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(edit) @154113   3 years raimue guide: escape string for regex replace Special characters such as '&' …
(edit) @153135   3 years jmr guide: tweak Finding Leaves section and mention --follow-dependencies
(edit) @153134   3 years jmr guide: clarify the Invoking Variants section In particular, fix an …
(edit) @153050   3 years ryandesign project.xml: fix typo
(edit) @153048   3 years cal guide: Add tl;dr to ticket guidelines, cleanup Add a quick overview …
(edit) @153047   3 years cal guide: use modern admonitions CSS, add .tip Our styles for the flyout …
(edit) @153045   3 years cal guide: ticket rules: move important info to front Closes: #52331
(edit) @152983   3 years larryv guide: Refresh installer list for Sierra release
(edit) @152416   3 years raimue guide: add link to El Capitan installer download
(edit) @151723   3 years raimue guide: rename doctor to diagnose
(edit) @151570   3 years larryv doc-new: Revise Git exclusions
(edit) @151567   3 years larryv base, dports, doc-new: Rearrange Git exclusions No functional changes.
(edit) @151566   3 years larryv Split up .gitignore
(edit) @151565   3 years larryv Normalize EOLs in Git clones
(edit) @151053   3 years cal guide: Update MacPorts version numbers
(edit) @147608   3 years cal guide: 'file' is not a Tcl extension, #51104 Clear up the confusion …
(edit) @146649   4 years cal guide: Instruct users to include links to tickets If a user wants his …
(edit) @144444   4 years dstrubbe doc-new: Fix and further clarifications on -locale for reinplace.
(edit) @144426   4 years dstrubbe doc-new: Add comments on locale in reinplace.
(edit) @143899   4 years khindenburg doc-new: fix spelling error
(edit) @143868   4 years dstrubbe doc-new: More information about 'platform' keyword.
(edit) @143864   4 years dstrubbe doc-new: Further information about the test phase.
(edit) @143651   4 years cal guide: clarify variant specifiers in 3.1.10 Closes #50023.
(edit) @143006   4 years raimue guide: document perl5.use_module_build, closes #15784
(edit) @142286   4 years jmr guide: correction to variants section
(edit) @140804   4 years raimue doc/doc-new: Clarify updating a single port may lead to errors, closes …
(edit) @140265   4 years raimue doc-new: Remove references to man pages
(edit) @140263   4 years raimue doc-new: Remove outdated man page directory Update Makefile, move …
(edit) @139488   4 years cal guide: Improve choice of words in the contributing section
(edit) @139459   4 years cal guide: clarify what to do when taking over maintainership *and* fixing bugs
(edit) @135993   4 years ryandesign portfiledev.xml: correct example portfile so that GPL license version …
(edit) @135920   4 years ryandesign portgroup-xcode.xml: use ${frameworks_dir} in example
(edit) @134893   4 years jmr guide: document default file permissions for xinstall
(edit) @134892   4 years jmr guide: add a note explaining {*} to the xinstall example that uses it
(edit) @134828   4 years jmr guide: use {*} instead of eval in xinstall examples
(edit) @134588   4 years ionic doc-new/guide/xml: fix misspeling of ye olde operating system trademark.
(edit) @134587   4 years ionic doc-new/guide/xml: indentation and whitespace fixes.
(edit) @134586   4 years ionic doc-new/guide/xml: don't use <emphasis> when it really should have …
(edit) @134585   4 years ionic doc-new/guide/xml: markup fixes: move <para>paragraph</para> tags to …
(edit) @134584   4 years ionic doc-new/guide/xml: misc grammar fixes (remove the the duplicated …
(edit) @134583   4 years ionic doc-new/guide/xml: grammar fixes: the markup makes clear whether the …
(edit) @134582   4 years ionic doc-new/guide/xml: grammar fixes: correctly use e.g. instead of i.e. …
(edit) @134581   4 years ionic doc-new/guide/xml: CaPiTaLiZaTiOn fixes.
(edit) @134578   4 years jmr guide: restore 10.8 download link removed in r134565, as per …
(edit) @134566   4 years cal guide: Update version numbers
(edit) @134565   4 years cal guide: Add installer link for Yosemite, drop all but the two latest …
(edit) @134184   5 years ionic doc-new/guide/xml/portfiledev.xml: add sudo to port edit, just to be safe.
(edit) @134175   5 years ionic doc-new/guide/xml/portfiledev.xml: add port -v checksum example.
(edit) @134174   5 years larryv guide: Use more portable OpenSSL commands The openssl(1) included …
(edit) @133451   5 years jmr guide: document test.args (#23837)
(edit) @131377   5 years ryandesign project.xml: remove unnecesary example of why a ticket might not …
(edit) @130869   5 years jmr guide: remove incorrect advice regarding handling of port removal
(edit) @129849   5 years raimue guide: clarify section on patch file names Using the target path is …
(edit) @129847   5 years raimue guide: Copy over some details from portstyle(7) Clarify …
(edit) @127821   5 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: fix default extract.post_args for use_zip
(edit) @126115   5 years khindenburg guide: add variants notes about +-[]() #44272
(edit) @126075   5 years khindenburg guide: fix spelling errors
(edit) @126058   5 years khindenburg guide: add info about using fetch type of bzr #25391
(edit) @126039   5 years khindenburg guide: sort fetch types alphabetically; add stub for bzr
(edit) @124030   5 years ksammons guide: Fixed a typo in doctor
(edit) @124029   5 years ksammons guide: Added port doctor
(edit) @123179   5 years cal guide: remove incorrect statement
(edit) @123178   5 years cal guide: add missing "and", change maintainer-change-only ticket type to …
(edit) @123018   5 years cal guide: contents --units doesn't work with the = sign
(edit) @122998   5 years cal guide: add myself as co-author now that I've basically rewritten the …
(edit) @122996   5 years cal guide: Refactor the complete "using" section, add undocumented stuff, …
(edit) @122995   5 years cal guide: Add CSS styles for <warning>
(edit) @122865   5 years cal guide: Attempt to fix CSS decoration on (which …
(edit) @122864   5 years cal guide: improve paragraph spacing
(edit) @122856   5 years cal guide: installing.xml: add missing space
(edit) @122855   5 years cal guide: start autoformatting, add modeline, conform to standard …
(edit) @122854   5 years cal guide: add section on how to become a port's maintainer
(edit) @122834   5 years cal guide: improve section on new submissions
(edit) @122833   5 years cal guide: Improve section on contributing enhancements
(edit) @122772   5 years larryv installing.xml: Fix incorrect info about startupitem_install. That …
(edit) @122549   5 years cal guide: update version numbers
(edit) @122146   5 years cal guide: Improve ticket instructions for non-committers, #44344
(edit) @122021   5 years and.damore doc: fix xinstall usage example
(edit) @121581   5 years mojca guide: mention 'startupitem_install no'
(edit) @120958   5 years cal guide: Fix pseudo-fixed sidebar in browsers that don't support CSS3's …
(edit) @120904   5 years cal guide: s/Mac OS X/OS X/ unless explicitly referring to older versions
(edit) @120903   5 years cal guide: using: rework selfupdate section
(edit) @120889   5 years cal guide: installing: order the installers in descending order, mention …
(edit) @120888   5 years cal guide: intro: MacPorts doesn't work well on non-OS X systems, add …
(edit) @120887   5 years cal guide: installing: Fix indentation in listing
(edit) @120886   5 years cal guide CSS: Remove classes not generated on our server
(edit) @120885   5 years cal guide: new, more macports-y layout to replace the somewhat oldstyle …
(edit) @120837   5 years cal guide CSS: format, indent, whitespace-only
(edit) @120836   5 years cal guide/installing: Remove section on X11 since it was outdated, update …
(edit) @120835   5 years cal guide: update MacPorts version number, remove outdated .pkg installer link
(edit) @120389   5 years mf2k project.xml: Update guidelines for port abandoned tickets.
(edit) @119731   5 years jmr guide: fix unquoted brackets in livecheck.regex example
(edit) @119075   5 years macsforever2000 portfile-phase.xml: Fix typo. (#43378)
(edit) @113979   6 years raimue guide: Add some hint not to use file dependencies
(edit) @113083   6 years raimue guide: Add cross-reference to the membership requirements
(edit) @113071   6 years raimue guide: Small updates to the commit access procedure.
(edit) @112885   6 years raimue guide: More about the SQLite registry and its files, describe flat …
(edit) @112884   6 years raimue guide: Fix compilation by removing stray closing tag
(edit) @112883   6 years raimue guide: Fix a typo in mportclose
(edit) @112882   6 years raimue guide: Remove outdated registry API reference
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