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(edit) @79650   8 years jmr arm-elf-gcc3: fix build (#25333)
(edit) @78996   8 years ryandesign arm-elf-gcc3: merge r70291 from arm-elf-gcc: add …
(edit) @78994   8 years ryandesign arm-elf-gcc, arm-elf-gcc3: disable universal variant
(edit) @72086   9 years jmr cross ports: delete lib/$arch/libiberty.a as well as lib/libiberty.a
(edit) @71533   9 years ryandesign In the interest that all portfiles exemplify correct portfile writing …
(edit) @69904   9 years jmr multiple ports: remove adding of -no-cpp-precomp, which has done …
(edit) @68966   9 years jmr arm-elf-gcc3: add tag for gcc source URLs (#25332)
(edit) @59969   10 years pguyot Dropping maintainship
(edit) @57375   10 years ryandesign Change deprecated livecheck.check to livecheck.type See …
(edit) @50984   10 years and.damore Maintainer email change, second batch, mail without …
(edit) @49864   10 years ryandesign pguyot's ports: remove references to DP; closes #18037 (maintainer timeout)
(edit) @36022   12 years pguyot arm-elf-gcc3: fix for Leopard (#13656)
(edit) @30687   12 years pguyot All cross ports violate the layout
(edit) @28554   12 years mww replace configure.env as far as possible
(edit) @24680   12 years pguyot Update newlib to 1.15.
(edit) @24641   12 years pguyot Add livecheck to my cross-gcc ports.
(edit) @20558   13 years blair Set svn:eol-style to 'native' and svn:keywords to 'Id'.
(edit) @20515   13 years pguyot Port: cross/arm-elf-gcc3 Add property for the $Id$ on this new …
(add) @20514   13 years pguyot New port: cross/arm-elf-gcc3. This is like arm-elf, but for gcc 3.x. …
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