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(edit) @105452   6 years michaelld phonon: rev-bump to get new cmake module install location
(edit) @97874   7 years michaelld phonon : provide the Qt frameworks directory path (along with the …
(edit) @94241   7 years michaelld qt4-mac : upgrade to 4.8.2; upgrade and fix certain dependent ports.
(edit) @90460   8 years ryandesign phonon, automoc, xjump: fix gtlib.gatech server address; see #33374
(edit) @84550   8 years snc modelines
(edit) @84521   8 years jmr phonon: license
(edit) @84347   8 years jmr phonon: remove glib2 dep (see #27041)
(edit) @75279   9 years michaelld phonon: Fixes ticket #27968: 'find' on 10.4 does not understand …
(edit) @73417   9 years michaelld phonon: build debug_and_release correctly (have to use "build_all").
(edit) @73145   9 years michaelld phonon: better way to handle setting arch type(s). Rev bump in case …
(edit) @73116   9 years michaelld phonon: Remove all archcheck.
(edit) @73105   9 years michaelld phonon: Hack to use QMake instead of CMake, just as Qt does it. Allows …
(edit) @72873   9 years snc phonon: lint nitpicks
(edit) @72872   9 years snc phonon: add missing dependency on glib2, #27041
(edit) @72588   9 years michaelld Changes to use kde 1.1 portgroup. Add in CMake module. Add in livecheck.
(edit) @70698   9 years michaelld Bump to 4.4.2. Building the QT7 plugin (as is done by Qt4) does not …
(edit) @53530   10 years devans phonon: update master_sites, see #20207.
(edit) @50866   10 years illogic-al Fix phonon download url. Fixes ticket #19352. Also orphan phonon.
(edit) @49365   11 years illogic-al Build with correct version of qt for kde4. Remove aspell as variant option.
(edit) @46046   11 years illogic-al Append depends_lib because the one in the kde4 portgroup will get lost …
(edit) @46043   11 years illogic-al Oh hai. We're just preparing for KDE 4.2 portfiles. Don't mind us.
(edit) @45999   11 years illogic-al Whoops. Phonon depends on 4.2 mirrors going live. Not yet kiddies, …
(edit) @45997   11 years illogic-al Start using new kde4 portgroup. KDE 4.2 is coming... Update strigi to …
(edit) @45250   11 years illogic-al Obfuscate. Also add automoc as build dependency for ktorrent.
(edit) @44375   11 years mcalhoun multi-port commit: To allow cmake based ports to find qt4-mac, QTDIR …
(edit) @44258   11 years ryandesign akonadi, amarok, amarok-devel, kdebase4, kdebase4-devel, …
(edit) @44218   11 years mcalhoun phonon: Accommodate changes to qt4-mac (r44214).
(edit) @44110   11 years illogic-al Read universal info from macports.conf
(edit) @42615   11 years illogic-al Update portfiles to a) use ${prefix} b) use distfiles c) include …
(add) @42535   11 years illogic-al New port Phonon. The KDE Cross Platform Multimedia API
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