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(edit) @94544   7 years rmstonecipher audio/easytag revised license to GPL-2+ per correction from jmr
(edit) @94514   7 years rmstonecipher audio/easytag added license (GPL-2, included in source root directory)
(edit) @94474   7 years ryandesign easytag: use branch variable in master_sites; simplify livecheck; …
(edit) @94469   7 years rmstonecipher audio/easytag upgraded version from 2.1 to 2.1.7, added missing …
(edit) @87446   8 years ryandesign aacgain, cmus, easytag, easytag-devel, gtkpod, ices0, mpeg4ip: Allow …
(edit) @86978   8 years ryandesign Rewrite master_sites to avoid redirects
(edit) @81894   8 years jmr easytag: add pkgconfig dep
(edit) @56688   10 years raimue libmp4v2 has been stubbed and replaced by mp4v2, #19141
(edit) @55775   10 years snc add patch for mp4v2, ticket #19141. bumped revision for dependency change
(edit) @50572   10 years jeremyhu All ports: Remove reference to $x11prefix Now that the X11 libs are …
(edit) @46270   11 years jeremyhu easytag: Only include and link with x11prefix if we don't have …
(edit) @43762   11 years devans easytag: remove unnecessary variants as per request in #17636.
(edit) @41660   11 years devans easytag: change +mp4 dependency to lib style to allow either mpeg4ip …
(edit) @41647   11 years devans easytag: lint, add modeline, fix livecheck regex.
(edit) @41644   11 years devans easytag: change from dependency on mpeg4ip to libmp4v2 in +mp4 variant.
(edit) @41642   11 years devans easytag: white space changes.
(edit) @38204   11 years jmr easytag, easytag-devel: use port: style dependencies
(edit) @38203   11 years jmr easytag: update to 2.1 (#13539)
(edit) @30219   12 years jmpp nomaintainer address abstraction in audio category.
(edit) @28551   12 years mww replace configure.env as far as possible
(edit) @20408   13 years jberry Convert all darwinports@… addresses to …
(edit) @19675   13 years mij Change lib:libintl.3:gettext to port:gettext (libintl is now at .8). …
(edit) @19376   13 years yeled add svn:keywords Id
(edit) @17264   14 years matt Dropping the ownership of these ports due to a severe lack of time…
(edit) @14441   14 years matt Added build dependency to hicolor-icon-theme. Also increased revision.
(edit) @14287   14 years matt Updated to 1.1
(edit) @9665   15 years matt Split off the gtk2 variant to its own portfile. Increased revision …
(edit) @9258   15 years matt Updated to 1.0 Updated the gtk2 variant.
(edit) @7657   15 years matt Updated to 0.31 Added a new variant (called 'gtk2')
(add) @6423   16 years matt Initial check-in.
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