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(edit) @27728   13 years markd Remove the color black from text marked up with "emphasis".
(edit) @27721   13 years markd Add guidance about -append and -delete keywords.
(edit) @27640   13 years markd Added a separate variants section and modified examples.
(edit) @27639   13 years markd Changes mostly to structure and organization of keyword reference section.
(edit) @27580   13 years markd Refinements and fixes to the dependency section.
(edit) @27558   13 years ryandesign MacPort => MacPorts
(edit) @27555   13 years markd Minor text cleanup.
(edit) @27554   13 years markd Add a Port Dependencies section to the Port Reference section.
(edit) @27553   13 years markd More Portfile intro refinement.
(edit) @27550   13 years markd Fix a typo.
(edit) @27549   13 years markd Fix typos.
(edit) @27547   13 years markd Portfile reference intro text tweaking.
(edit) @27538   13 years markd Make consistent the revised port phase descriptions.
(edit) @27537   13 years markd Clarify port phases in this section.
(edit) @27536   13 years markd Clarify and distinguish phases from global stuff in ports and Portfiles.
(edit) @27495   13 years markd A change missed from #12385.
(edit) @27494   13 years markd Closes #12385. Change references to MacPorts "core" to "base.
(edit) @27493   13 years markd Missed a "macosforge" to "macports" URL change.
(edit) @27492   13 years markd One more URL changed from "macosforge" to "macports".
(edit) @27491   13 years markd Closes #12386. Change "macosforge" to "macports" in URLs.
(edit) @27490   13 years markd Change "macosforge" in URLs to "macports".
(edit) @27489   13 years markd Intro text refinement.
(edit) @27433   13 years markd Refine the introduction.
(edit) @27396   13 years markd Fix some typos.
(edit) @27395   13 years markd Reduce the section depth of the PortGroup section..
(edit) @27376   13 years dluke Revert --nonet change, as the actual problem was fixed by setting up a …
(edit) @27371   13 years markd Add --nonet to the params for the new guide to try to eliminate …
(edit) @27360   13 years markd Correct typos.
(edit) @27359   13 years markd Markup changes and minor cleanup of text.
(edit) @27358   13 years markd Add styles for guilabel and guimenu.
(edit) @27339   13 years boeyms New guide: delete a redundant item in the list of "Milestone" options …
(edit) @27338   13 years boeyms New guide: Add descriptions for the usage of the "Milestone" options …
(edit) @27337   13 years boeyms Add reminder comment to consider detailing procedures for contributing …
(edit) @27336   13 years boeyms Add paragraph on how to apply for commit rights.
(edit) @27299   13 years markd Fix a typo.
(edit) @27298   13 years markd Fix visited links in TOC not to ever change color.
(edit) @27294   13 years markd Updates to port update protocols.
(edit) @27292   13 years markd Fix support for images in the new guide.
(edit) @27280   13 years markd Start filling out the MacPorts Project section of the guide, including …
(edit) @27279   13 years markd Set img.src.path to ../resources/images/ for graphics in the guide.
(edit) @27278   13 years markd Add a screenshot for the guide.
(edit) @27277   13 years markd Add a style for the "emphasis" tag.
(edit) @27276   13 years markd Update the stylesheet for screenshots.
(edit) @27252   13 years markd Add an Portfile patch example.
(edit) @27225   13 years markd Add authors.
(edit) @27224   13 years markd Fix some missed markup.
(edit) @27223   13 years markd Refine MacPorts introduction paragraph.
(edit) @27222   13 years markd Add a section for creating patchfiles.
(edit) @27221   13 years markd Add a section for default variants.
(edit) @27197   13 years markd Adjust sidebar width so titles don't wrap after section numbers were …
(edit) @27196   13 years markd Remove erroneous capitalization.
(edit) @27195   13 years markd Another erroneous capitalization.
(edit) @27194   13 years markd Remove erroneous capitalization of "F" in occurrances of "Portfile".
(edit) @27193   13 years markd Adjust section 4.2 title for consistency.
(edit) @27190   13 years boeyms For ease of reading, make the new guide build with section numbers …
(edit) @27188   13 years markd Clarify the MacPorts description and improve the into grammar.
(edit) @27134   13 years markd Style changes to document conventions section only.
(edit) @27133   13 years markd Expand document conventions.
(edit) @27132   13 years markd Change sidebar color, filename color, and link characteristics.
(edit) @27121   13 years markd Add a document conventions section.
(edit) @27120   13 years markd Remove erroneous capitalization.
(edit) @27119   13 years markd REmove erroneous capitalizations.
(edit) @27118   13 years markd Remove erroneous capitalizations.
(edit) @27117   13 years markd Color changes to match; minor text and color tweaks.
(edit) @27112   13 years markd Remove the initial monolithic guide. The new guide has been updated …
(edit) @27111   13 years markd Remove the initial new guide that has been updated and lives along …
(edit) @27109   13 years markd The new docbook guide xml; doctype "book" with chapters as separate …
(edit) @27107   13 years markd Oops, CSS_STYLESHEET was unnecessary.
(edit) @27106   13 years markd Update to handle target "new" properly for the new guide.
(edit) @27036   13 years markd Cleanup articleinfo and add author and legal notice placeholders.
(edit) @26960   13 years markd Minor grammar fixes.
(edit) @26953   13 years markd Closes #12284. Fix the paths for the MP working area in the new guide …
(edit) @26952   13 years afb add missing copyright information
(edit) @26951   13 years afb add make target for new guide (make new)
(edit) @26950   13 years markd A newdocbook.css to go with the newguide. Things changed that I think …
(edit) @26949   13 years markd A draft of a new MacPorts guide. It is a doctype "article", and in one …
(edit) @26766   13 years afb fix spelling, bz2 confusion
(edit) @26582   13 years jmpp Partly adapt guidelines for ticket submission into trac tickets …
(edit) @26581   13 years jmpp Build the guide one html page per chapter, rather than per section …
(edit) @26580   13 years jmpp Correct building of the last section of the guide, …
(edit) @26548   13 years jmpp ${prefix}/etc/macports is the path to our configuration files.
(edit) @26547   13 years jmpp ${prefix}/etc/macports/macports.conf is the real path to the main …
(edit) @26542   13 years boeyms user/user.xml: * Fix some links and pathnames * Fix some typos * …
(edit) @26541   13 years boeyms doc/guide/xml/portfiles: * Correct names of some paths that MacPorts uses.
(edit) @26540   13 years boeyms doc/guide/xml: * Fix some links.
(edit) @26539   13 years boeyms doc/guide/xml/project: * Update/fix some links; * Change some …
(edit) @26535   13 years dluke s/dports/macports/
(edit) @26521   13 years jmpp Advice on setting appropriate permissions on the …
(edit) @26488   13 years jmpp Update for the dp2mp-move change and cleanup some stray tabs. Also …
(edit) @26420   13 years boeyms A few extra Darwinports -> MacPorts links, dport -> mport instances …
(edit) @26404   13 years boeyms Pick off some low-hanging fruit to start updating the DocBook …
(edit) @26302   13 years boeyms Update old documentation to using DocBook V4.5, should we ever …
(edit) @21853   13 years rhwood Change /Applications/DarwinPorts to /Applications/MacPorts everywhere
(edit) @20661   14 years jberry Undo test commit
(edit) @20660   14 years jberry Test commit
(edit) @19639   14 years wsanchez Capitalize and punctuate a comment.
(edit) @19638   14 years root remove suspicious tab-empty lines
(edit) @19376   14 years yeled add svn:keywords Id
(edit) @17801   14 years mww new syntax uses a prefix '@' for versions
(edit) @17569   14 years jmpp Submitted by: jmpp@ Some more small rewording.
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