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(edit) @52421   11 years markd Add platform defaults for 10.6.
(edit) @51541   11 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: fix typo
(edit) @51500   11 years raimue doc-new: Add another example for worksrcdir
(edit) @50255   12 years jmr Update guide to reflect Trac changes.
(edit) @49946   12 years wsiegrist Only display scrollbars when necessary
(edit) @48743   12 years raimue guide: Provide a small tab in the upper right corner to switch between …
(edit) @48254   12 years blb guide - document use_7z option, ticket #18521
(edit) @47536   12 years blb guide - link to MacPortsDevelopers wiki page for a listing of who is …
(edit) @47425   12 years markd Closes #16576. Tweak Xcode section to not tell users to use …
(edit) @47199   12 years raimue guide: Document build.env and test.env, closes #16168
(edit) @46988   12 years markd Minor wording changes in previous source patch section mods.
(edit) @46987   12 years ryandesign portfiledev.xml: fix typo
(edit) @46986   12 years ryandesign portfiledev.xml: recommend using the -p flag to cp to preserve …
(edit) @46981   12 years markd Clarify section on creating source code patches, and make the example …
(edit) @46784   12 years markd Minor grammer changes.
(edit) @46783   12 years markd Add a link that explains DESTDIR well to a note.
(edit) @46686   12 years ryandesign trac-default.png: pngcrush it to make it smaller
(edit) @46684   12 years andrea.damore CSS and image resize to accommodate Guide in 1024px screens.
(edit) @46683   12 years andrea.damore Validate HTML code
(edit) @46388   12 years blb guide/project.xml - add text about putting maintainer's address into …
(edit) @46349   12 years blb guide/portgroup-haskell.xml - fix an id to be haskell instead of perl
(edit) @46348   12 years blb guide/portgroup-python.xml - add list of which variables are set …
(edit) @46005   12 years blb guide - add section describing the haskell portgroup
(edit) @45513   12 years markd More cleanup of xcode tools section.
(edit) @45512   12 years markd Straiten out a wording error and other minor changes in xcode tools …
(edit) @45348   12 years markd Clarify some ambiguous wording.
(edit) @45344   12 years markd Address #17979.
(edit) @44872   12 years simon doc-new: Fixed example for use_bzip2.
(edit) @44871   12 years simon doc-new: Added example for cvs.password.
(edit) @44870   12 years simon doc-new: Whitespace fix.
(edit) @44825   12 years blb guide - update trac ticket section to match the current state of how …
(edit) @44824   12 years blb guide trac-default.png - update screenshot of new ticket form to match …
(edit) @44805   12 years raimue guide: Move wiki TracTicketing into the guide to consolidate information
(edit) @44116   12 years wsiegrist Add an install procedure for running from subversion trunk, based on …
(edit) @43559   12 years markd Make installing xcode section clearer.
(edit) @43323   12 years blb guide/xml/internals.xml - Macports used var/macports not var/mports
(edit) @43073   12 years jmr Guide: no need to cc a ticket's assignee.
(edit) @41871   12 years simon doc-new: Improved path: description.
(edit) @41866   12 years simon doc-new: Correctly document depends_* path: behaviour, see #17182.
(edit) @41275   12 years markd Minor wording and markup changes.
(edit) @41274   12 years markd Correct markup problems.
(edit) @41273   12 years markd Change 'make' to ${build.cmd}.
(edit) @41272   12 years markd Add lzma fetch option.
(edit) @41271   12 years markd Put Library/Frameworks in ${prefix}.
(edit) @41270   12 years markd Add ${prefix} to /Library/Frameworks.
(edit) @41269   12 years markd Add ${prefix} to frameworks_dir.
(edit) @41267   12 years markd Add definitions for xcode.universal.settings and xcode.universal.sdk.
(edit) @41104   12 years blb guide - fix patchfiles example missing a .diff extension, ticket #16502
(edit) @41000   12 years simon doc-new: Typo.
(edit) @40980   12 years markd Refine the changes made in r40978.
(edit) @40979   12 years markd Edit the recent change to Creating Source Code Patches section. I'll …
(edit) @40978   12 years blb doc/guide - expand description for the existsuser command (ticket #16900)
(edit) @40919   12 years simon doc-new: Patch files can also be named after an issue they fix.
(edit) @40918   12 years simon doc-new: Removed hyphens from variable names as they are not recommended.
(edit) @40917   12 years simon doc-new: Spelling fixes.
(edit) @40894   12 years simon base: Add support to fetch using Mercurial.
(edit) @40129   12 years ryandesign portfiledev.xml: use the "port dir" function instead of spelling out …
(edit) @39807   12 years markd Fix the X11 section to work with 10.5.
(edit) @39458   12 years ryandesign installing.xml: list the latest versions of Xcode
(edit) @38790   12 years raimue doc-new/guide: Correct the usage of the platform variant
(edit) @38687   12 years febeling guide/xml/project.xml: fix well- formedness, regression from r38646.
(edit) @38647   12 years markd Refine the MacPorts and the Shell section.
(edit) @38646   12 years ryandesign Our Trac now shows a text box instead of a menu of ticket assignees; …
(edit) @38633   12 years markd Minor cleanup to MacPorts and the Shell section.
(edit) @38559   12 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: to be completely accurate, MacPorts puts no space …
(edit) @38558   12 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: update parallel build documentation for changes in …
(edit) @38441   12 years raimue doc-new: Add xsl files for single-page and chunk, they both include …
(edit) @38440   12 years raimue doc-new/toc-for-chunked.tcl: Handle all *.html files no matter how …
(edit) @38366   12 years simon doc-new: Updated description for Tcl extension "reinplace", closes …
(edit) @38345   12 years simon doc-new: Comment fix in Makefile.
(edit) @38342   12 years simon doc-new: New target "guide-chunked" which generates a chunked version …
(edit) @38339   12 years simon doc-new: Added target "validate" to .PHONY.
(edit) @38337   12 years simon doc-new: Added description for "port lint".
(edit) @38336   12 years simon doc-new: Added missing filename tags.
(edit) @38335   12 years simon doc-new: Minor consistency documentation change to Makefile.
(edit) @38328   12 years ryandesign portfiledev.xml: a little rewording
(edit) @38327   12 years simon doc-new: Updated uninstall instructions, closes #15986. Thanks to …
(edit) @38326   12 years simon doc-new: Fixed description of use of modeline, closes #15406.
(edit) @38324   12 years simon doc-new: Fix wrong usage of Alt + -.
(edit) @38323   12 years simon doc-new: Updated configure.compiler options.
(edit) @38321   12 years simon doc-new: Fixed wrong DocBook ids.
(edit) @38116   12 years ryandesign portfile-phase.xml: the configure, build, and destroot phases run …
(edit) @38069   12 years jmr Guide: fix misspelling of rmd160 in section 5.3.4 (#15873)
(edit) @38034   12 years raimue doc-new: Use as a template for macports.xsl Now the …
(edit) @38027   12 years raimue guide: Add a link to our 'New ticket' page from
(edit) @37517   12 years ryandesign no apostrophe here
(edit) @37515   12 years markd Clarification and fix typos. Thanks to jmr@
(edit) @37495   12 years markd Minor text refinements.
(edit) @37493   12 years markd Clarify section with advice from the list.
(edit) @37464   12 years markd Minor refinements to port style section.
(edit) @37455   12 years jmr Guide: depends_build is checked before configure phase. Documentation …
(edit) @37419   12 years markd Add patchfile details from portstyle.7.
(edit) @37418   12 years markd Fix a mistatement about indentation in port style.
(edit) @36917   12 years markd Clarify master_sites description.
(edit) @36901   12 years markd Document new fetch behavior that sorts master_sites by ping time …
(edit) @36879   12 years markd Improve some descriptions in the intro.
(edit) @36807   12 years markd Correct portpath definition.
(edit) @36806   12 years markd Correct portpath definition.
(edit) @36803   12 years markd Reference binpath in the install section to clearly distinguish it …
(edit) @36802   12 years markd Minor change to binpath description; also move it a bit.
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