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(edit) @105101   6 years michaelld python-1.0 PortGroup: Fix python.include to be correct for both …
(edit) @101542   7 years cal python portgroup: don't overwrite $distfiles outside subport but …
(edit) @96776   7 years blair group/*: trim trailing whitespace.
(edit) @96718   7 years blair python-1.0.tcl: rename Python 2.{4,5} files in ${prefix}/bin. This …
(edit) @94386   7 years jmr add smart python.default_version autoselection
(edit) @91291   7 years jmr fix #33791 in the affected portfile rather than the portgroup
(edit) @91289   7 years and.damore python portgroup: passing build.env variables to destroot.env since …
(edit) @91021   8 years ryandesign python-1.0.tcl: override patch phase in stub port too
(edit) @90517   8 years dports python portgroup: make sure we've set replaced_by before trying to …
(edit) @89024   8 years jmr make sure to only add pre-build and post-destroot code once
(edit) @89021   8 years jmr automatically set python.versions to python.default_version for apps; …
(edit) @88896   8 years jmr python portgroup: pre-destroot is still needed in stubs
(edit) @88880   8 years jmr python portgroup: don't add pre/post blocks in stubs
(edit) @88869   8 years jmr python portgroup: unset python.version entirely when it is not …
(edit) @86867   8 years jmr set props on portgroups
(edit) @86866   8 years jmr python portgroup: add compiler env vars in build phase (#31046)
(edit) @83232   8 years jmr python portgroup: use nocomplain with unset
(edit) @83231   8 years jmr python portgroup: remove replaced_by when changing default_version to …
(edit) @83074   8 years jmr python portgroup: only set replaced_by when default_version is 24
(edit) @82388   8 years jmr add missing global
(edit) @82386   8 years jmr python portgroup: be less clever in checking if a stub should be set …
(edit) @82065   8 years jmr python portgroup: also change replaced_by when changing …
(edit) @82062   8 years jmr revert r81362 and r81378
(edit) @81362   8 years jmr turn off replaced_by in python group until base bug is fixed
(edit) @81301   8 years jmr mark python stubs as replaced_by the default version as a transition aid
(add) @80976   8 years jmr add unified python portgroup (#16723)
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