize …
(edit) @94337   6 years cal doc-new: Add Makefile rules to generate guide in PDF form using …
(edit) @93794   7 years snc guide: spell mimics correctly
(edit) @92756   7 years ryandesign portfile-livecheck.xml: freshmeat is now called freecode; see #32026
(edit) @90251   7 years jmr guide: update for 2.0.4 release / Xcode 4.3
(edit) @89981   7 years jmr guide: add note that xcode 4.3 does not work
(edit) @89966   7 years snc guide: update URLs and note Xcode 4.3 is an app this time
(edit) @89836   7 years raimue guide: Split up installation instructions into sections for each Mac …
(edit) @89763   7 years snc guide: git.branch should refer to tags and commits
(edit) @89120   7 years snc guide: add macports-clang-* options for configure.compiler
(edit) @88767   7 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: fix spacing of sha256 checksums to match spacing …
(edit) @88727   7 years macsforever2000 Removed references to md5 and sha1 checksum and added references to sha256.
(edit) @88723   7 years macsforever2000 Another consistency tweak to the checksum docs.
(edit) @88722   7 years macsforever2000 Minor consistency tweaks to checksum docs.
(edit) @88720   7 years macsforever2000 Update checksum docs to remove references to md5 and sha1 and add …
(edit) @87789   7 years ryandesign portgroup-xcode.xml: fix wording of xcode.project section
(edit) @87570   7 years cal base: Document supported_archs in man 7 portfile (closes #25189)
(edit) @86766   7 years ryandesign project.xml: revise Subject line used to request commit access
(edit) @86725   7 years ryandesign portfiledev.xml: update patchfile example to show a diff that is not …
(edit) @86707   7 years ryandesign portfile-keywords.xml: rewrite epoch section a bit
(edit) @86609   7 years jmr guide: update using uninstall section, adding examples for the actionflags
(edit) @86213   7 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: update the list of default compilers
(edit) @86211   7 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: remove reference to compilers apple-gcc-3.3, …
(edit) @84983   7 years and.damore guide, tcl extension: there's no "file move" Tcl command
(edit) @84102   7 years jmr guide: add examples for mpkg and mdmg actions (#26930)
(edit) @83716   7 years jmr guide: update guidelines for name field
(edit) @83619   7 years ryandesign portgroup-xcode.xml: since r35171 the xcode portgroup has been using …
(edit) @83516   7 years ryandesign portfiledev.xml: remove suggestion that a port that has been replaced …
(edit) @82805   7 years jmr guide: rephrase ticket guidelines to encourage using attachments for …
(edit) @82781   7 years ryandesign installing.xml: Follow dependents when uninstalling, to give …
(edit) @82429   7 years jmr guide: update config files section
(edit) @81658   7 years jmr guide: update Port Images section
(edit) @81656   7 years jmr guide: update porthier
(edit) @81655   7 years jmr guide: document use_xz
(edit) @81654   7 years jmr guide: remove archive phase, update install and activate descriptions
(edit) @81653   7 years jmr guide: document supported_archs
(edit) @81652   7 years jmr guide: make section on archives more accurate for current version
(edit) @81650   7 years jmr guide: update to reflect that .profile is not the only shell config …
(edit) @81649   7 years jmr guide: changing the tclpackage path isn't generally needed any more
(edit) @81648   7 years jmr guide: update sources.conf example
(edit) @81647   7 years jmr guide: not all macports versions are 1.x any more
(edit) @81646   7 years jmr guide: add note about having to run the Xcode installer after …
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