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(edit) @58438   10 years ryandesign Remove old OS checks since MacPorts itself now requires 10.4 and up.
(edit) @57375   10 years ryandesign Change deprecated livecheck.check to livecheck.type See …
(edit) @48810   11 years ryandesign osxvnc: improve Mac OS X version check error message
(edit) @48620   11 years ryandesign osxvnc: fix build on Leopard by converting all strings files to …
(edit) @38117   12 years ryandesign osxvnc: fix permissions so the port can be installed and the build …
(edit) @35717   12 years ryandesign osxvnc: build non-universal by default; closes #13804
(edit) @35716   12 years ryandesign osxvnc: whitespace changes only (tabs to spaces, etc.)
(edit) @33417   12 years ryandesign osxvnc: fix name of patchfile to match port lint's recommendations
(edit) @33415   12 years ryandesign osxvnc: update to 3.0; closes #13803
(edit) @33413   12 years ryandesign These ports build from source but build a universal version by …
(edit) @33362   12 years ryandesign osxvnc: fix livecheck; see #13803
(edit) @28413   12 years ryandesign More-correct livecheck.regex for my ports
(edit) @28275   12 years ryandesign osxvnc: upgrade to 2.2
(edit) @26019   13 years ryandesign osxvnc: add livecheck
(edit) @25902   13 years ryandesign Obscure my email address in my ports.
(edit) @24962   13 years ryandesign What the heck, I'll be the maintainer.
(edit) @24961   13 years ryandesign Update description and long_description
(edit) @24960   13 years ryandesign Advertise that we're building a universal binary
(edit) @24959   13 years ryandesign Depend on zlib via port:zlib syntax
(edit) @24958   13 years ryandesign Whitespace changes only
(edit) @24957   13 years ryandesign Update to Vine Server 2.1
(edit) @21469   13 years eridius Massive update to svn properties on files: All patchfiles have …
(edit) @20395   13 years jberry Convert all darwinports@… addresses to …
(edit) @19376   13 years yeled add svn:keywords Id
(edit) @18675   14 years pguyot Update to 1.7.1+ (current CVS head) Bug: #9338, #3645
(edit) @13471   14 years rshaw No longer maintaining these ports.
(edit) @10794   15 years rshaw Updated OSXvnc to version 1.5 Request made to author for source tarball.
(edit) @8135   15 years rshaw Updated to latest release 1.4
(edit) @5738   16 years rshaw fixed typo in description
(edit) @5592   16 years rshaw Updated to use new CVS fetch args for date checkouts. Submitted by: …
(add) @5258   16 years rshaw New port for OSXvnc server for Mac OS X Submitted by: rshaw
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