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(edit) @30839   12 years mww nit-pick on 'use_parallel_build [yes|no]'
(edit) @30832   12 years markd Remove sections that are now xincluded from the new man page sources: …
(edit) @30831   12 years markd Merge information from the reference section into new portgroup.7.xml …
(edit) @30829   12 years markd Remove section on porthier, and xinclude the new porthier.7.xml.
(edit) @30828   12 years markd New DocBook man page source for porthier.7.
(edit) @30827   12 years markd Document the changes in r30737.
(edit) @30763   12 years mww document configure.[awk,bison,pkg_config,pkg_config_path]
(edit) @30753   12 years markd Add portgroup.7 in docbook format.
(edit) @30749   12 years markd Remove defunct monolithic portfile.7.xml.
(edit) @30748   12 years markd Remove inetd compatibility section. Abondoning work on that for now.
(edit) @30735   12 years markd Clarify what use_parallel_build does.
(edit) @30721   12 years mww use_bzip2 default to 'no'; document 'use_parallel_build';
(edit) @30695   12 years simon doc-new: New portfile man files are now included in the normal guide …
(edit) @30694   12 years simon doc-new: All portfile man pages are now generated automatically.
(edit) @30592   12 years markd Typo correction.
(edit) @30591   12 years markd Enhancements to the startupitem.executable section to specify how to …
(edit) @30499   12 years mww add further "configure."-options
(edit) @30445   12 years markd Add top-level portfile manpage. Original portfile.7 was renamed to …
(edit) @30444   12 years markd Split portfile.7 into portfile-global, portfile-phase, …
(edit) @30437   12 years markd Add startupitem.netchange and startupitem.inetdcompat; the latter is …
(edit) @30419   12 years mww add configure-options for fortran compiler flags
(edit) @30418   12 years mww document the configure.COMPILER flags
(edit) @30417   12 years mww correct some examples/usage (configure.*)
(edit) @30408   12 years markd Enhance pidfile option descriptions per James' explanation on …
(edit) @30390   12 years afb add .tlz archive format
(edit) @30384   12 years markd Clarify distinction between "executable" and "script" StartupItems.
(edit) @29965   12 years jmpp Missed this one (with resulting colum width cleanup).
(edit) @29964   12 years jmpp Correct portmgr address.
(edit) @29780   12 years simon doc-new/guide: Fixed a wrong svn Id keyword in an example.
(edit) @29713   12 years simon doc-new/guide: Added download link for OS X 10.3 X11 file.
(edit) @29475   12 years simon doc-new: Added "epoch" variable to portfile.7.xml.
(edit) @29474   12 years simon doc-new: Added sha1 and rmd160 checksums to portfile.7.xml.
(edit) @29472   12 years simon doc-new: Xincluded portfile man file into the normal guide. Just added …
(edit) @29454   12 years markd Move the "local portfile repositories" section towards the end of the …
(edit) @29357   12 years markd Some minor corrections and format changes.
(edit) @29348   12 years simon doc-new: Fixed some spelling mistakes and other minor errors in …
(edit) @29335   12 years simon Undoing accidentally committed changes to the new documentation in r29303.
(edit) @29303   12 years dluke Build the new guide from the doc-new directory (new guide no longer …
(edit) @29284   12 years markd Minor fixes and cleanup.
(edit) @29282   12 years markd Commit a preliminary portfile.7 rewrite sourced in DocBook.
(add) @29265   12 years simon Copied the new guide from /trunk/doc to /trunk/doc-new. Added new …
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